We asked folks to tell us about the most important decisions they’ve made along their journey and have shared some of the highlights below.

Brenda Hernández Jaimes | Founder & Host of Ellas

The legacy I want to leave when I’m gone is for the next generation of Latinxs to see themselves reflected in the diverse and empowering voices, faces, journeys, and stories of Latinas that I was able to amplify and uplift through Ellas. Growing up in the United States, I never really saw inspiring Latinx figures in traditional media. The ones that were presented were all stereotypical and never reflected my upbringing, culture, or identity. The work I do currently through my podcast, Ellas is to provide a space where Latinxs can listen and discover empowering women from our community who are creating an impact in their lives and career. I want them to feel inspired by their success stories, to feel pride that our community is paving the path forward, and opening doors for them and the generation that is coming. I hope people remember that I was always passionate about celebrating and amplifying our community. Read more>>

Celina Sarmiento | Filipina-American Storyteller, Graphic Designer & Illustrator

I see every person as a universe of their own stories. Events have been canceled due to COVID-19 but the most fulfilling part for me about showing up is finding all these people I can talk to. It’s like traveling. They give me a tour of their universe and I give them a tour of mine. I’m someone who’s delighted to share myself with the world and connect to others through my experiences, especially since I’m in this unique yet uncommon position of being an immigrant, woman-of-color. So I want to be remembered as a storyteller. I want everyone to know how I saw the world in hopes that my story gives them a perspective to consider and something to relate to. Read more>>

Ellen Greenberg | Unique Art and Travel Tours Designer

I have thought about this a lot. And I came to the conclusion that, at least with the people who go on my art and travel tours,I’d like to think that I have left them with a new outlook and that they are not just an observer. Also be an adventurer and explorer. Not so much in physical- risking but in seeking and investigating where and why creative people get and express their passion for their craft and art. How and why does it evolve? What is “it” in a specific visual and creative work of art that gets their mojo going…or not. Not everyone agrees on what appeals to them —and that’s what makes it so exciting to me. As far as a legacy, when someone spends an hour with me looking at art or a week with me traveling, I’d like to think I’ve opened doors to new perspectives and that there are no wrong answers when it comes to art. Love it or leave it. It’s all okay…but examine the “why”. Read more>>

Quani Bates | Mompreneur

I want people to remember me as a woman who was the best mother should could be, and who made every decision to be of benefit to her daughter, Qualé. I want others to remember me as a hardworking, ambitious woman who always found a way to succeed. I want my legacy to ensure our family is financially set for generations to come. Read more>>