We asked some folks we admire to share one piece of conventional advice they disagree with.

Heidi Lauren Duke | Opera Director & Screenwriter

That’s funny — I probably disagree with most conventional advice, haha! But probably the most common thing around starting a business that I disagree with is the notion that you can “follow your passion” and as long as you are passionate about a trade and know a lot about it, then your business will be a success Read more>>

Shideh Shafie | Performance Coach of High Achievers & Emergency Room Physician

We are often told to compromise in our lives, as a way to be happy, but I disagree. Compromise often leads to a lose-lose situation, this is true in relationships, business, goal setting, and many other aspects of our lives. Read more>>

Elana Sadler | Designer, Project Manager, Stylist

This is such a great question because everything I’m reading about setting yourself up for success is to NOT CONFORM. To find your path, your calling, your bliss. And do it 100000%. Read more>>

Moushumi Ghose | Multi-Passionate Musician and Sex Therapist

As a creative person and a business owner, I have often grappled with some of the life and career advice that was given to me or suggested to me. I’m gonna talk about two contradictory pieces of advice that kind of are two sides of the same coin that many artists, musicians, writers, etc recieve about pursuing their craft. Read more>>