We asked the community to share their favorite quotes and affirmations with us. Check some of those out below.

Malek Rahbani | Actor & Writer

“There are those that see things as they are and say why, I dream things that never where and say why not.” “Robert Kennedy”. Senator Kennedy said those words when the country was in turmoil and division was taking over. He dreamed of a better America, an America are children would be proud of and gladly call home. He went to extreme length to protect that dream. You are the master of your life, the leader, the c.e.o , the decision maker. Read more>>

Jen Prince | Filmmaker and Educator

“Wherever you go, there you are.” So much about leading a creative life, parenting, being an involved, responsible citizen is out of your control. Regardless of success or failure, I have to be at peace with how I have conducted myself. I like this affirmation because it reminds me that no choice is worth sacrificing my integrity, my word is golden, and character is everything. Read more>>

Lindsey Sandri | Professional Dancer & Digital Marketer (CDMP)

It’s not so much of a favorite quote or affirmation per-say, but I do have a little saying that I’ve used to recenter myself since my high school dance competition days that I’ve continued to repeat whenever I find myself in a high pressure situation. It goes “I’m only here to be better than my best self” or “my only goal is to be better than my best self.” Some variation of this that is usually followed by a deep breath before heading out to what it is I was about to do. Read more>>

John Herrera | Content Creator & Social Media Marketer

“Don’t be afraid of change and don’t be afraid to fail, for these things lead to beauty on the other side of your struggle”. This quote changed my perspective. In school as a kid, I was taught that failing was never a great option. That if you failed, you’d be failure in life, and that failure would lead you to rock bottom and keep you there. Over time, especially running my own business and learning from my mentors and surrounding myself with successful entrepreneurs, I learned that failure was actually the formula to success. Read more>>

Alexandra Marie Panduro | Photographer

“Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game. “-Babe Ruth, I honestly use this quote for everything when it comes to life. When I am in a slump or feeling down I just reread this to myself over and over again. To me, it’s always meant to stop letting fear get in the way of doing anything. To just go for it. So you miss the first time, shake it off and do it again. That being afraid is only stopping me from achieving greatness. Once you get over the fear anything is impossible. Read more>>

Lana Scott | Country Singer/Writer

“Don’t forget to look up.” My dad has given me this loving reminder countless times through my life. In both the radiant and the dim moments, it helps me re-center and surrender whatever I’m carrying to God who’s much bigger than any fleeting situation or circumstance. It makes me feel safe. I remember that I’m a small, yet powerful, part of a much larger story being written and it’s then, when I think of the grand scheme of things, that the mark I hope to leave behind becomes clear again. Read more>>

Sheri Lewis | Author, Speaker, Workplace Coach

“When you’re dancing with a bear you better watch your partner” This is a quote from my grandfather who partially raised me. In my teens I felt his wisdom had to do with the age difference between us. In my 20’s I thought it had to do with life’s experience. Now as an adult I still believe that, but I see that it also has a lot to do with what I call ‘mindful ‘wokeness’. Read more>>

Laetitia Mahicka | Model, Actor & Singer

My favorite affirmation is ‘You only live once’. I came across this motto from a very young age, and it shaped my life decisions ever since. I believe in living a life without regret. That sentence drives me to take risks and inspired me to change career, travel, and move to different countries, so that at the end of the day, I have no ‘what if’s’ but only memories. Read more>>

Heather Box | Storytelling Coach, Author & Co-founder of the Million Person Prokect

The Subject Tonight Is Love By Hafiz The subject tonight is Love And for tomorrow night as well, As a matter of fact I know of no better topic For us to discuss Until we all Die! When I first heard this poem I was at my friends 40th birthday. He was standing in his backyard, friends gathered around, and he read this poem with a smile. I literally froze, with my jaw dropped. It was like everything I ever wanted to say had just been said for me. The idea that we could die at any moment of any day has been with me since childhood. I was incredibly superstitious and took all the rituals like not stepping on cracks and knocking on wood to keep bad things from happening VERY seriously. Read more>>

Tabitha Lawrence | CEO

“Until you hear “No,” you haven’t been turned down.” ― Reid Hoffman This quote has been the mantra for me for the past few years. For me this gives us all permission to be bold in everything we do – because the worst that will happen is someone says “No.” Getting “No” as a response is better than not asking in the first place! I feel we grow up with the fear of rejection, fear of disappointment, fear of everything that we think will stand in our way from achieving our goals, when we actually are the only ones standing in our way. I love the idea of just asking, taking in the response and moving on accordingly. Read more>>

Ryan Drew | Content Creator & Drone Operator

I have a lot of favorite quotes, lol most of them come from Kobe Bryant or Nipsey Hussle “Instead of trying to build a brick wall, lay a brick every day. Eventually, you’ll look up and you’ll have a brick wall. – Nipsey Hussle” “Rest at the end, not the middle” – Kobe Bryant I’m a huge fan of the Nipsey hussle & Mamba mentality school of thought. Most of my favorite inspirational quotes came from one of these two legends. Read more>>