We asked the community to share their favorite quotes and affirmations with us. Check some of those out below.

Andrea Aguilar | Journalist/Freelancer

There are so many that I love, but one in particular helped change my life in a somewhat unconventional way. I once read, “Your subconscious mind is 30,000 times more powerful than your conscious mind,” and it made me realize how important tapping into your subconscious is. Since it completely takes over when one is asleep, I decided to keep a dream journal and learned how to become conscious while asleep (lucid dream). I believe it has helped me manifest so many amazing things over the years, and I’m grateful for the dreams that let me know I’m on the right path – especially when circumstances seem bleak. Our society undervalues sleep and dreams, but I wish more people knew that there is so much power in them. Read more>>

Ally Mulholland | Actor & Children’s Theatre Program Director

“A person’s a person, no matter how small.” – Dr. Seuss I’ve always felt like I’ve needed to prove myself. Not only do I literally look like a child even though I’m an adult, I’ve also felt underestimated and not taken seriously in my career on stage. Due to being small and looking “cutesy,” I was put into a tight box because of the way I looked and my size. Not that I don’t love playing those characters, they’re a blast, but I don’t want to be limited. One of the things I strive to enforce in my children’s theatre environment at Class Act Community Playhouse is inclusivity in every sense of the word. Whether it’s someone’s looks or sexual orientation or how they identify in their gender roles, my main goal is to give kids a very safe place in which to create. I don’t feel like I had that as a kid. I was around people who were influenced by the structure and idea that people (actors) need to fit into a category and if you don’t fit, you’re forgotten or misplaced. Often, your talent didn’t really matter if you didn’t fit into a pre-defined mold. In this quote from Dr. Seuss, the statement of “a person’s a person no matter what” is so meaningful. Read more>>

April Grace Lowe and Craig Jessen n/a | Wife-and-Husband Filmmaking Team

Wife-and-husband filmmaking team April Grace Lowe and Craig Jessen “Fear is etymologically connected to ‘fare.’ Fear is the fare, or toll, that must be paid in order to grow. If we really want to wake up, we need to follow our fear into and through the darkest aspects of our being for that is where the brightest light abides.” ~Andrew Holecek APRIL: For me, recognizing the parts of myself that I want to override, numb, or avoid has been key to unlocking creativity and finding passion that fuels me. It has taken me years to unpack my fears, and I am unpacking them still. But I have learned that if you can fight through them there is always something greater on the other side. And after being willing to fight through that fear enough times, now I recognize that the jitters, the butterflies in the stomach, the closing of the throat – these are all sign posts that I am on a path of daring, which is where the most interesting creation lies. The first impulse you have when you pass those sign posts is to run. Read more>>

Pamela Lising | PM Crystals Founder & Owner

“Greatness starts with gratitude” I remember the day I stumbled upon this when I was healing through something very traumatic and personal, but I saw this quote and started crying. This has been my mantra and go-to whenever I feel like I lose myself in stressful situations, lose ambition or lack motivation. To me, it’s a way to get out of a negative mindset because if you look at it, if you are able to even read this article, consider yourself that 1% of the world population that is truly blessed. You have the ability to read and the privilege of using technology. It’s not a matter of comparing yourself to others, it’s about counting the opportunities you have in this lifetime. I look at life as being short because nothing is promised. Day by day, I am so grateful to wake up in a healthy body with a positive mind to attempt to make my days better and better. In a world that is so dark and gray, it’s important to me to be a light in someway. I believe success and greatness comes with a good heart and gratitude. Read more>>

Raquel Bell | Artist/\Musician

“I will permit no man to narrow and degrade my soul by making me hate him.” – Booker T Washington I love this quote. When we hate another we are locking ourselves in a cage. Hatred is a frequency that traps us in darkness. Our souls know the deeper truth: We Are All One. We can chose whether to ignore this or not. I strive to live like Booker T Washington and when I feel like hating someone or something, shift into a place of love. After all, Love is much stronger than hate and life is short. We won’t remember all of the things we hated when we are on our deathbeds. We will remember what we loved. We will all be tested to move into hatred. It is up to us whether we PERMIT ourselves to be lured there. As a hyper-sensitive artist type, an empath, a shaman, I know this truth to be true because I can see it. I can see how a smile makes light travel across a room, a beautiful song makes a plant perk up, a nasty word makes the leaves wilt. A vile argument in the other room gives the sleeping baby nightmares. Read more>>

Amy Arends | Certified Oola Life Healing Coach, Mental Health Advocate & Podcast Host of Live Laugh & Love After Loss

I live by powerful affirmation. One of my favorites is- It is safe for me to honor my needs first. Having a daily morning routine is crucial for me to maintain a healthy mind, body and soul. Self care is so important to me because I saw that my mother did not take care of herself. She was overweight and on antidepressants. Although she always seemed happy on the outside, her internal clarity must have been foggy. She made the mistake of going off and on her medication. With the harsh side effects of being on antidepressants this chemical imbalance on her brain cause her to take her own life. It is my mission now to help guide others who have lost a loved one to suicide cope and heal in natural healthy ways. Letting people know it is not selfish, but safe to put your needs first, In turn you will take care of yourself and can be there to help others. Read more>>

