If not giving up was always the right answer life would be so easy. History shows us that sometimes quitters prosper and sometimes they miss out. Knowing when to quit and when to keep going is one of the most difficult questions and so we asked folks we admire to tell us how they think through this question.

Casey Leigh Stanton | Holistic Health Coach

In owning your own business the inevitable “I want to give up” will most likely arise. Especially in the first years I would count on it surfacing more times than not. As a Holistic Health Coach and Integrative Nutritionist something I encourage my clients to do when it comes to their health and weight management goals is to connect their goal to an emotional and mental feeling. For instance rather than, “I want to loose twenty pounds so I can look great in a bathing suit this summer…” I would ask you to imagine how loosing that weight (or insert whatever your specific health goal is) would make you feel. Read more>>

Shoaib Shawl | Artist (Director, Production Designer, Painter, Cinematographer, Photographer)

A seeker is like a thirsty person in the middle of a seemingly endless desert. The person walks in a specific direction hoping he will find water even though he doesn’t see it. It’s his thirst that makes him walk whatsoever. His throat might be dry or might taste the morning dew as the nights pass on this journey. However, he cannot sit in the middle expecting someone else to bring him a cup full of water. Water is what we seek, thirst is our love, dryness and dewdrops- challenges and ecstasy, and how far we can walk will be determined by our passion. Read more>>

Jen Ryall | Photo Studio & Event Venue Owner

Often times we find ourselves in positions, both in personal and professional avenues, where we have to make tough decisions. Sometimes these decisions may impact in a very great way (ie: moving across the country) and sometimes they may have minimal impact (ie: cutting off a toxic friendship). Regardless of collision, it’s important to believe that you are never truly giving up. The stigma with giving up sours the decision. It immediately brings feelings of guilt, failure, or sadness which may sway us into a path that isn’t the right one (just to not feel that negativity). I think we change the focus … Read more>>

Carla Stickler | Software Engineer – Broadway Performer – Educator

I think all too often we continue down a path that doesn’t feel right or isn’t serving us anymore because of the stigma around failure. If we decide to give up on something, how will we justify all the time and effort we put towards that thing? What a waste it will have been. Everyone will look at us and think we are a capital ‘F’ Failure. Read more>>

Laura Roach | Winemaker & Owner of Loubud Wines

Oof. This is a tough question for anyone, in all facets of life. As a business owner, I think there is a little more to it than the simple yes/no answer to the question ‘does it bring you joy?’ Instead, perhaps ask yourself, ‘can you envision a better life without it?’ This is the question that I asked myself recently, when deciding whether or not to grow or close Loubud Wines. Could I envision a better life for myself, without my sparkling wine business in Santa Barbara County? No, I honestly could not. Read more>>

Olliver Joseph | Artist & Songwriter

In the grand scheme, I’m at the point in the pursuit of my personal destiny where the journey and myself have become one and the same. If I were to give up, I’d lose a substantial part of who I am. Every aspect of the music making process is now part of me. Giving up is an everyday option, but everyday I choose in blind faith that everything will work out the way it’s supposed to. I’ve burnt out enough to know that the saying ‘after the dark times come light’ is true for the most part. Starting something to not see it through doesn’t seem too fun. I have to see what’s next. Read more>>

Ryanne De Milord | Actress, Model, & Realtor

Easy. Giving up is the easy route. Although it’s tempting to take the easy route when life is constantly throwing obstacles your way, easy doesn’t equate to fulfilling. When I am tempted to give up or quit; When my dreams feel so far way and I get discouraged or it gets too hard, I’m forced to make a decision. I feel like we as humans, sometimes underestimate the power of a decision. There are many things that are outside of our control- we didn’t choose them, but you get to choose how you respond. I choose everyday not to give up. Read more>>

Hannah Nicholson Alana van Altena | Glassblowers

For us, knowing whether to proceed with a project or to step down comes from learning to listen to the subtle nudges of the universe (everything not in our control), our own instincts, and each other. However, often our process looks like assessing and finding a different approach, rather than plowing through or stopping cold. We both feel that flexibility and being open for things to evolve is hugely important. Read more>>