It’s been quite the year and so we’ve been asking the community if they’ve had any epiphanies during or due to the Covid-19 Crisis and have shared some of those responses below.

Amy McAndrew | Entertainment Company Owner & Sunset Singers

I think that many of us appreciate the power of human connection now more than ever. Being with loved ones helps us cope with challenges, motivates our best work and celebrate life. These relationships are a critical aspect of our emotional well-being. Hearing of the indescribable loss and seeing the photos of people speaking with their loved ones through windows without the luxury of human touch is something that has affected me deeply. If any good comes from this, I hope we can begin again with a newfound sense of gratitude and community that unites us as not just a country, but as a world. Read more>>

Luciano Martinez | Brand Designer & Visual Artist

This whole year has been quite strange. I am sure that many people have felt that we could have done without this year. There have been countless obstacles and stresses. For me and most of this year has been a major challenge. Lockdown was definitely stressful and shortly after that lifted, the Black Lives Matter protests started to gain momentum. I saw a lot of anger and pain in the world and I began to feel an inner conflict tug at me about the things happening not only to our planet but to each other. Read more>>

Jacquelyn Schreiber | Recording Artist, Composer & Producer

Absolutely, I have! I think it has turned into an unexpected opportunity for growth as an individuals, as well as in our communities and the world as a whole. I have had multiple epiphanies during this time that span the personal to the professional areas of my life, but I think the most profound is a moment that came as a result of the Stay At Home Order. I had just begun to record my new single, “Better,” at the end of February, and had plans to record and release the song with the typical schedule — go to the studio to record, go back to mix, and continue to return to the studio as you need to record overdubs, etc. I had a vision for how the song should sound, and gathered some talented musicians, Rene Camacho on bass and Christian Moraga on drums. Read more>>

Melinda Roth | Photographer

Major epiphany number one during the Covid-19 Crisis has been realizing how much I LOVE my job and how LUCKY I am to have it. I’m acutely aware that I’m living my dream with my job, when I quit Acting 4 yrs ago to pursue Photography I was really scared. Acting had been my dream since I was a kid, but as I auditioned, worked and hustled much of my young adult life I inevitably became burnt out. Having my own kids reminded me what I wanted out of life, more time with family, the ability to make my own schedule, and the space to be creative….while getting paid for it. In walked Photography and the realization that it’s what I never knew I was missing! Read more>>

Krimsey Jones | Plant-Based Chef & Amateur Rollerblader

My big epiphany?….I don’t want to run a restaurant anymore. It’s way more work than anyone could possibly imagine. Only fellow restaurant-owners will ever truly understand. It’s all day, every day. There were definitely lots of positive aspects to being in this business. It’s why I stayed in it so long. I love making new recipes and designing the menus, building meaningful relationships with guests, and giving my employees a safe and happy place to work. My absolute favorite part of the whole process was designing, renovating, and prepping our restaurant space. It brought me so much joy to turn an old worn-out deli in the Valley into the “World’s First Cajun Vegan Restaurant.” And after we opened, I can’t explain how happy it made me every time someone tried our Jambalaya and said “Whoah…I didn’t know vegan could be this good.” Read more>>

Haely White | Screenwriter, Actress & Director

When something of this magnitude occurs, we are awakened to our truest selves and suddenly light is shown on the darker parts, forcing us to take a closer look inside ourselves. After navigating through the immediate grief of not seeing the people I love, and getting to do many things that bring me joy, I realized that this is a colossal awakening. For myself, for my family and for all of humanity. When all the of the excess disappears we have nowhere to go but inward. I love to fill my life to the very brim, and suddenly with a plate less full, things have started to make more sense. I find myself looking forward to slow mornings with my son, watering our garden and walking barefoot in the grass. Things I’d told myself I didn’t have time for, but it was just a matter or prioritizing. I really hope that we are able to come back from this with more respect for nature and the delicate balance we live in, and that this time isn’t taken for granted. Read more>>

Anastasia Roussel | Actres, Writer, Producer & Creativepreneur

The internationally renowned author and speaker in the field of self-development Dr. Wayne Dyer said, “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” For me, there has never been a time where practicing this philosophy was more valuable than during this Covid19 crisis. During challenging times it’s important to remind ourselves that the situation is far less important than our interpretation of it because it is how we choose to react to that challenge that will make all the difference. If we stay mired in fear and anxiety, focusing on limitations, we miss out on the potential for growth and prevent ourselves from seeing opportunities. And there is always an opportunity lurking behind every challenge. It’s the law of duality, there’s always a flip side. Read more>>

Kyle Jetter | Photographer & Videographer

During this time, the Covid-19 crisis has made me realize that you have to take care of yourself first before anything else. Slow down and take a deep breath. If you’re in tune with yourself, you’ll be more in tune with everything and everyone around you. I felt like I was burning myself out when this all started. I was working super hard to get any project done that I could, but I didn’t really feel as creative and emotional about any of it. So I stepped away from everything for a while. I went outside a lot more, I started skating a lot more, biking, running, playing baseball, playing more music, and hanging out with new friends. I didn’t really shoot much edit much or anything. But after a few months of that, I now feel more creative than ever. Read more>>

Samantha Squalls | Creative & Business Owner

The greatest epiphany I’ve had during the Covid-19 Crisis has been to be patient with myself and those around me. I’ve always had the go go go mentality, which is essential in the pursuit of entrepreneurship, but when you can’t go and your mind is still moving quickly how do you slow down your thoughts. With all the extra time, I’ve been able to take a step back and reassess how I handle life’s unexpected situations. I redesigned my bedroom, began actively meditating and doing yoga, and have been working out consistently. All of these things have helped me maintain mental wellness and balance during this time and are things that I believe I needed to incorporate into my daily life, but I never had the time. Read more>>

Tracy Ann | Baker

Interesting question! The epiphany is that folks still are ordering pies. We have received so much love and support for Knowrealitypie it has been truly amazing. Pie is comfort, pie is love. In these uncertain and scary times, we all need comfort and our pies seem to provide that to folks. Read more>>