Kayoko Mitsumatsu | Founder Yoga Gives Back

“Full effort is full victory.” —Mahatma Gandhi When I first read this quote by Gandhi over a decade ago, I felt that this was exactly what I have believed in and aspired to since my childhood. Whatever I do, if I focus on the effort, not the result, it naturally takes my attention to the process, to the moment rather than future or the outcome. When I am aware and keep checking if I am giving whatever I do 100%, it makes it clear to me that the process is all I have got. The best part of living with this belief is that my focus stays on “what can I do today, what can I do to solve this problem now, etc..?” so I grow a strong sense and trust of my intuitive choices. It truly makes me believe in putting 100% at this present moment. I actually developed this belief system when I was a teenager having to change my junior high school every year due to my father’s business. Every time I arrived at a new school with new friends and teachers, nobody knew anything about me, and I learned that I just had to do all my best to prove myself in anything. If I did not put 100% to whatever I did, nobody would recognize me. Read more>>

Kandace Wilson | Artist

There are a many great quotes and sayings out there but one that resonates with me is this by Princess Diana: “I don’t go by a rule book. I lead from the heart not the head.” Its very true, if your heart is not in it I don’t think you will go far. As an artist i have to feel it in my heart when i work and create. Many times i get people raising their eyebrows and have concerns… I always tell them , trust me you’ll love it . I feel it in my heart and nothing is more satisfying when you get feedback from your clients appreciating and in awe what you’ve done for them. Read more>>

Aries | Music Recording Artist

A favorite quote I live by is that “it’s better to try and fail then to fail not trying.” Most of us get stuck in our minds and create a negative space full of excuses as to why we won’t start something. we create our own prisons. Thinking is half the battle and doing is the other. Whether you believe you can or believe you can’t, you’re right. If we put more positive thoughts into believing in ourselves, we build our self-esteem to believe that we can succeed in the task at hand. If you believe you have the ability to accomplish a task, then you’ll accomplish it but if you believe that you don’t have the ability to do so, then you will fail. It’s all in the thoughts you put out to the universe. So even if there’s a slight chance you might not succeed because the odds seem stacked against you, it’s better that you tried, because even if you fail , You gain a lesson and an experience so that next time you come battle that task, you know how to better maneuver around it. It’s better to try and fail then to fail not trying because whether you think you can or you think you can’t. you’re correct. Read more>>

Michelle Lane | Serial Entrepreneur

My husband has been the greatest foundation of my journey and the one person who believed in me & developed me to be successful in business. A favorite mantra of his is “seek discomfort”. At first, this didn’t sit well with me because culture portrays being successful and earning money as the ultimate goal which provides comfort. It took a lot of failure and trial & error until I realized that comfort was breeding familiarity and stagnation in my own life, businesses, and marriage. Turning to discomfort has grown opportunity, spurred growth, and enriched our minds and lives. It is not easy (or comfortable) to seek discomfort daily, but it is always worth it. Seeking discomfort can be as simple as taking a daily routine, like making coffee, and doing it slightly different every day or it can be pushing through consistent 16 hr work days, day after day, for weeks on end. Read more>>

Khoi Nguyen | Director of Photography

“Passion is loving something enough to suffer for it” by Jürgen Moltmann. The quote in and of itself explains a lot about our line of work. A lot of filmmakers are passionate individuals who dove into this world to create something; not just to make a living. But it’s a journey that come with thousands of obstacles, rejections, failures that will raise self doubts along the way. That’s why sometimes we need a reminder of why we got into it, and that’s what this quote is for me. Read more>>

Mary Sette | Comedy Writer/Director & Cartoonist!

When I was completing my MFA, I read this quote on writing from Heather Havrilesky’s Ask Polly articles. When working on deeply emotional personal work, she said, “you didn’t have to always moon someone.” Sometimes you could “moon them with leather pants on.” Meaning, they get a real good butt outline, but you’re not giving it all away. You could show off the emotional core of your experience but it didn’t need to be a diary entry. At the time, I kind of rejected this idea. I was twenty-two years old and really wanted to moon someone with my deeply personal work. Now, I’m twenty-seven and I’ve lived in sweatpants for the last 9 months. Don’t try to keep up with the metaphor. I don’t know where it’s going either. But I think about Heather’s quote almost every time I draw a cartoon or write anything for animation. It’s about taking the raw scary things inside of you and shaping them into something you want to stare at forever. Unless you love staring at naked butts forever. Then I guess you’re good. Read more>>

Patricia Bahia | Songwriter, Performing Artist, Mentor/Coach

I love to collect quotes and I share a different one on social media each Monday #mondaymotivation (and sometimes on Wednesday for #wednesdaywordsofwisdom) One of my favorites is this one from Steve Jobs’ June 2005 Stanford commencement speech: “Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose… There is no reason not to follow your heart…Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.” Though I was always a singer from a very young age, I didn’t write my first song until after receiving an ovarian cancer diagnosis. I spent the earlier part of my life living out someone else’s dream life as a lawyer. I had a “safe” career, and moonlighted as a singer, singing other people’s songs. But songwriting was on my bucket list, something I had always wanted to do but didn’t know I was capable of, and had no idea of how to even start. For years, I thought songwriting was something other people could do (but not me). Read more>>

Stacy Dacheux | Artist & Writer

I love the quote on Johnny Ramone’s grave in the Hollywood Forever Cemetery— “If a man can tell if he’s been successful in his life by having great friends, then I have been very successful.” As a woman, I feel the same way. I’m attracted to the arts not just because I love making things, but also because I love being around a wide array of creative thinking people who challenge and inspire me. I want the eccentrics, quiet or loud, in my life. I want to support them as much as I want to paint or draw or write. My creative community is the reason why I keep. Read more>>