The Decision Makers Series is one of our staff’s favorite because decision making is a topic that so many of us have studied deeply.

Dez Ale | Founder

The most important decision that I did for myself to be successful was betting on myself, and that goes for everyone. Drown out the noise and bet on yourself. You will only be able to persevere through adversity by believing in yourself and envisioning your own future. You have to be your biggest fan! Read more>>

Raymond Eugenio | Storyteller & Artisan

Learning to go at your own pace. I used to think that it was all about running fast, pushing constantly, and acquiring accolades left/right. Then I started to question that because on the inside, as my own career in the outside seemingly was popping off – in the inside, I felt different. Mentally & spiritually, I was drained. There was a breaking point in my own career that I decided to get off the perpetual rat race, coming from New York City – the hustle flowed freely through my veins. It was something I adopted in the 7 years of living with the sharks. Now that I am in Los Angeles, the time has passed and I’ve grown to understand that comparison is the depletion of joy. Why would I put myself into a certain emotional state and compare my own successes, achievements, and wonders to a completely different person or entity? I am not them and they are not me. Read more>>

Sean Muramatsu | Life Coach & Sommelier

Other than deciding to work for myself, the single most important decision I made that contributed to my success was to follow a simple guidepost. Since now I was out on my own with little guidance or reference, I was a little nervous about following my heart. The guidepost was, “Does this feel good? Does it not feel good? Does it feel light? Does it feel heavy?” When faced with a situation where I will be deciding the continuing direction of my company, I would ask myself those questions. In fact, come to think of it, I would ask myself those questions quite frequently regardless of what was happening. It was my internal barometer for either A) making sure I was following my heart and showing up the way I truly wanted, or B) recognizing that I may not have enough information to feel comfortable. I have to tell you, since I started asking myself these questions I feel my entire life has become so much more my own, I feel such a strong sense of self and purpose. Read more>>

Lauren Holmes | Owner & Creative Director

Believing in my self. Once I started my business, I had to self motivate more than ever before so taking the time to intentionally build myself up every day has been huge. Not every day can be amazing so it’s been great practice to learn how to realign yourself for success when you don’t feel your best. Read more>>