We asked experts from a broad range of industries to open up to us about things they know about their industry but that we probably don’t and we’ve shared some of those responses below.

Jonathan Goldhill | Author, Podcast Host, Scaling Up & Growth Coach

Most outsiders probably think anyone can become a consultant or coach. And, that’s true. Unlike the accountant or attorney, coaches and consultants are not licensed or required to get continuing professional education (CPE) credits annually. While there are several coaching and consulting organizations that issue certifications, few people are aware of these certifying organizations, which primarily exist to create some defensible position on the mastery achieved by those getting certified. I believe what’s more important than certification is qualifications. That is, what qualifies someone to be your coach or consultant. Read more>>

Sid De La Cruz | Composer

It takes about 3 months give or take, to finish a score for a feature length film. During those 3 months, I compose the music, rewrite / revise music as many times as the director feels it’s necessary. Once the music is approved, notate the music, so musicians can perform it, hire musicians, find a recording studio, record, and get the music mixed and mastered, among other things. The amount of things that need to get done can vary from project to project. Read more>>

Kc Chohan | Founder Together CFO

That when you start a business you can decide which legal system you wish to use to govern that company by Common law principles are the most unknown legal principles taught in the USA yet they are the ones that provide the owner the most advantages if used correctly. Read more>>

Katie Reneker | Maker of Elderberry Products and Champion of Responsible Elderberry Farming.

Elderberries are a hot ticket item right now! It seems like syrups and gummies are popping up on every health nut’s feed. And for good reason! It’s a little berry with a powerful punch–more antioxidants than blueberries and anti-viral properties proven to be effective against strains of colds and flus in lab studies. What is not widely known about this super fruit is that nearly every elderberry product made and sold in the US uses imported elderberries! Of the hundreds of thousands of pounds of products and fruit used, only a tiny fraction is grown here in the US. But our company, Carmel Berry Company. Read more>>

Egor Povolotskiy | Director of Photography

People who are not involved in movie creating thinks that its a fun and easy job, but its not always a case. Making a film requires a lot of passion, sacrifices, ability to collaborate with people, solving problems on a fly and be emotionally and physically stable to be able to handle 12 hour and more shoots. You also have to be able to think very fast because every minute on set matters. Being a Director of Photography i usually talk with 3-4 people same time and thinking about multiple things while we are executing a shot. I have to be not only creative but also think ahead – what shot is better to do next, did we miss anything for editing or not, how much time next shot gonna take to setup and etc. Read more>>