There’s a ton of research around how setting habits can help us conserve energy because it reduces the number of decisions we have to make in a day. However, not all habits are created equal and so we’ve asked our community to tell us about the habits they have been most effective for them.

Milene Casarin | Entrepreneur & CEO of Rio Brazilian Boutique

Consistency! For sure. And it is not a “cliche”. It’s 100% of the factor that makes you achieve something greater! Does not matter how tired, upset, frustrated I am, I get up, and I do what I have to do, every single day! (except when we have sick kids at home 😂) Well but I do it, late night I will do it. Read more>>

Cheyanne Cooper | Professional Tattoo Artist

My work ethic for sure! I’ve always been very eager to succeed as much as possible and work hard. Read more>>

Stacey Smith-Clark | President – Women Who Whiskey Long Beach

I am and always have been a planner. The day I get a new calendar for the upcoming year is one of my favorite days, as it’s all so fresh and new. I still use a paper calendar in addition to an electronic calendar and both help me keep track of what’s coming up and see the timing and flow of all of it. Read more>>

Aliyah & Chloé Abdullah & Levray | Podcast Co-hosts & Continua Co-Founders

Understanding when it’s time to rev it up and roll up our sleeves and when it’s time to take a beat, rest, let go and see what areas are truly the most efficient use of time. Read more>>

Jasmine Butler | Jasmine Butler | Creator of Juicy by Jay

A habit that I use in my business is writing down my goals and organizing my the tasks I need to complete in order to reach my goals. Each week, I note a few things I’d like to complete that are aligned with my goals for my business. Each day I review my progress and adjust my new tasks accordingly. I continue this cycle week after week and before you know it, the small tasks that I do every single day have transformed major milestones within my business. Read more>>

Jermaine Browne | Creative director and Choreographer

For me it’s Practicing my craft so that I feel confident when I am called upon to do my work. Also, never given up. I feel there’s a lot of ups and downs especially after and during the pandemic, but I think as an artist and person you have to have a strong belief system In your capabilities. And also no that what’s happening in the moment can change into something positive if you just keep at it. Read more>>

Isabel Madison | Founder, CEO, and Creative Director of Nude Envie

The habits that helped me succeed were to take everything with a grain of salt. Whether it is a piece of advice, negativity, or hitting a wall. Slowing down for a second and then picking up the pace without getting stuck in stagnation or becoming immobile took training. I used to be full force ahead and now I have learned to take a second when needed and then reengage. Read more>>

Iman Drummond | Author

Let me start by saying, success in something that is continuous. Becoming an Author was not an easy overnight thing that “just happened”, it took time, effort, consistency, drive, and sacrifice. In general, I already have certain habits that help me to be me, that help me to make life decisions that will contribute to my journey of success. Read more>>