Are you a risk taker?  Do you think you have a stronger appetite for risk relative to your friends and family?  We asked some folks from the community about their approaches to risk and have shared their thoughts below.

Andrea Romero | Founder & Digital Marketing Strategist

Gotta risk it for the biscuit. Risk is absolutely necessary, calculated risk to be exact along with confidence and decisiveness once you decide it’s time to move forward. This means doing your research and not being overly optimistic or pessimistic. You have to know when to trust and fly and when to stand still. Risk has played a great role in my life and career. Starting my own business, Sakura Marketing Firm, and quitting my job over 5 years was a risk, moving to California with no network after college fro Utah to follow my dream of working at a reputable publicity and marketing firm was a risk, but the risks have been worth it. The calculated risks have been character building and future investments. Read more>>

Aliice Simply Aliice | Singer-Songwriter & Animation Voice Actor

First of all thrilled to be answering questions for Voyage LA again! Risks have formed a key part of my career as a singer and voice actor and usually the bigger I’ve bet on myself, the bigger the turn out, or if it ended up blowing up in my face, the learning experience was priceless! Read more>>

Kevin Zambrano | Performer & Choreographer

Risk is a factor I play immensely with, within my career, as I believe it is a tool which allows for your most authentic self to be portrayed. Whenever I have banked on risk at an audition I have left either booking the job or feeling best about my performance. I say to myself in these instances “to risk being you and giving it your all is better than regretting having not done it in the first place.” It not only allows for your most authentic self to shine, but also pushes the boundaries of your creative capabilities. With each risk taken, you learn something about yourself. Whether that’s learning the action you made is not affordable for your own career or that it’s a new asset to utilize as a performer, both present possibilities. Read more>>

Miesha Robinson | Serial Entrepreneur

We take risk everyday of our lives but in business risk is required to activate success. Essentially, risk is stepping out on faith and betting on yourself. Personally, I see risk as an investment, an investment in ideas, dreams, goals and imagination. The greatest investment you’ll ever make is in yourself, failure may come but it is a learning lesson to prepare you for the next level. Therefore, taking risk is the bridge to unlimited possibilities. If I would have never taken any risk all of my businesses would have only been a dream, never a reality. Read more>>

Katarina Benzova | Music/Documentary Photographer

Risk taking has the most important role in my carrier and life. It’s like the saying, that only when you get out of your comfort zone, magic can happen. I absolutely believe in it and practiced it my entire life. Fear and our own insecurities are the only things that are stopping us from achieving the impossible. To take that leap of faith and fully trust the universe. Most of my biggest achievements happened when I trusted my gut feeling and even when rationally I was scared to risk everything from money, friends, family, job….my gut screamed to take a risk and jump into unknown. That adrenaline rush is crazy and result is usually better then you ever imagined. Read more>>

Stacy Russo | Writer, Artist, Librarian & Lifelong Learner

The other day I came across a comment on Instagram in response to a story about an adventuresome woman who passed away. It read, “Some people exist. This woman lived.” I found this incredibly inspiring and moving. It speaks to one’s capacity for taking risks in life. Risk is a big topic. There are many times in life where we can take a risk or back away. This may be having a difficult conversation with someone, taking a chance on a relationship after struggling through a hard time, changing a career, or taking a class that intimidates us. As an artist and writer, risk is everywhere in my life. Putting something out into the world takes courage. It’s impossible that what you create is going to be well-received by everyone. Read more>>

Samantha Aurelio | Artist & Singer-Songwriter

Risk has always laid itself down as a fine line in my life. As a tightly wound Type-A personality, on paper one would think I would never make un-calculated plans. However, my whole life as I know it has been the product of a whim transforming into a collection of dominos falling. I said yes to a recording session, the recording session led me to The Grammys which put LA on the map for me, a failed audition led me to pull the trigger and move 3,000 miles from home without knowing anyone, moving in with virtually a stranger for whom I was the Maid of Honor in her wedding two years ago, to meeting my band, meeting my producer, releasing new music… all of it was the product of one closed-eye-yes at a time. Read more>>

Tanai & Wesley Holder | Intuitive Healer, Teacher & Wellness Entrepreneur

Taking risks and major leaps of faith have been consistent themes throughout our entire lives. Although it was very uncomfortable and not something we welcomed in the past we now embrace it knowing that the growth we will experience will always lead us to something bigger and better than we have ever experienced before. Each of these experiences has also lead us to the next life-changing moments from selling all of our belongings and traveling the world to moving to California with little notice and eventually starting a business. Prior to each leap, we had no idea what the future would hold but it allowed us for the opportunity to embrace faith in order to experience the life of our dreams. Read more>>

Leah Jimenez | Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger

I love this topic! When I was in my early twenties I was scared to take risks. I had this idea ingrained in my head that I needed to have my entire life planned and figured out by the time I was 25. I believe I am not the only one who feels this way, we are taught by our senior year of high school to pick a career and go after it. There is so much pressure in those first few years of college to get your entire life in order. And it can feel overwhelming at times. Because of this, it can be scary to step outside the norm and take a chance. I thought if I took a risk that it could derail my whole future. This simply isn’t true. After going through some major changes in my life and some failures, I’ve realized that taking risks is imperative to our growth. We have to go after our dreams, we have to pursue what’s in our hearts, and we have to take risks. Read more>>

