We asked folks to tell us about their favorite quote or affirmation and to tell us what it means to them. We’ve shared some of those responses below.

Saana Laigren | Actress

My favorite affirmation is “if you believe it, you can receive it”. I believe that trusting the process is a mindset that has helped me the most to proceed in my career to become a professional actress. When I trust that whatever needs to happen will happen when the time is right, I have less pressure on the future. It allows me to enjoy every step on my way and to celebrate small achievements. I am enjoying the journey as much as the destination. I feel like when I manage to be relaxed and trust myself and the future, everything seems to be going well with my career. Everything just seems to fall into place naturally. It took me a long time to learn to trust my skills, to trust my craft as an actress and believe myself that I can do this. Ever since I finally decided I am good enough to do this, I am still learning, but I got this, everything has gotten much easier for me. Read more>>

Michael John Benzaia | Actor & Radiology CT Technologist

Every morning I ask myself, “Hows your heart Today?” and whenever I meet someone I make it a point to ask them “Hows your heart Today?” Versus “How are ya?” I find How are ya has become very surface and honestly many people are caught off guard when I ask them how their heart energy is. I left an extremely busy NYC hospital as a CT tech because I found myself in the system. Patients were becoming numbers and the top tier of the hospitals I worked at seemed to not care if a patient was getting better. Money became the motive and by all means I’m not shy to the fact that money is what makes the world go round but I had to take a step back and say am I okay being a part of this machine called healthcare? Instead I took my knowledge of the human body/ inflammatory diseases/ mental illness, the connection between Mind Body and Soul and many other topics I learned in medical school and from being around humans in the medical setting and decided I would better be used in the arts. Read more>>

Erin Nicole McGinnis | Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist & Owner

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson I discovered this quote in High School and immediately put it on my bedroom wall, where I would see it every day. Even now, I will often reread this quote when times get tough. It is a reminder that I am more than my circumstances.  It is this same idea that I bring into my therapy sessions with clients. Happiness, joy, love, contentment, and even abundance are all achieved from the inside out. Our egos would like us to believe that everything we want is somehow attainable out in the world through objects, success, or approval from others. However, if we haven’t done the internal work, we will get those things and still be unhappy and unfulfilled.  This quote reminds me that regardless of the setbacks, challenges, or disappointments, my ability to love others, feel joy, and be grateful for what I have determines my fate. Read more>>

Bryan Sloyer | Martial Artist & Filmmaker

“I hope to not only entertain those that wish to escape reality for a bit, but offer ‘enlightenment’ to those that wish to further seek the depths of it.” I hope it isn’t too bold of me to provide my own quote, and I’m more than sure I am not the first to utter this words. But at its core, it holds the very fundamental reason why I’ve pursued this career/industry. I agree that achieving this duality has a considerable amount of obstacles and on most fronts poses ambitious. One of the arguments I hear the most that challenges the authenticity of this notion; isn’t it simply entertainment? Why burden movie-goers with philosophy and worldview and semantics if they are here to just have a good time? Maybe their personal/professional lives are full of these things already, and they have come to have a laugh and to lighten their spirits? Isn’t that the responsibility of the artist? To please, to comfort, to make jolly? Isn’t this our job? I say to you, no. I believe it is not. Read more>>