Do you have a favorite dialogue, lyric, quote or affirmation? Please share with us below.

Scott Hamm | Actor & Producer

“I would rather live with rejection then regret” Being an actor going on two decades now this quote is pretty self explanatory. In this business there is tons of rejection so you better decide early on if that’s something you can deal with. I’ve had plenty of regret in my life as well but that is so much tougher for me to live with mentally. I try to live my life and make career choices with as little regret as possible, rejections I’ve learned to manage just fine. Read more>>

Lily Fiske | Social Media Manager & Film Photographer

I felt connected to the affirmation “here, now” before it was cool, before it was the slogan of Outdoor Voices. You see, when I was 11, my mom and I co-led a mother/daughter group called MoonBeams which met every month until I began high school. Each night, to open the evening, we would call in our female ancestors: “I am Lily, daughter of Rachel, daughter of Barbara, etc., and I am here, now.” I didn’t deeply consider the meaning until years later, living alone in Los Angeles, thinking about my future, checking instagram, and forgetting where I was 10 times a day. During that phase, I started saying, “I am here, now” again. It snaps me back to the present and reminds me that no matter what, I don’t want to look back and not be able to remember anything because I was worrying about my future or a photo that got only 55 likes. Read more>>

Persephone Godwin | Songwriter & Artist

Affirmations are so important to me that I collect and cycle through many of them – as well as quotes that inspire me. So I can’t say that I have a favorite – but I definitely have a current one, by American dancer/choreographer Twyla Tharp, which is particularly fitting for the pandemic. “Art is the only way to run away without leaving home”. And here we are, stuck in our houses for months. I’m fortunate to be on lockdown with someone I love and laugh with, my fiance and co-creator of music and film projects. But lockdown is frustrating. We can drive ourselves crazy and each other. And every time we hit that wall of frustration, of feeling cooped up, turning on music or creating a new piece gives us a feeling of expansion and movement. We tend to associate works of art and music with large landscapes or exotic places, as they’re portrayed in music videos or film. Read more>>

Jeffrey Carolan, SOC | Director of Photography, Camera Operator & Photographer

There’s one quote that keeps me going in this insane industry which is, “Luck is when opportunity meets preparation”. This is from legendary Producer Robert Evans whose best known for Chinatown, The Godfather, Rosemary’s Baby and basically saved Paramount Pictures from bankruptcy in the 70’s. With how difficult it can be to even get a job in this business and how badly you’ll beat yourself up over not getting a gig, this quote helps he stay positive and reminds me to always be learning and growing creatively advancing my craft especially when work is slow or I’m not getting the gigs that challenge me. I think everyone has missed an opportunity and this helps me understand why I may have missed said opportunity. It also gives me the confidence that if I work hard developing my craft I’ll be able to take full advantage of the next opportunity and might even be considered lucky. Read more>>

Kori Lynae | Lithomancer & Content Creator

My favorite affirmation is “I am enough, what I do is enough, all that I have is enough.” I think it’s my favorite because it “covers” everything in a way. “I am enough” affirms that regardless of how I may be feeling about myself or what is going in my life, I am never less than. “What I do is enough” reminds me that it’s totally okay for me to have highly productive days and days where I don’t even check the first thing off of my to-do list, I don’t have to overwork myself. “All that I have is enough” keeps me grateful, I remind myself that everything and everyone that I have in my life are blessings and I truly deserve all of the good things that I have. Read more>>

Adrian White | Visual Artist & Professor of Photography

There’s a Frederick Douglass quote that I’ve carried with me on my journey for years. “If there is no struggle, there is no progress.” That quote has helped me get through some of the obstacles I’ve had to endure. It pushes me through. It gets me to the other side. It always helps me see my mission through the end. In the 19th Century Frederick Douglass was one of the most photographed people of his time in our country. Of course now he no longer holds that distinction. Those words to me have been important. It tells me I have to fight for what I believe in. We all do. Recently, more emphasis is placed on his words than ever before. 2020 has been a smorgasbord of disaster and fear as we all try to navigate what is next. Over the past year, I’ve documented the protests in Los Angeles as I thought about the generations of those who struggled before me while contemplating what’s next for me as a visual artist and ultimately what’s next for our country. Read more>>

Skye Butterfield | Musician & Composer

“Go not where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson Coming from a classical background where the path to career is very clear cut and mapped out, I constantly found myself veering from those normalities. I followed my role in the classical world as much as I could but every time I looked at my past and my path it never resembled those of my colleagues. When studying music in a collegiate setting there are few career avenues that you are exposed to so when I exited school and entered the working world of music those avenues were far from obtainable; leaving me confused about my place in the industry. When I was 19 I got that quote tattooed on my side, I wanted a constant reminder that only I can forge my path but somehow during my studies, I lost sight of that. Sine moving to LA my eyes have been opened to the immense opportunities there are in the industry. Read more>>

Lila Castellanos | Licensed Esthetician, Owner & Founder

“Beauty is being comfortable and confident in your own skin.” ~ Iman I love this quote because it touches on the idea that beauty is more than skin deep. I truly believe that when we look good on the outside, it helps us feel good on the inside. And vice versa, our inner peace, happiness, and confidence radiates from within. I’ve personally experienced the transformation that healthy skin can have on confidence, and that journey led me to my chosen profession as a Licensed Esthetician. I want every one of my clients to appreciate that the face we show to the world isn’t just an outer shell or mask we wear. It’s a reflection of who we are, and everyone of us is uniquely beautiful. Read more>>

Amber Wegner | Actor, Writer & Producer

My favorite quote came from the unforgettable film, Shawshank Redemption. In the film, Morgan Freeman’s character says, “Get busy living or get busy dying”. I live by those words. I have never been one to cry or complain about getting older, rather, I celebrate each year that I get to be here. So many people don’t get to make it to to their 40’s. I celebrate who I am and where I am in my life. I am grateful for this life and I don’t take one moment of it for granted. When I was 27, those words rang loud and clear in my head. I was living in Sacramento, California, managing restaurants and hotels.. Sacramento is where I was born and raised. I had always dreamed of working as an actor in film and television, but wasn’t sure how to make that leap. Read more>>