Toya Williams | Registered Nurse

Muhammad Ali once said, “He (she) who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life.” What is the true quality of a life without risk? How can an individual be challenged or stretched in the most minute way without taking risks? Where will one find a zen and harmony within themselves without risk? It is a necessary ingredient to the advancement of anything. Risk is like the flour to a cake. There is an understanding that it may get a bit messy. The taste is not pleasant alone, but it is vital to the final result. Sometimes the final product is one you are proud of and other times not so much. Either way you learn and develop from the risk you took. All of my success and failures have been a result of taking risks. Read more>>

Monique Marina Herrera | CEO & Designer of City&Swim

“The Straight and Narrow Path is not the only Path to Success.”-Sophia Amoruso. This quote is everything to me… Sophia is such a Powerful woman that I have admired from the beginning of my journey. What she is basically saying is in order to become successful you have to take risks. Now I’m not saying that risks are easy. They can be tough!! Which means I have had my few of sweat, blood, and tears! ( Everyone does when you’re a one woman show) Yet, when you believe in yourself, and put power behind every move you take the outcome can be Amazing. If it wasn’t for me taking risks with City&Swim I would not have gotten the following opportunities: Fashion shows, Pop ups, Panel Discussions, or even the “oomph” to creating new merchandise. All these Risks have played a huge roll on my path to success. Read more>>

Yuko Royston | Artist

Taking risks to me means there is opportunity to grow. There are two types of risks; one that begins with making big decisions such as changing a college major or moving to another country to seek a better or closer path to your goal, which happened when I was 24. The other type involves more subtle, day to day decision making such as placing your art practice before your family or spending 7-8 hours for just re-doing the the jaw line sketch while you could do something Facebook story worthy. Taking risks is a continuous process of finding and exploring myself which always leads to the same questions ; what do I want for my life? What kind of person do I want to be? And of course, what does art mean to me? With an overwhelming amount of surreal paintings flowing into my daily thought process. Read more>>

Akina Sato | Designer, Wife & Lover of Fashion

I try to have a positive view of risk, and look at it as a chance. Risk can be a great motivator and has often helped push me forward. Those who know me best know that I’m all or nothing in everything I do, whether in love or in work. Every decision in fashion has risk, whether it is deciding what to wear or choosing what vintage pieces to buy or sell. Taking a chance means I will either be successful or I will learn something in failure. In life, I took a big risk leaving my family and friends and moving from Japan to the US. Being here in the US, knowing that I gave up my career and connections in Japan, I knew I had to make it work. That said, I don’t think I necessarily looked at it as a big risk. Read more>>

Deangelo Harding | Cinematographer

I think taking risks is a huge part of whatever field you want to be in. For me, for instance, I took a huge risk starting a career in the film industry. I didn’t know what was going to happen, how far I would go, if I was going to be “successful.” A huge part of doing what you love sometimes overweighs the risks being taken. Then you ask yourself, “Is this project the best thing to take?” “What if it doesn’t go well?” “What if I fail?” All of these things play through my mind as I take on every project, but at the end of the day I take it on for the love of filmmaking and do the best that I can. So if you love what you do, take risks. Go above and beyond. Do the best you can. You miss every shot you don’t take. Read more>>

Eugene Huffman | Queer HIV+ Artist, Curator & Advocate

I was just having a conversation with my Partner about this – but you don’t gain anything of substantial worth or payoff in any art form without taking them. Try different things – push yourself out of your comfort zone – try that idea you haven’t been so sure about. You won’t be successful every time, but it is worth it for the times that you are – and that may lead to other ideas and ventures. Safe is boring. Read more>>

Charlie & Aamber Ladies Doing Stuff Podcast | Podcasters & Pioneers of Amplifying Black Excellence

When we think about risk, we think of the pioneers of many different industries and how the risks lead to an improved way of life. The risk-takers are the ones who challenge the norm and create a new perspective that many would dare to dream of. We consider ourselves risk-takers because we’re making an effort to get our perspective seen and our voices heard; something that isn’t quite common with women of color. Risk-taking is essential for growth and has been an important part of our development as individuals and as co-hosts of our podcast. Read more>>

Emily Chu | Graphic Designer

While there is always a hope that many will enjoy the designs I create as much as I do, the amount of interest surrounding each project I make helps me to better understand what my clients like. I believe this approach of my design process has a degree of risk taking that has allowed me to improve as an artist over time. Read more>>

Magdalena Ayon | Makeup & Hair Artist

I feel risks were a necessity in my career. Being your own boss and a business owner, following your dream, requires immediate risk. I left school and a job that guaranteed me a check to become a freelance makeup artist. Risks are necessary to accomplish something you’ve never done before and with out taking them I wouldn’t be where I’m at today. Read more>>

Yessíca Torres | Gallery Owner

As a first generation American, I was raised primarily by my grandparents. They risked everything to come to a country that would provide opportunities for their family for generations to come. Their work ethic and drive to be successful in my blood. I know that in order to be the person you want to be you have to be willing to listen to yourself first. My instincts may not always be right, but they are always propelling me forward. Read more>>

E L A R A A | Artist & Songwriter

I’ve been a moderate risk taker up until I turned 19. Prior to 19 I was pretty much afraid of a lot of things because I feared failure and rejection. When I started to not be afraid to fail, and accept rejection: I began to take many risks. Risks to me are pivotal decisions YOU make in your life. They’re scaring decisions to make. but I have never regretted any of my pivotal decisions. One of the earlier risks I took in my life was dropping out of high school at 17. I was half way through my first semester of senior year when I decided to leave. I got a lot of negative feedback from family and friends because I dropped out. Some of the things they stressed to me are; “it’s so stupid that you left when you were so close to graduation,” and “what are you gonna do now? no one is gonna hire a high school drop out,” among other things. Read more>>