People often ask about the best decision, but we think it’s also very enlightening to learn about people’s most difficult decisions and the frameworks they used to think through those decisions.


Chi City | Recording Artist/Song Writer

I would say the most difficult decision I had to make was removing friends and people I care about far away from my business and business finances. For some reason, people automatically feel entitled to your success and finances without added any value at all. The hard part is, even though it may not be personal to you, you can’t control how others will take it, And there’s where it gets tuff because unfortunately, everyone doesn’t understand business and how the business operates. I’m not supposed to sacrifice everything I worked hard for over friendship or employing family. Read more>>

Jenifer Laurent | African Marketplace & Drum Circle Certified Farmer’s Market Operator

To get the permit knowing how it would affect the community. Read more>>

Teresa Flores | Artist and Educator

Leaving the Central Valley for grad school in LA after spending most of my life there was incredibly difficult. I always felt like everything I needed was in the place where I grew up and the idea of wanting more seemed excessive. It’s a very practical mentality that goes with the agrarian roots of the Valley and a lot of other rural and suburban areas of the United States. Read more>>

Sonia Melinkoff | Business Owner

The hardest decision for me was deciding to quit my stable day job back in 2017 to focus solely on my business. My whole life I’ve had steady jobs, mostly office jobs, but I had a reliable income every week and could budget accordingly. The scariest decision was taking the leap and devoting 100% of my time to Nerdy Novelty Design. Read more>>

Kaye Kang | Visual Development Artist

The most difficult decision I’ve had to make was to leave my country to pursue art in the large art industry. I had grown up in South Korea, where I started my career and had made my own comfortable nest. Then I got this desire to work with more diverse people in a bigger place. I was terrified to leave my family, my friends, and my art career and thinking about starting over from scratch in a completely new place with a new language begun to haunt me; Yet, I had to admit that I was no longer satisfied with my nest and that I had to move on to my next journey. There have been many challenges so far, but there have always been people around me who support me at no cost. I truly believe that I am living the best version of my life! I am always grateful for everything I have, and I am so pleased with my decisions. Read more>>

Flor Kapitzky | Entrepeneur and Model

Move from Brazil to USA to start a new life Read more>>

Tamara Anderson | Cannabis Educational Event Planner

Getting into the cannabis industry because I am a registered nurse. I was actually laid off from the job I was working for six years due to starting my brand. Read more>>

Lihem Russom | Model

I found it difficult to answer this question because it’s difficult for me to express a goal that’s so subjective on where I am in life. With my current mindset, being an established supermodel in the industry is the plan, but I would be lying if I didn’t express that my end goal was to be content. Not happy, but content. I want to be fulfilled with where I am in my life and that is always going to be my end goal. To ensure that I get to live for myself always, whether that includes my current goal or not, I will strive for my purpose. Read more>>