We asked some of our favorite folks what makes them happy and why?

Steve Conley | Spiritualist and Author

Sharing the secret to happiness to enrich everyone’s life. “Happiness is contained within you always. It is purely the perspective you choose to view life from.” To say something or someone makes me happy is akin to saying something or someone breathes for me. That is simply not the case. Happiness is me looking at me and accepting that life is happening around me at all times. My choice is to see and experience the best in every moment regardless of the circumstances. It is then, the essence of what brings the feeling of happiness or contentment manifests from within. It is a conscious choice to stay in the moment and know that within each moment contains everything—happiness, sadness, love, joy and misery. Simply choose your perspective and know every instant of this existence is for you and your growth within the moment. Therefore, the obvious choice is to focus on happiness, joy and love. Simply allow life to be and accept the beauty of its design. Read more>>

Whitney Skauge | Documentary Filmmaker

I’m most happy when I can find creative and mental clarity. Clarity provides a certain type of magic. It’s calm and clear energy; it’s confidence and harmony. This clarity is hard to come by with so many distractions in our world so when I find myself in this state I can truly say it makes me happy. Being able to create without judgment is a gift. Read more>>

Keenan Proctor | Actor, Funny Guy

I think at 29, I finally have an answer for it. Connection. Genuine connection. I’ve come to the conclusion that I just love.. people. I love how different we all are in our own unique way. I enjoy talking to different mindsets from my own, and hearing perspectives I haven’t thought of. And not to brag but I do feel like I could talk to anybody, at any time, about anything. I joke that I’d rather be a late night talk show host rather than an actor, but Trevor Noah is killing it so I guess I’ll wait it out. Which brings me to my second happiness source. Comedy. Though I’m too scared to get on stage, I daydream about it all the time. Pathetic right. The love for it is still there though. And for now, making the people around me laugh makes me happy enough. Read more>>

Kristina Sullivan | Actor & Writer

Love makes me happy! I’m happy when I’m with my family and friends who I love. I’m happy when I’m doing what I love; acting, on stage or on set. Or writing, in front of my laptop, or with my pen gliding furiously across my paper. It makes me happy watching my favorite TV show or movie, one where I love it so much, some of my favorite lines of dialogue I can say along with my favorite characters; “I don’t have friends, I have family.”, “It don’t matter if you win by an inch or a mile. Winning is winning.” It makes me happy hearing the sound of one of my favorite songs, a song that I love so much that a smile uncontrollably appears on my face when I hear it. All the people and things that I love, big and small, that put smiles on my face, make me happy!. Read more>>

Jenna Michele | Artist

I think creating makes me happy. Just being able to sit down and create anything I wanted to has always made me happy. I have been doing it so long now that it is almost second nature to me. Whether it is photography, painting or sculpting; I always have this feeling of wholeness while I am creating. Read more>>

Skye Delamey | Singer-Songwriter, Actress, Pin up, Entertainer.

A feeling of accomplishment, knowing I am living my soul’s purpose and contributing my best to the world. Read more>>

Liang-Chun Lin | Screenwriter, Director, Assistant Director.

am a bit of a control freak, even thought I tried my best to be a pleasant one. I just can’t deny… micro-managing the screen makes me so happy sometimes. It’s been quite hard to balance between over-expressing and respecting the creative freedom of my crew especially with my language barrier, but it’s been working out well so far. All the crew members could clearly get my vision and the actors were mostly happy and clicked on the directions. However, there’s a price behind it. To be very precise and not confusing, it always takes me ten times more effort to prepare. I’ve been trying all different positions other than writing and directing throughout my undergrad and professional years: producing, camera, wardrobe, hair-makeup, production design, editing, Foley and ADR, color grading, graphic designing to marketing. I learned every bit I can to know what I’m talking about and how much it takes to make my own vision happen, therefore appreciate my crew’s energy and time even more. Read more>>

Martin Morrow | Comedian, Writer & Actor

The older I get the more I find the value in relaxing. I used to go-go-go-go-go and at a certain point realized that I was losing my mind and my sense of self because I was wrapped in the idea of doing *anything* as opposed to doing something. I like sitting. I like napping. I like going for walks. I like going for drives. I like just hanging with my dog or playing video games. Owning your mind and time is owning peace and happiness, the rest will come with the work and the good vibes. Read more>>

Justin Robinson | Artist. Teacher. Professor.

