The Decision Makers Series is one of our staff’s favorite because decision making is a topic that so many of us have studied deeply.

Dominique Banks | Owner & Creative Director

Diversifying our revenue streams and offerings has been a critical component to the success of the business. The Dominici Collective initially went to market as an apparel brand with a heavy emphasis on graphic tees. Overtime, the concept of The Collective began to evolve into a multi-faceted retailer inclusive of fine art offerings and appointment only barber services. By expanding our product and services portfolio, we have been able to reach a broader market while also providing a unique in-store experience. Read more>>

Morgan Rees | LA Private Personal Trainer

I came to discover that I needed to live my passion; helping others. I have always been driven by providing a healthy and supportive space for others. Our body is all we have at the end of the day and it should be treated as such. There are other things I’m sure I could be successful doing, but I knew that in order to enjoy and truly strive in my career I would need to pick something that derived from passion. I am fortunate that my passion allows for steady income and a life that I enjoy living day in and day out. I have NEVER woken up wishing I had chosen another career. This is why I believe I am successful in my career. I absolutely adore my clients and I love what I do. There are so many different avenues to pursue fitness and I have followed more than one path at a time. Read more>>

Heidi Tann | International Recording Artist/Songwriter

The key is “commitment”, you have to do the work, invest in yourself and stop making excuses, no one will invest in you if you don’t want to put the amount of work. It also includes not only doing music but taking care of your body, health, emotional and social well-being, There has to be a balance to stay in the game. Enjoy the ride! Read more>>

Lily Meade | Young Adult Novelist

Multiple times in my life, I’ve had to face either taking a big chance or giving up on a dream. When faced with that type of ultimatum the answer is always clear. I come from a background of extreme poverty. I’ve been homeless twice. Never in my life have I felt financially stable enough to prioritize my chosen career of writing novels. I used to hide in the bathroom at work just to write a few extra sentences on my phone and balanced all my required duties with an undercurrent of imagination transporting me to two places at once. That’s not an uncommon experience for the working creative. Stolen moments are a currency even full time writers or artists still trade in. Read more>>