Often we don’t have to reinvent the wheel to learn something new – we can just ask experts in the field who can draw on their experience to enlighten us. Below, we’ve shared insights insiders from various industries have shared with us.

Ashley Grant | Curly Hair Specialist & Owner

Curly and textured hair care is not taught in cosmetology school or part of the curriculum. A stylist is taught how to straighten hair with chemicals, extreme heat, or blow drying straight. Stylist can now get certification after schooling, from curly brands that offer “curly certification” but out of all brands it’s only 2 that offer the certification to say you know how to style curly and textured hair in it’s natural state. These certifications are cool to give a title but in the grand scheme of the history of hair, it’s overdue and shouldn’t be held as a holy grail because textured hair has been here forever! Read more>>

Jessica Vazquez | Fashion Designer Instructor & Apparel Model

One thing about my industry that outsiders are probably unaware of is the way that fast fashion (inexpensive “trendy” clothing rapidly produced by the mass market retailers) has affected us. There are many familiar brands and companies that do not openly discuss their business practices to the public and as a result, issues such as poor working conditions in sewing factories remain unnoticed by the shoppers. Shoppers also lose sight of the traditional form of art because we are constantly encouraged to update our garments very rapidly that we the designers have to constantly prove our capabilities. Read more>>

Janice Hollins | Athletic Apparel Designer & Online Retailer Owner

“I’m a small business owner” Is a trendy as carrying the latest Gucci bag these days. Not to knock anyone’s efforts as an entrepreneur, because I have a great deal of respect for anyone who’s trying to do something positive. However, the amount of work, planning and detail that goes behind those glamorous pics posted are undermined and underestimated by the majority. I myself didn’t realize the amount of hours (exceeding more than 40 a week) It would take to have a successful running business. I have a great deal of respect for the Nichole Lynel’s (A prominent clothing designer/boutique owner) of the world. Read more>>

Julia Stier | Actress, Playwright & Comedian

You hear a lot about how cut-throat the entertainment industry is – and that can be true – but there is also a lot of kindness. I have had the pleasure of meeting so many wonderful, talented, compassionate, and inspiring people in this field. There is actually a lot more camaraderie than people realize. My fellow actors and I realize that we are all in this together. We celebrate each others’ wins, we connect and help where we can, and we always, ALWAYS, support one another. It really is a beautiful community. Read more>>

Colette Pfeiffer | Disfigurement Advocate & Founder

The advocacy industry is an extremely content rich environment today. Everywhere you look is an activist for something, and that’s a wonderful thing. I think something people might not realize from the outside looking in is the multifaceted pressures on advocates that fall in a grey area, or find themselves not being someone else’s idea of “enough” of their concept of a suitable advocate. Who gets to decide who is “disfigured enough” or “disabled enough” or “been through enough hardship” to be an advocate? There are so many people out there, who like me, land in an under-represented category. Read more>>

Blesst Bowden | Actress, Dancer & Writer

I think people are sometimes unaware of the deeply collaborative nature of acting and entertainment, not only as it pertains to creating art, but as it pertains to solving some of the industry’s problems. As an actress and performer, my job and performance is the result of more than just my own hard work. It is also the result of work done by directors, writers, casting directors, and so many more. Therefore, when it comes to the topic of racial and ethnic diversity and representation on screen or on stage for instance, the lack of that diversity is the result of a lack in those other areas as well. Read more>>

Jessica Huang | Mobile Dog Groomer & Enterprenuer

The pet grooming industry has continued to grow exponentially over the last couple of years. The reason for this growth is no secret. The kinship between humans and pets are stronger than ever and pet parents are willing to pay for the wellness and comfort of their furry four-legged family members. Groomers are first line of defense – we check your pup from head-to-tail and report any irregularities to the owner. When it comes to grooming there are a variety of options. There’s the standard breed cuts, creative grooming, or simply having your own stylized cut that will be the best for the dog and for the pet owner. Read more>>

Sammie Mancine | Registered Nurse, Holistic Nutritionist & Trainer

The importance of preventative health and how your daily food choices really do matter. It takes so much more work when your health has been compromised as opposed to making the habit to put your health first. Everything in your body has a balance and your job should be to maintain your health nutritionally, mentally and physically. Read more>>

Elisabeth Carpenter | Stunt Woman & Songwriter

I work in the Entertainment Industry, both as a Stunt Woman and as a Songwriter -part of a duo with my husband, Scotty Lund, called Cake Without Candles. Many people think of Entertainment being very glamorous and fun, which it can be. What is not always taken into account is the thousands of hours we each put into our craft, for which we do not get paid. As a Stunt Woman, I am constantly keeping my body and mind fit, sharp, staying current with the action styles that are being shot in Film and TV, and building on my skill set. Read more>>

Ricky Gonzales | Boudoir & Portrait Photographer

The one thing is, it’s very competitive and you have to be creative. Especially when you’re first starting out, you sacrifice a lot of time on missing time with family. You have to build up your portfolio, book a lot of shoots, at first a lot of your shoots start out just collaborating with models or practicing with friends and family. You really have to figure out what type of style you want to be shooting. From it being, portraits, landscape, street photography, etc.. Read more>>

Jacob Danhi | Tattooer & Artist

I think it would be how close and loving of a community the tattoo industry is. Although it’s a very big industry, I’ve never experienced such support and love from various tattooers and shops I never thought I would have the honor of meeting. Everyone is so welcoming and humble to strangers. Read more>>

Michael Joseph Pierce | Actor & Producer

I think what most people don’t realize with anyone in this industry is the time and personal financial commitment it takes. I believe when someone sees someone working on a project, they think that it was handed to them which is not the case. Agents and Managers don’t just get jobs for their clients. The work behind getting the job is labored and immense. I also think they believe that everyone in this industry makes money which is also not the case. There are high paying jobs and trust, every actor would love to get on a Network Series or Studio Film. Read more>>

Bethany Ugarte | Author & Co-Creator

Not everything is healthy for everyone. With IBS, even certain healthy foods can cause digestive upsets and can put a person into an IBS flare for days even weeks. For example, kombucha, chia seeds, and certain vegetables many consume as part of a healthy diet need to be avoided for gut health. Read more>>

Christopher Soriano-Palma | Writer

Writing is a drafting process. Whenever someone picks up a book at the library or their local bookstore, what they are holding in their hands is the final product. What they don’t see are the struggles they had to go through to write that book. They don’t see the doubts they had, the changes they made for each draft, the number of drafts themselves, the countless rejections from agents and publishers before finding the one that says yes, and so on. There’s a lot that goes into one book alone, one screenplay alone. It’s not an easy process. It takes time and effort. Read more>>

John Fyke | Founder & CEO

How important the first 5 years of development are for kids. Helio has developed a fun, educational, engaging way for parental figures to interact with their children. Our Night Light projectors create bedtime routines, and our Apps assist with phonics and cognitive recognition. Read more>>