A host of factors, developments, and dynamics have made most industries more competitive than ever. As a result so many of us wonder whether there is still such a thing as work-life balance. We reached out to the community to hear perspectives on finding the right balance.

Michelle Accetta | Realtor & Feng Shui Practitioner

For some reason, I use a lot of analogies when I think about big concepts. When I think about balance, I think of a river. I see our human experience like the water and what life presents us like the earth. The beautiful balance between the two, to me, is life in flow… which is the ultimate balance! I think balance is in being like the water, adjusting our reactions and output depending on what life throws us, much like the water does as it moves through earth. It’s persistent when presented with rocks and boulders, heroic when flowing over ledges, at times meandering through winding turns, and what I would like to think of as having fun speeding through large valleys! Being in balance is being present with what life presents us moment after moment. Read more>>

Ben Loiz | Designer & Artist

To me, it’s not about finding a balance between work and life. In a healthy life there’s work to do, and how can that work not be influenced by our daily life? In fact, the two can contribute to each other harmoniously—one inspiring and igniting the other. But, it’s not always as easy as it sounds. It takes tending to, at least in my experience. Read more>>

Jessica Petelle | Director, Producer & Comic Book Editor

If I could share one thing with my younger self it would be that having a work life balance is the key to sustainability in a creative career. I think it’s a common misconception that to make your mark in the entertainment industry you have to be working constantly and people needs to ‘see’ you putting in the work. Personally, I’ve found that a lot of the good stuff, the inspiration, the ‘ah-ha’ moments come when I take the time for self-care like hiking with friends, spending time with my husband and our dog, and appreciating art and the artists around me. I believe we’re all here because we’re unique and have something special to add in our respect fields, so I am going to enjoy every moment of the journey, including the detours! Read more>>

Celeste Gonzalez | Beauty Business Mentor & Mobile Lounge owner

Balance is an even changing scale that allows the magic or special moments to occur. I started as a mom of 2 now a mom of 3 my work life balance has been a constant change that is important to embrace as that. There are periods of growth where my business needs more time and attention from me, rather than adding the unnecessary pressure of mom guilt, I have learn to embrace this period as a temporary change for a impactful change in both my life and businesss. Having open communication with my kids when I in periods of growth, makes it easier for them to understand is temporary and they get to enjoy the rewards of having more time with mom after. Read more>>

Carlos M. Silva | Photographer & Bboy

Ever since my kids were born, “balance” is a word that has become a thing of the past. “Acceptance” is something that I’ve been leaning towards, these days. It helps with work life and family life. Consistency helps my wife and I manage a schedule, but if things get busy with work, we take it on without hesitation. My work schedule is all over the place and it’s always changing, but it makes my time with my family even more valuable. Read more>>

Karen Chuang | Choreographer & Dancer

When I moved to Los Angeles in 2008 I was privy to the idea of being balanced, or at least to some version of it. I picked a “real major” that balanced my interest in dance, and I joined clubs and a sorority to remind me to have a balanced social life. But there was no denying that dance was always my number one priority. I remember skipping social parties or club meetings to take class at Millennium Dance Complex, and almost missed my Econ 134 midterm for a Lady Gaga audition. Despite all my efforts to be practical and “balanced” (I even interviewed for positions at Deloitte and Bain & Company), after I graduated from UCLA with a B.A. in Business Economics I still decided to become a freelance dancer. Read more>>

Megan Behnke | Founder/CEO of Ralphie and Alice

Ralphie and Alice is about to turn 2 years old and it definitely feels like I’ve had a newborn and now a toddler over the last two years. During the begining, I never thought of the word balance as something I had to integrate. I acted as if I was a machine that never needed a recharge. And ohh how i was wrong haha Over the last 3 months I’ve had to force myself to pause, rest, and recharge. Owning a small business there is always going to be a never ending list of “to-do’s” and it took me a long time to realize its ok if there are sitll pending tasks. Read more>>