We asked some of our favorite folks what makes them happy and why?

Melissa Kite | Friend & Residential Interior Designer

My cat. He is a fluffy, brilliant ball of LOVE. His name is Mr. Jasper Johns LoveJOY St. I hesitated on this question, as I sort of squirm when people say things like “x makes me happy” – as nothing outside of us can “make” us happy. But, Jasper, kinda does. Okay, now I’m considering…. outside of me influences that make me happy or rather, bring me joy, come from honesty, innocence and beauty. All found in small puffball creatures, by the way. Read more>>

Danvy Pham | Danvy Pham| Artist + Conscious Geisha + Divine feminine

Invoking harmony, beauty and conscious application towards all aspects in my life brings me tremendous happiness. Being present to each moment and experiencing joy on a daily basis is a journey I am enjoying more; and with such warmth and gratitude. This path I am walking towards is indeed one of self mastery. There is a tremendous sense of gratification, when I create art, equilibrium and deep healing transmission into the world. I genuinely enjoy sharing my gifts with others in the exchange for deep transmutation. There is a beautiful magic among chemistry that happens between people, objects and nature. Read more>>

Andrea Damian | Swag Specialist

It makes me so happy when I deliver my products to the customer, its like Christmas! Its so satisfying creating a beautiful product that reflects their brand that they are proud to give to employees or clients. 43% of people will hang onto a promotional product because it fits their style or personality. Read more>>