We love ourselves a good quote and so we asked our community to share their favorite quotes and affirmations with us and we’ve highlighted some below.

Melissa Baptiste | Photographer – Digital Creator

Affirmation “Please don’t forget to celebrate yourself, celebrate your wins, celebrate your work, celebrate your growth, celebrate your recovery, celebrate your being. Celebrate yourself everyday even when you don’t think you deserve too.” – Joel Leon (author) This affirmation helps me run my business because being a creative entreprenuer is definitely not all glitz and glamour especially being a black woman in a predominated male industry. Read more>>

Olivia Rhodes | Empowerment Coach & Mental Health Advocate

Oh gosh yes, so many! I’m a huge affirmation fan. My favorite affirmation is “I have all I need”. This is something I started repeating to myself when I decided to run the NYC marathon in 2016. I was not a person who ran regularly so it would have been a stretch for me to run 5 miles let alone 26, but my dad was running it so I thought it would be fun to accomplish together and I wanted to prove to myself that I could do it. Read more>>

Naashi | Songwriter & Singer

My favorite quote right now is “step out your estimate, step into your essence and know that you’re excellent” – Beyonce Knowles. The quote is from her song Bigger from the Lion King soundtrack. I am actively trying to make this quote a part of the way that I move as an artist and as a young woman. Read more>>

Ian Charlie | Music Producer, Composer & Guitarist

I am really into quotes and affirmations! I always thought that words are very powerful. I even have a notepad that have a different quote on every page.
I have 3 favorite quotes that I put on my work desk in my studio as my daily reminders (See picture). Read more>>

Leila | Singer Songwriter // Software Engineer

Matters of the heart are no easy matter. A poetic reminder that it’s hard to help how we feel and all we can do is acknowledge and embrace life’s entropy and do the best we can despite it. Easier said than done, of course, but sincerely true all the same. Read more>>

Londun Allen | HyperFem Fashion & Wellness Co Owner

This quote almost defines life to me in a sense. It’s so straight forward and leaves no room for grey areas with how you live your life. Either I decide to be disciplined and run my day, or the day gets behind me. Either I get up and and go crush my goals, or you let another day slip away with “coulda, woulda, shoulda!” This quote reminds me to go and move! It reminds me to run my marathon and don’t stop. Read more>>

Daun Green | Daun Green Fashion Curator

My favorite affirmation is do good onto others and others will do good onto you! As a fashion stylist, one more the most important things is the way you treat another’s brands garments! You return the piece the same way you would want someone to treat your garments! As well, as the way you conduct business for yourself it’ll reflect on the way you do good business with others! Read more>>

Tiffany Bingham Aka TIFFCO | Independent Artist | Fashion Designer

“ FLAWS ARE JEWELS WEAR THEM “ it’s a personal quote that I have ran with all my life. It’s actually the quote I use on my brand DefinePerfectdp. We all have flaws ‘ none of us are perfect. Embrace that! Walk with dignity & keep your head high. This is for everyone across the world. “ “ Flaws are jewels “ just like the jewelry you wear around your neck or even on your hands or wrist. Wear those flaws the same way .. The more you do the more you’ll learn to love yourself eternally. Read more>>

Diana Sharpe | Empowerment and Resilience Coach| Student Success Coach

My favourite quote is one I coined for myself in 2019, after a second period of unemployment which last for approximately 3 months, I was inspired to start my business and to host an empowerment event. As I searched for pieces to decorate the space, I found a piece of art, there was a man who was pressed against a wheel, his feet planted firmly on a wooden base (one slightly raised) and his hands were fixed on the wheel and just like that the affirmation came to me, “It’s important to turn your own wheel.” No matter what the challenge is, whether it is starting your own business, finding the courage to move from joblessness to security, to move from fear to faith, from a place of not being whole and well to a place of health and wealth, we are required to turn our own wheels literally and metaphorically. Read more>>

Nilou Shahryari | Founder of ONO Overnight Oats

My favorite affirmation is the concept of impermanence. Basically, the thought that nothing in your life is permanent and is instead constantly changing. All things good or bad will eventually alter in some way. This has allowed me to remove part of my emotions when something doesn’t go as planned, or the opposite, becoming too attached to something positive. It’s allowed me to think wholly about situations and not ponder too long on aspects I don’t have control over. I try to instill this thought process in both business and personal situations. Read more>>

Margaret Nyamumbo | Founder, Kahawa 1893

“I am my ancestors’ wildest dreams” It’s a reminder of how far we have come and a testament to how much progress can be made in a short amount of time. My ancestors were not allowed to grow coffee or drink it and now I get to own a coffee brand that’s nationally distributed in the USA. Even as we make history with every glass ceiling we shatter and Black people and women, I am grateful that I get to live a freer more fulfilling life because of the sacrifice and fight of my ancestors. It inspires me to do better for future generations. Read more>>

Ivana Kovacevic | Teacher & Founder of Heart of Learning

I remember laying on my bed, exhausted after an 11-hour workday, thinking to myself, “What are you doing to yourself?” I was so overworked, unappreciated, and dismissive of my own well-being. So, I picked up a book from my “to-read” shelf once I finally decided to set aside some me-time. As I got deeper into the text, my mind was suddenly fixated on a single, specific phrase. I remember rereading it over and over again to the point where I set it as the screensaver on my cellphone (which it still is to this day). Read more>>

Nina Franqui-Hollomon | Purveyor of Botanical Self Care Solutions

I little dose of drudgery every day kills your purpose, The spice of life is using your skill sets, talents and vision that creates a purposed filled life, Understanding that toil takes place in any endeavor you wish to pursue. However dying to that every day can be a dream killer or motivator, depending how you use it to motivate you. Read more>>

