“If you stand for nothing, you fall for everything”

We asked the community to tell us about the values and principles that guide their lives and businesses.

Jonathan Aluzas | Fitness Business Owner and Health Coach

The principle of continual growth and learning is central to who I am. Maintaining a constant hunger to learn, to expand knowledge, to grow, provides fuel for every area of my life. On a personal level, it enables me to practice introspection and self-awareness, to identify areas in which I want to improve, and then to allow that growth process to unfold over time. This contributes to a stronger self-relationship, a better marriage, and an always-improving and evolving relationship with the world around me. On a business level, having a growth mindset elicits the questions. Read more>>

Bethany Jones | True Crime TV Producer

I would say that forgiveness and grace are probably some of the most forward guiding principles in my life and work. Forgiveness isn’t a feeling, it’s a verb – you have to wake up every morning deciding you won’t slide back into bitterness, anger, resentment – towards yourself or someone else. Grace and forgiveness can be offered to yourself and to others if someone has wronged you. When you can let go of the choices you made when you didn’t know better and you can let go of holding someone to the person they were in the past you see the seeds of change blossom. I remember things, people and situations can be beautiful and not be perfect. Read more>>

Breana Wheeler | Nurse Practitioner & Founder of Reform Aesthetics

The value that matters most in my aesthetic practice is authenticity. I see dozens of patients a week who trust me with their face and their skin. I need to make sure we are 100% transparent with what’s possible with each treatment, serum, and prescription I recommend for them including potential results but also potential side effects. By doing so over the years, I’ve gained hundreds of patients’ trust who continue to see me regularly because they know I’ll only recommend what I truly believe will enhance their unique beauty and improve their skin. Read more>>

Caren McCaleb | Documentary Editor and Artist

Observation. If I don’t notice it, I can’t use it. It’s that simple. The noticing always comes first. I use this skill to make funny little faces out the of the things I see while walking my dogs. I’ve been doing it daily for five years and post photos of them on Instagram @sidewalkface. This is my art practice not my job. I work as a documentary editor and observation is equally important in that profession, so this activity keeps my creative knife sharp. Lots of people see faces in things. It’s called pareidolia. I see partial faces and add elements until they have a recognizable emotional expression. An evaporating wet spot might have a nose shape, so I add an eye and mouth. Read more>>

Sharon Hakimfar | Real Estate Broker and Attorney

Honesty is number 1! Clients need to feel comfortable and guided in the right direction. Whether it’s a seller or landlord who has unrealistic expectations or a buyer who is uninformed of possible complications of a certain property, it’s best to be upfront and transparent. Clients may not want to hear such information, but in the long run, it benefits them financially. In addition, clients have a higher level of respect for my truthfulness which is why many of my clients are repeat clients wanting to engage in different transactions. Not only do my clients continue to use my services throughout the years, but they also refer me to their own friends and family, the best advertising there is. Read more>>