We asked some of our favorite folks what makes them happy and why?

Jenny To | Car Enthusiast, Model, and First Generation Student

My family makes me happy because they are always there to support me. They are wiping my tears during my darkest moments, and also celebrating and cheering me on through my successes. To me, my family includes both blood related family members, my boyfriend, and my close friends. Family means anyone who has been there for me in my life and continues to motivate me and always check up on me. My parents have given me the ability to follow my dreams and support me no matter what. Read more>>

Darlene Burke | Founder and Executive Director of Ten Toes In

PEACE makes me HAPPY because it allows me to see things clearly and live my life to the fullest! Read more>>

Cailin McDuff | Desire Coach for Women

One of the top guiding principals that makes me happy is following my desire – it’s my north star and sense of truth. And in order to do this, I have had to drop all of my people pleasing tendencies, my desire to be “liked” or “good” or “performing” or whatever things other people expect of us. I have also had to drop the expectations I have for myself about looking good or “things making sense.” It really requires me to be in a constant, deep relationship with myself and the truth that is coming through me. Read more>>

ZekeyMercedes | Recording Artist

Being alone, creating and relaxing. I love silence I being able to hear the voice inside of my head. And music of course. Read more>>

Kalei Mau | Professional Volleyball Player & Health and Wellness Coach

Health makes me happy! Whether it’s my own or other’s good health. Being an athlete, the best way to succeed is to be healthy and able to do what I work so hard to do. The lowest points of my life and career has been while I’m injured or not feeling well. My family is very important to me and their health and well-being is something I’ve prayed for every day since I was a young girl. Read more>>

Destini Oree | Professional Hair Braider

What brings me happiness is witnessing the joy that I bring to others. As a hairstylist, I interact with a variety of people from many walks of life on a daily basis. I appreciate making other people feel beautiful, particularly because I never know what they are going through in their lives. So, if I can do something as basic as putting a smile on someone’s face by serving them, I’ll do it. Having the opportunity to speak life into others on a daily basis also makes me happy. My clients frequently consider their hair appointments as therapy sessions. It makes me happy to know that they trust me not just with their outward looks but also with their personal lives. Read more>>