There’s a ton of research around how setting habits can help us conserve energy because it reduces the number of decisions we have to make in a day. However, not all habits are created equal and so we’ve asked our community to tell us about the habits they have been most effective for them.

Leah Nelson: Executive Coach, Organizational Health Consultant and proud Navy Vet

The habit of “each day a little” has helped me succeed in growing a thriving practice as well as thriving in life. Progress can be very motivational and give hope. To be able to ‘eat an elephant one bite at a time’ is a great way to look at big things that may feel overwhelming in the moment and make them actionable. Read more>>

Or Oren: Composer & Trombonist

Believe in your own voice. Coming from a very competitive schools and a huge industry we tend to think that we are bounded to structure and that there are right or wrong. In music there are no rules, and you will only stand out if you release yourself from structure and let your inner voice and ideas stand out. Read more>>

Valerie Feghali: Nutrition and Health Coach

Have you ever reached into a bag of chips while standing in the panty trying to decide what to make for dinner, only to realize minutes later you’ve eaten the entire bag? Do you start your workday by opening your email and find yourself lost in the internet vortex without having accomplished anything productive hours later? If so, there was a point in time, I could say the same for myself. Read more>>

Betsy Chasse: Award Winning Filmmaker, Best Selling Author, Entrepreneur, Mom

Determination, Discipline, Knowledge and planning. I am a big believer in dreaming big and the notion that one can do anything they set their mind to. I am also a big believer in doing the work necessary to achieve my goals. It starts with discipline. As an entrepreneur, I know it’s up to me to make it happen. Read more>>

Vincent Henderson: Executive Chef, CEO, and private chef for Phazed Phocus LLC.

The habits that are fueling my success are, character, confidence, and consistency. I feel as those three go hand and hand, to me it means that my character has to have a positive image and spirit. Read more>>

Erik David Hidde: Prison Escapee

I have been a habitual person for most of my life. I create habits that I knowingly and unknowingly maintain each and every day. The habits that have helped me succeed the most have been many, and I’ll cover some of them here. Read more>>

Nakia Stephens: Screenwriter & Founder of Damn Write Originals

Honestly, I think my daily commitment to “discipline” is what has gotten me this far. Discipline meaning, making deliberate and dedicated choices that keep me aligned with my goals. I set myself on a very strict schedule: I block off specific times for Emails, DWO Business, Writing, Networking, and Studying. Discipline has contributed to much of my growth, and success to me is synonymous with growth. Read more>>

Madison McElwee & Kayla Janssen: M&K Creative Productions

There are a few habits that I feel has helped our partnership and business succeed. First and foremost would be keeping our word. Whatever my business partner and I say we are going to do, we do. We are truly women of our word, we always follow through to make it happen, and that can be a rare find in the entertainment industry. Read more>>

Claudia Iao: Actor & Comedian, Drives a Toyota

Ooo, this is such a spicy question to me because I’m all about small victories and/or bold power moves, but failing often and hard is sometimes more telling to me. This is also a spicy question because I had to do a deep dive of my day-to-day actions and wow! I circle around my apartment a lot! Does that count? The answer is yes; Yes, it counts. Read more>>

Kaleila Jordan: Entrepreneur, Professional Dancer/Choreographer. Actress. Fitness Trainer.

What has helped me succeed in life is adherence, consistency, and determination. Being able to Adhere to and attach yourself to a commitment makes for some type of progress, but when you add determination into the equation that strengthens the faith you have in what you’re doing. Read more>>

Natalie Kirkland: Pro Dancer, Digital Marketer, and Former NFL Cheerleader

Habits – so hard to make, but people rarely succeed without them. I’m a big advocate of curating the habit of training hard. You have to be willing to do what others won’t; go that extra mile. Be it one more rep at the gym, sending one more work email, or sacrificing sleep to make sure your “product” is perfect, pushing yourself is a muscle that ought to be flexed. Read more>>

Keem Ibarra: Photographer & Creative Content Strategist

You have to be comfortable in your own skin. As you grow and develop a style you like (knowing that this may change with time!), embrace it. By shooting what you love and enjoy, your work will be naturally more genuine. If you’re in business, the same rule applies. Capture moments that appeal to you, and you’ll find clients who are attracted to the same style. Read more>>

Nick Terzo: Founder, Radical Mg | Host, The Radical podcast

Show up, grow up, hand up. Always be present, grow your emotional IQ, help everyone especially, younger people with mentoring and opening your network. Read more>>

Emma Tang: Youth Activist + Influencer

I think that my perseverance and my unwillingness to ever give up has served me really well! Read more>>

Kelsey Bryan-Zwick: (she/they) author, columnist, editor, and lead fellow for The Poetry Lab!

Every five minutes something can get done. I am very task oriented so with every project or commitment I break them up into a list of tasks. This way even if all I have is five minutes I can still get something done. Read more>>

Julia Gorbach: Creator | Filmmaker | Innovator

Do the work on yourself. The 🔑 habit for success is investing in yourself and your personal evolution as a human and as a creator. Why? Success is extremely personal, but most people don’t realize they have the authority to determine what success means to them. Read more>>