Even if you are from the same neighborhood as someone else, you might still be coming from different places. Where you are from is a complicated question and it elicits complicated, but interesting and thought-provoking responses. We’ve shared some of those responses below.

Ke Yang | Visual Development Artist

I was born and raised in China. And I had a crush on art making at a very young age! My parents supported me fully by sending me to You Palace where I discover the world class traditional Chinese painting, gouache and even crafting and dancing. And art became my best friend growing up. Like many other artists, manga and Miyazaki’s films are some of my favourite things to spend time with! I even skip some classes to sneak to manga stores. Animation has definitely played a big part in my childhood. Read more>>

Yagmur Halezeroglu | Medical Student & Non-Profit Board of Director

I am from Istanbul, Turkey. I grew up in a family of four, with my mom, dad and my older sister. I also have four cousins and two aunts from my mom’s side of the family who I am very close with. I grew up in a family that was very hardworking, my parents are both physicians. And kind of unconsciously and somewhat consciously, my sister and I also loved studying and learning. That is what we saw from our parents and it felt like the right thing to do. I also had a nanny who took care of me from the age of zero to eighteen while my parents were at work. Read more>>

Andrea Hirujo | Chef

Hello. My name is Andrea Hirujo. I’m 29 years old. I am from Northeast Los Angeles. Specifically born in Boyle Heights and raised in Lincoln Heights/Highland Park area. I have generations of family in almost every neighborhood that makes up north east LA and went to school in the neighboring areas . So I’d say I grew up in all of them (ie Glassell Park, Cypress Park, Montecito Heights, El Sereno). I was born to young teen parents. My mother became pregnant with me at 17 during her senior year of high school at Benjamin Franklin High School in Highland Park where she met my father. Read more>>

Kamilah Mitchell | Business Owner and Educator

Born and raised in Columbus, Ohio. My father, grandmother, great-grandmother and other relatives were educators. Growing up my family was all about community, giving back, sharing and building. I took that into all my social settings even as a school child, against some of the teachers request, I made sure the whole class had what they needed. All the way up to college, after being diagnosed with a brain tumor and finding out that it was gone, starting a non-profit for other kids not only in the hospitals but within underrepresented communities to have the support they need for trails. So continuing to work with students in schools is just better now while sipping tea. Also knowing that I can provide tea time and reminders of self-care to my close community (family, friends) and that echoes as I continue to build business community and brand visibility. Read more>>

Salpy Bedrosian | Founder | Got The Goods LA

I was born and raised in Los Angeles, and am a first generation daughter of Armenian & Egyptian immigrants. Growing up as a product of 2 beautifully rich cultures filled with so much history and distinct perspective, has become the blueprint for my life. Both sides are deep rooted in hard work. perseverance, authenticity, staying humble, and with the idea of approaching everyone and everything with pure intentions. Read more>>

Anne Buckle | WILDWOOD – singer/songwriter/fiddler

I grew up in Peachtree City, GA, a town known for its 100 miles of golf cart paths weaving through the forests. (We rode golf carts to school as kids, and my high school even has a golf cart parking lot!) Though Peachtree City is where I was born and raised, the place that really made me who I am is my mom’s hometown – a tiny little town in Appalachia called Mountain City, TN. Mountain City is where I spent summers and holidays with my grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins as a kid. As an only child, they meant everything to me. Even more, my mom’s family were all very musical. Read more>>