Who or what had the biggest influence on your career or business? Why? How did you meet them, what’s the story and what was the impact? Check out some responses from the community below.

Linzie Cox | Miniature Terrarium Artist

My inspiration for both making and selling art began with my aunt when I was around 7 years old. I was really interested in creating art at school, and my Aunt Susie kept me motivated to continue creating at home. It started with little works such as designing the headstone for our late bunny, Boogers. That progressed into commissioned paintings and drawings she would buy from me. We would read about Michelangelo, and back then, my aunt was an avid collector of works by the LA based multi-media artist, Shari Elf. These early experiences taught me about the importance of art, as well as gave me confidence to make it. Thus, a few seeds for my current art business were planted. Read more>>

Brandy Brooks | Television Writer & Creator

I’m steadfast about utilizing my significant relationships within my written work. Call me “crazy,” but usually, those relationships that lead to the inevitable heartbreaks, the ones that make you feel like someone’s pulled your heart out from your throat, change YOU forever. The people we choose to have in our lives, especially romantic partners, are phenomenal indicators of our current mental stasis. My work usually ends up heavily influenced by, and continually questioning, this idea of “cognitive state.” That’s what keeps me interested in exploration within my creative work. That’s what gets me out of bed to type away at my keyboard. The last time we spoke (Voyage LA interview), I was almost a year out of my “heaviest hitting” break up of any season (including winter season cause you know those breakups during the holidays hit different). Read more>>

Cynthia Lujan | Artist, Arts Educator & Arts Administrator

The biggest influence on my artist practice and career as an artist, was traveling internationally to study abroad for five months as part of an exchange program during my undergrad studies that my alma mater Cal State University, Long Beach had formed with the Tianjin Fine Arts Academy. It’s during this time, back in 2013, that I was able to identify my affinity of public space. The impact it had on me was beyond my obsession for its visual qualities that I find so alluring, but also identifying the easy afforded access and lack of barriers that I had at experienced within public spaces. After all, I had ignorantly committed to studying in north east China without taking any Chinese language classes and this was all before tech was as readily available as it is today (I had my first smart phone in China before I had it in the US). Read more>>