Loving what you do is the goal for so many, and so we asked folks who do love what they do why they love it and what they love about it most.

Dino Mangano | Photographer

First and foremost, I consider myself an artist. So I look at my photography as my chosen medium. When I book a photoshoot, it’s not about cranking out photos of predetermined poses. It’s about learning who my client is, and attempting to create real artwork with them as my subject. Every client is unique, and so every photoshoot is also unique. From the poses, to the setting, to the editing process… it’s always different depending on my client and their personality. What really brings me joy is being able to present the finished product, the artwork, to the client, and watching their reaction. Read more>>

Asia Marie Sandoval | Makeup Artist

I love what I do because of the reactions I get from my clients. It’s rewarding to see that my talent brings joy to my clients. Read more>>

Renee Cohen | Financial Strategist

I help people authentically design their lives by transforming their financial journey and giving them the gift of financial peace of mind. Most people don’t have the time & expertise to create, manage and update their financial strategies to properly navigate competing everyday priorities and balance taxes, housing, schooling, and family costs – not to mention saving for a comfortable retirement. While it may seem overwhelming, I see it as an empowering journey that we are genuinely excited to take with you. I believe everyone has the undeniable right to an abundant life. Read more>>

Rebecca Rosoff | Advertising Agency Founder

I love creating, as a musician, composer, visual artist, and writer but I’ve never much liked the idea of starving, so I’ve always prioritized long term career goals even when I was in bands or more heavily involved in creative pursuits. I started my career in the music industry, where I thought I’d remain forever. When I realized how much creative help consumer brands needed when it came to borrowing principles of art and entertainment to maximize their presence in the lives of customers, it made sense to pursue a career in advertising and marketing. The KIMBA Group’s philosophy is, no matter what, the work should be original. Read more>>

Velvet Marshall | Contemporary Visual Artist

Whether I’m creating a painting or a conceptual art piece, it’s not the image that I think of principal importance. I feel it is the paint itself that is my subject matter. The medium is the message. I love thinking of ways in which I can combine common materials to express my thoughts and feelings through the action of art and utilizing that medium to communicate a greater thought; that our refusal to accept being human, which soon kills compassion, is tantamount to most of the worlds troubles. Read more>>

Natalya Karelina | Owner & Founder

“Find a job you enjoy doing and you will never have to work a day in your life” -Mark Twain True Friends Pet Care was born out of pure love for animals. It is my biggest passion, it’s truly my baby. It’s something that excites me every day. I look forward to waking up each morning and doing something so special. It brings me so much satisfaction! After graduating from university with a DVM and realizing that the veterinary field was way too rough for her, Natalya was looking for ways to utilize her education and unconditional love of animals. Read more>>