Shannon McDermott | Autistic Actor, Creator, Proud Weirdo

“Come celebrate with me that everyday, something has tried to kill me, and has failed.” -Won’t You Celebrate With Me by Lucille Clifton. I heartily recommend that you look the full poem up and read it. To me, it’s a poem about the joys of survival. Being thankful for the important lessons that strife and adversity have taught you. Being thankful for the gifts of self love and self empowerment. I did not always have that. Read more>>

Courtney Revada-Luz | Senior Software Engineer & Foster Youth Advocate

There is a Russian proverb that says: “Akula, kotorya Ne plavayet, Ne tonet”. It means that “The shark that doesn’t swim, drowns.” What it means to me is that no matter how hard life is you got to keep moving forward. I grew up in foster care without guidance or help and it felt like survival every single day, yet I knew there was a light at the end of the tunnel. I knew that if I kept my head up and moved forward daily I would be able to handle anything that life threw at me. Sharks are revered for never forgetting they are a predator in the ocean who will do what it takes to live no matter how scary the ocean is or if it gets hurt along the way. I embodied the same image by never forgetting who I am as I moved forward towards my image of success. Read more>>

Nina Boski | Founder of LifeBites Global, a media and lifestyle company

One of my favorite quotes and it is one I created, “In order to speed up, you have to learn how to slow down.” Part of the reason it is my favorite quote is I use it often, especially after the year we have had with the pandemic. Most of us are living out of balance – with too much stress; too much working and not enough recharge. Just like a high performance, peak athlete, we must learn how to “do” and “be” in the world. We live in a “do-do” society, and we need to learn how to “do-be.” This might mean, taking time to be with you, mediate, walk in nature or just take time to conceptualize your next step without being in such a hurry. Read more>>

Cassia LeBron-Williams | Founder of LiveYourNotes

“When you think about growth, think of a rose. For the rose to prosper, it must be watered and pruned.” This quote is taken from my book, “Live Your Notes.” I love this quote because a rose is known for its beauty, but not always the work put in. Before the rose is presented or gifted, it must first be pruned of its thorns and leaves. And to maintain the life of the rose, it must be watered and properly cared for. This is how I see my journey. Read more>>

Michael Jones | Musician

I do have a favorite quote in terms of my work/career. I have a friend that I used to work with in a music studio every day. I would often have a bad attitude towards work related tasks that forced me to leave the studio and do actual work (photo shoots, meetings, etc…). Keep in mind, I am technically “living my dream” in terms of being a musical artist for a career. Read more>>

Élishia Sharie | Electrifying Neo Alternative Rock Artist

I begin every morning with this affirmation: “FEAR HAS NO POWER HERE.” This is my way of boldly telling ‘fear’ that it has no control over my life and the way that I choose to live it. Fear will not keep me from pursuing my dreams or the reason for my existence. My goal, through my music, is to inspire others to lead an empowered, fearless life. Read more>>

Maia | Professional Organizer

One of my favorite quotes is, “Be at your best when your best is needed.” by John Wooden. I love this quote because I strive to apply my best in all areas of my life. I take my failures as lessons. Being the best version of myself takes a lot of work and I continue to grow each day to be better than the last. I love to say, “I know my lane.” Knowing my strengths gives me the confidence to be at my best in all situations. When I’m not at my “best” I normally have to take a step back to evaluate my state and/or reflect on my performance. I surround myself with others who are also striving to be the best version of themselves. It is motivating and inspiring to see others work hard, learn from their mistakes and seize their opportunities. Read more>>

Alyssa Chambers | Founder & CEO NOVA Essence Inside Out

Since I was around 7 years old my favorite quote that I live by is, “Where there’s a will there’s a way; nothing is impossible to a willing mind”. This quote means to keep pushing and to never give up no matter how hard or impossible the task may seem. This quote has reassured me of the strength that I have. Reminding me that there is always a way that can be made out of no way. It helps me think outside of the box; coming up with innovative thoughts and ideas. Read more>>

Naiomi Sounds | Singer/Songwriter

My favorite quote is “Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray.” ― Rumi. To me it means that when you are truly aligned with your purpose, you will feel it in your body, mind, and soul. I believe that our subconscious is constantly sending us messages through our thoughts, our dreams and even our physical bodies. Our journey is to then interpret this guidance and create a path for ourselves on which we are able to experience what we love in its entirety. The pull that we feel internally is meant to teach us how to flow and how to trust our intuition. When we are in direct communication with ourselves we can feel peace. Although it us much easier said than done, I like this quote because it constantly reminds me to follow my heart, and to put my trust in the unknown. Read more>>

Stevie Mack | Actor/Comedian

One of my favorite quotes is, “Do You Need it Now?” I learned this while working as a barista in a coffee shop. I would always tell the owner, hey we’re running low on this or we’re running low on that and he would snapback, “do you need it now?” And I would always have to pause and think, no, I don’t need it now. So this has been a phrase to live by, it has been very handy in many situations. Before I fly off the handle these days thinking I need something, I can pause and ask myself “do you need it now?” Read more>>

Lila Sage | Certified Hypnotherapist

“My state creates my fate” My favorite morning affirmation reminds me that my present thoughts create my future. This simple statement shifts me out of old thought patterns and into a place of empowerment. Have you noticed that when you wake up in a bad mood that the rest of the day just keeps getting worse?
Like you stub your toe, and spill your coffee, and on and on. Read more>>