We love rebels and people who challenge the status quo, conventional wisdom and mainstream narratives and so we asked some really bright folks to tell us about one piece of conventional advice they disagree with.

Emily D. Baker | Podcast Host, YouTuber & Legal Analyst

Respect the Hustle. I disagree with the conventional wisdom that in entrepreneurship, creative endeavors, and life, 24-7nonstop hustle is the key to success. You know the push that you have to be obsessed with how you are making money, what your KPIs look like, and that if it isn’t non-stop, it isn’t enough. It is only a recipe for personal disaster, and it’s an avoidance tactic. When you are working so much that there is nothing else in your life, you may not realize that there is nothing else in your life. Read more>>

Jas Walker | Publisher & Editor

I hear people say, “Work hard to reach your goals,” and I 100% disagree with that. That advice seems to encourage struggling at excelling when in reality the advice should first be to figure out if you even like what you’re doing. If the answer is ‘no,’ then keep searching. If the answer is ‘yes,’ then the key to attaining that goal is to focus on it on purpose. Imagine it already being yours. Don’t work hard. Give your undivided attention to the you who has the thing or reached the goal. How does that person feel? What kind of moves does that person make knowing that they are already in the position they want to be in? Don’t work hard. Focus with intention. Read more>>

Ian Shine | Filmmaker

From all my years of filmmaking I’ve been told two different sides of the industry. One was to go to school, get a film degree, to then get a job at some sort of media house or production studio, to then have to work your way up the ladder with hopes of one day being able to actually be apart of a project. The other side to that was learning the same set of skills through apprenticeships, workshops, and trial and error. Both of these directions interested me, but with my last year of highschool being online due to covid-19 it didn’t inspire me to continue on the path of going to college. Read more>>