I have a live-work studio and what I’ve been able to do is live in a creative atmosphere – literally LIVE in my ART. I love that I can pause for the night and wake up in the morning and walk right back to where I left off and not miss a beat. Being in this space has birthed so many ideas, some I have executed — others that are still in the works, and some that are written down on my to-do list. I firmly believe that you must put yourself in the right space to create, and luckily for me, I get to live and breathe that space every day. Another reason for my happiness is being able to mentor and also be a mentee. In the creative field, I often feel that mentorships get lost or shot down because of ego. It just does not make sense for me to have this wealth of creative knowledge and to not pass it on to the next generation. On the flip side, it is disheartening for me to have an idea and when I seek direction on how to start no one wants to help or even give advice. Read more>>

Ange Cox | Multimedia Artist and Fabricator

Cats. Cats make me so happy! Cats have brought me constant joy throughout my life and to so many others. I chose it as a theme in my art to bring me happiness and share it with others. The moment of pure excitement my clients have when they see the wearable cat heads that I have created from scratch for them warms my heart. Art also makes me happy so it was a no-brainer to combine the two. Read more>>

Shachi Mehra | Executive Chef & Partner

I tend to find happiness in many everyday moments. My life’s journey, to date, has led me to be grateful for and find joy in the little things, as well as those that are harder to achieve. It’s the way the sun is shining through the blinds in the morning… A new leaf or flower on my plants… A visit from a sweet hummingbird… The perfect strawberry from the farmers market… The joy on a cook’s face when they make something for the first time, and it’s delicious… The smiling faces of our team when they walk in, the sounds of laughter – knowing they appreciate the work they do, and they appreciate each other… The gratitude our guests have when they thank us… Hugs from my husband… Laughing with my friends… The wonder with which children look at the world… A glass of wine after a long, busy day… My favorite song on the radio. Anything that brings a smile to my face or makes me feel accomplished — from mastering a simple task, to making it to the top of what seemed to be an insurmountable mountain — has the power to flood my heart with joy. Read more>>

Chloe Gharios | Engineer, Speaker, and Digital Creator

One thing that really makes me happy is seeing women in STEM thrive! My absolute passion is to show women and girls that STEM is for them, and that they do not have to conform to any stereotype to be successful. Seeing the community of women on social media being their true selves, showing up exactly as they are, and crushing their dreams makes me so so happy. I am also extremely passionate about K-12 outreach, and showing young girls that they can be whatever they want to be. Doing STEM outreach and seeing little girl’s faces light up doing science and engineering, and picturing themselves as future engineers is one of the best feelings. I once went to a kindergarten class with another female engineer to do activities with the students. At the end of the presentation and activity, a little girl exclaimed, “that was so fun, and I thought the engineers would be two boys, but it was two girls!” Reactions like that, and showing kids they can be anything is what truly makes me happy!. Read more>>

Jeanette Ortega | Best Selling Author, Health & Wellness Expert, & Creator of Bootoga® Lifestyle

I am at my happiest when I’m in the moment, it’s when I’m truly present to all the beauty, laughter, and family/friends that surround me. I am happy when I am doing something meaningful, fulfilling my purpose, pursuing my dreams, and yet it is also when I’m sitting on the beach, listening to the waves and feeling the sun on my face. We have the choice to be happy moment by moment. I believe true joy comes from within, not from our external circumstances. Sometimes it takes us awhile to realize it but when we embrace that we are the only ones responsible for our own happiness/joy, we tend to start listening to our heart and soul for guidance, love and appreciation of all. I start my days with a gratitude journal and I make a conscious choice to live focusing on the good in my life. Yes, there are days that it may not be as easy and I have my bad moments but I allow myself time to be honest and to be with what stinks, and then look for the opportunity that every situation brings. Happiness is a state of mind, and I choose HAPPY. 🙂. Read more>>

Alexa Borden | Film Composer and Musician

Art-print socks. Painting for my grandmothers. Collecting facts about random things like the lifespan of Greenland sharks (300+). Going on walks and talking about movies with my husband. Being told “I love it!” after sending a cue to a filmmaker whose project I’m working on. Getting funny texts from my brother. Making lists and spreadsheets. Volunteering. Having a group of friends who I know have my back. Those rare days when my hair miraculously decides to not frizz. I used to chase after markers like, “If I can just get into my dream school I’ll be happy,” or “If I can just get this gig I’ve been after I’ll be happy.” But I figured out waiting for happiness from “if I can just etc. etc. etc.” statements set me up to bypass joy from the everyday things. I no longer believe there’s one big thing that will magically lead to lasting happiness—instead I’m learning that the more you look for happiness around you the easier it is to find (a big lesson for someone who’s been a lifelong pessimist). Read more>>