Our community is comprised of entrepreneurs and artists and creatives – folks who have chosen incredibly difficult professional paths that often don’t offer any safety nets or guarantees. Nonetheless, we regularly hear that being a parent is a far greater challenge and so we asked some of these folks to open up to us about the things they’ve done as parents that they feel will have a meaningful and positive impact on their child.

Kimiko Chong | CEO

As new parents, we received a lot of recommendations, guidance, some judgment, and some disapproval that came from the people around us including our family, friends, and colleagues. We also browsed trustable websites on the internet and other offline sources.  It was not easy for us to pick and choose what’s best for our child. Especially, we are entering a phase in our life where we are not familiar. Listening to some people had influenced me to make a lot of wrong turns while we are still finding our grooves.  Some notes I received were a bit discouraging. I was told that we couldn’t possibly provide the needs of the child promptly while we are working. Read more>>

Rhonna Del Rio | Designer, Spiritual Artist & Feng Shui Master

Sometimes I still catch myself wondering if I’ve truly become the student since becoming a mother. My daughter Chiara teaches me a lot with her questions about life, and my work. When she was in first grade she wanted to bring me to her school to talk about my work during Career Day. Chiara asked what she should tell her teacher to describe my work? I couldn’t come up with one “title”. You see I have a formal college degree in architecture, at the time a Feng Shui consultant ( today I refer to it as Spatial Harmony: The Sacred Schway), and I am a spiritual artist who paints art-for-healing. Read more>>

Eric Rader | Artist & Painter

One of the most challenging moments I faced was shortly after my daughter was born. I was a full-time artist, my income was completely unpredictable, and I was scared about being able to provide for my family. For a moment I considered giving up on the art scene and going back and getting a regular job for the sake of stability. I quickly snapped out of it and told myself that “I have a role to play. I have to be a living example to my daughter. I have to show her that she can do absolutely anything with her life, and that anything is possible as long as she dedicates her life to it.” Read more>>

Kimatni Rawlins | Fitness & Nutritional Technician

Yes, I am proud to have introduced my two teen daughters to a healthy plant-based and active sports lifestyle. Each competes in multiples sports and understands that physical fitness is one of the paths to life extension. As parents, it is imperative that we lead by example so our children become the example. Far too often we take life for granted and fail to improve our quality of living until bad news strikes from a negative health assessment. But why wait for degenerative diseases to strike? We can take control now by starting with ourselves and of course the next generation represented through our seeds. Read more>>

Fadhel Dabbagh | Abstract Artist & Visual development artist

I had to make the difficult choice of leaving my home or staying when Iraq was bombed back in 2003. My decision to relocate my family to Jordan turned out to be one of the single most impactful things I’ve ever done for my family. I was able to find work in a multimedia and theme park design company, where I was able to utilize my art training. The art community in Jordan embraced my fine arts, so I was able to provide for my family. It was the beginning of the journey that led me here to this country where I am now. After going through some very stressful moments with immigration, I am grateful to be able to make a home in Los Angeles for my family. Read more>>

Tonya McKenzie | Public Relations, Branding & Leadership Consultant

The most important thing that I have done as a parent is to raise my children with my husband in a happy, healthy, and safe home. This is such a big deal because that was not my experience. My childhood was plagued with violence, substance abuse, and a high level of generational dysfunction. I am a gun violence survivor, sexual assault survivor, and lived much of my youth watching my mother battle depression and violence in my family. There was also an exceedingly high rate of divorce and single parents in my family, so much so, that it was the norm. Read more>>

Erin Mitchell | Artist & Stylist

Showing them that you can be anything you want to be. That having a job you love & fulfills you is possible. Read more>>

Joanna Chrysohoidis | Artist

I have two daughters the most important thing I’ve done as a parent in terms of impact on them, is to let them express their creativity and to encourage them to follow their instincts. Read more>>

Kiahnna Patton | Nonprofit Founder & Human Resources Professional

The most important thing I did was to wait. I remember my doctor telling me at age 35 that I was old and needed to hurry up and have a baby. Being labeled as a geriatric mother didn’t phase me and I was in no rush to be pregnant sooner than I was ready. At 43 years old I had my little boy, and I am the happiest (and most tired!) I’ve ever been in my life. The wait allowed me to have so much more to give him than I would have at say, 25. At my current age I have traveled the world, earned 2 masters degrees, started a nonprofit, opened and closed businesses, purchased a home, been published and written about, and have led a fantastic life that has only sweetened with the birth of my son. Read more>>

Taryn Reed | Makeup artist

When I was pregnant with my first child (17 years ago) I had a great job with Washington mutual bank as an executive secretary. After Jackson was born I just couldn’t bear to leave him at a daycare. I was so in love with this little human that I took a huge risk by quitting my banking career and staying home full time to raise my son and my two daughters thereafter. I know if I look back on the past 17 years this is my most proud accomplishment, bring a full time stay at home mommy. It has also enabled me to start my makeup career and still be a full time mommy to my children. It couldn’t be better. Read more>>

Wendy Woodhall | Community Leader

Parenting is such a personal thing. It is an intimate dance between how you’ve been raised and how you hope to raise your own child. Everyone has their own unique parenting style and goals and while there are more books than can be imagined, the thing that I’ve done that I believe has impacted my child the most being present for her and tuning into her feelings and needs. For me as a parent, that is where I start. Although I certainly don’t pretend to have any answers or even to necessarily be doing the “right thing,” I remember making a conscious decision, before I had my child. Read more>>