Do you have a favorite dialogue, lyric, quote or affirmation? Please share with us below.

Bulletproof Belv | Artist

“Faith Without works is dead” is a quote I got from the Bible, book of James. I was raised in religion & with the belief that faith alone is more powerful than putting in the work yourself. I like that this quote is over looked as it shows, faith alone will not work. You must be willing to put in work while having faith in yourself and the path you’ve chosen for your future. Read more>>

Andrew Mersmann | Children’s Author and Wellness Content Curator

“You don’t have to feel bad to find ways to feel better.” I love the embrace and invitation to look for ways to improve each day without the usual accompanying feeling of “I’m doing it wrong” or “I’m broken and need to be fixed.” We can have extraordinary lives and still explore new ways to have a gorgeous impact on ourselves and on others. Each day opens doors to discovery from exactly where we stand at exactly this moment. Read more>>

Robbie Cabral | Inventor, CEO & Founder of BenjiLock

“Don’t be afraid to dream BIG—If you have a vision or a passion for something, just go for it. And that’s what I did with BenjiLock.” My message has always been not to let naysayers say you can’t. Be persistent, patient, and able to deal with the emotional distress that life may bring. If you’re able to stay on track, things will eventually fall in place. Read more>>

Iberia Brisa | Visual Strategist | Content Creator | Graphic Designer

“You are a living magnet. If it is in your mind, it will be your reality,” by Karly Ryan (@madeof_karly). My favorite affirmations fluctuate depending on what season of my life I’m in; but, this one really resonates with me right now. Love and authenticity gravitate towards love and authenticity. I appreciate the emphasis on attracting the high vibrational energy by harnessing it within instead of looking for it elsewhere. We often rely on others to dictate our emotional wellbeing. But, we grow most when looking internally. Read more>>

Victoria Lover | Visual Director, Film Producer & Video Editor

One of my favorite quotes is from Anaïs Nin, “And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” To me, this quote means to step out of patterns and relationships that may have hindered self and/or others. I believe this quote will resonate with many if not all —that you have to step out of your own way sometimes to find that place of desire and bliss you are yearning for. I’ve reached the threshold and I’ve taken the risk to surpass it. What I like most about this specific quote is that it came to me during my pregnancy with my beautiful son, Enzo. Read more>>

Demitri Wylde | Writer & Podcaster

I’ve actually got two that come to mind. The first one comes from the movie Vanilla Sky where Jason Lee’s character is talking to Tom Cruise’s character. He says “without the bitter baby, the sweet ain’t as sweet.” The way he says it is so cringe-worthy but memorable and profound. That one is pretty self-explanatory. The other one I used on a recent episode of my podcast. I don’t know who said it – it kinda was beamed into my brain from outer space or something, or maybe I heard it somewhere else. But it goes “everywhere you go, there you are,” which to me means anywhere you are in your life is exactly where you should be. I find comfort in that. Read more>>

SVNDRA | Artist

My favorite quote to this date is. “Where attention goes, energy flows” im not sure who’s that by but it keeps me grounded and reminds me to keep my head up when things get hard. And makes me realize that if things are going on then its because I keep giving it energy and power. Helps me balance things and manifest. Read more>>

Grace Pritchett | Creative Force

“It’s not my job to teach people lessons, it’s my job to learn mine.” As a producer and a human being, I’m frequently looking for ways to make things better, faster, stronger, shinier – and sometimes it becomes a bit of a control problem. When I’m leaning in too much on someone else’s job or I can feel myself taking a work situation personally – I step back and tell myself that I’m learning my lesson in life and everyone else is learning theirs. People will work how they want to and I will work how I want to – sometimes it’s a grand slam and sometimes it’s not. All I can do is control how I’m reacting to the situation. And *honestly*, if you’re showing up ready to learn, you’re already getting further than if you’re showing up ready to teach. Read more>>

Petra Conti | International Principal Dancer

Do everything with love. Read more>>