We asked experts from a broad range of industries to open up to us about things they know about their industry but that we probably don’t and we’ve shared some of those responses below.

Olivier Kay | Digital Artist

I did not go to a photography or cinematography school. I self taught everything I know, even music. Thanks to YouTube I’m able to learn different tips everyday and improve my skills. Read more>>

Dylan Adler | Comedian

I think one thing is how much time is spent crafting and honing in on our jokes and material Read more>>

Anahi Guerrero Luna | Script supervisor, Director

The industry of filmmaking is not as easy as it seems. It starts as a utopia that follows with a lot of determination and hard work. One of the things that outsiders might not know about this industry is that it is an everyday challenge, you have to wake up everyday and work for around 12 to 14 hours. You can be working on movie sets, or on your own creative process but you always make it the first priority of your life. As fun as it seems to be behind the cameras, is a tough process that involves a lot of growth and making mistakes. It is also an unknown adventure, since you navigate from project to project with jobs that only give you temporary stability. But this makes it a beautiful process of metamorphosis, you start as a green little caterpillar and slowly you become a butterfly. Read more>>

HeartBreakNixon | Artist, Songwriter, Engineer

Talent isn’t enough these days. Relationships and networking are how you succeed in this industry. Being a talented Artist isn’t enough anymore. There’s a lot of politics behind the scenes, and most of the time, it’s just about who you know. Also, having some type of team is very important, everything can’t be done alone. Read more>>

Bianca Love | Singer/Trumpeter/Guitarist/Bandleader

As a musician, you are not only a creator but also an entrepreneur. Apart from doing your best to reach your highest potential musically and continuing to learn and improve your craft, you must also make sure that you are focused on building your brand and your audience as well as your merchandise. The best way to learn how to multi-task and balance your schedule between practicing and marketing your brand is to gain mentors from the best in the industry. A successful mentorship from an artist who has tackled the continually changing music industry will help you to gain direction and learn new skills that you were unaware that you even needed to achieve your goals. Read more>>

Ysabella Bland | Entrepreneur

The crystal industry is massive and extremely competitive. It is also very diverse with age and people all over the world being invested in mining, selling, re-selling, displaying, etc. I have met people who have been in this industry for 50 years, and new people are joining every day. Specifically miners have been invested in this business for so long, there is no chance of it dying out with the amount of people who dedicate their lives to crystals. Read more>>