We reached out to some of our favorite entrepreneurs and asked them to think back and tell us about how they decided to start a business. Check out their responses below.

Anthony Moultry | Designer, Photographer, Epicurean.

I am a graduate of Morehouse College in Atlanta, GA. I would often visit the campus bookstore in search of apparel and not find what I want. I saw the need to provide unique and quality apparel for individuals such as myself with a particular aesthetic. Read more>>

DeMarco Majors | Strategic Life Coach & Spiritual Development Coach

My thought process behind creating a business came from owning who I am and what I am most passionate about. I’ve been in several different industries. I have been fortunate to do well in them. However, my gifts, my heart, and my passion were not being fully expressed. Why was I allowing the fullness of my joy to be suppressed? If I feel this way I wonder how many people are going through this mentally? So I decided it was time to step out on faith. Read more>>

Joey Martinez | ViciousByJoey

Without going into too much detail, It was more of a do or die moment for me. It was a point in time where I really didn’t know what direction my life was going to go into so I decided to do something that I kind of had a passion for at the time and it stuck. I don’t really look at myself as a business owner first, I see myself as an artist first. Read more>>

Michael Tashman | Founder & Owner, Churn

I grew up LOVING butter. I’d spread it on toast, use it to bake a simple cake, and even sometimes would just lick it off the spoon. I used butter as a spread, and never really thought about cooking with it. After a series of concussions while playing football in high school and college at the University of Miami forced me to quit my playing career, I decided to become a chef. I had always loved food and cooking, and was looking for a similar kind of team structure and camaraderie that I missed from athletics. Read more>>

Coach Smiley | Entrepreneur

My thought process behind starting the Stay True To Yourself Brand was initially to bring awareness to people as a whole to be their genuine selves despite what everyone else wants them to be. A few years ago I seen the shift and direction where social media was going was going and I seen people getting caught up on likes/comments and was basing their success on that. When this happened I wasn’t feeling it and I said people as a whole need to just Stay True To Yourself. This led to the building block of the brand which started off as a regular conversation with the bros then speaking to the youth then taking it to the next level as a mental health lifestyle brand. Read more>>

LaShaunda T Williams | Board Certified Traditional Naturopath & Naturopathic Medicine Woman

The thought process behind me starting my own business was to show my children that you can create the life you want when you make a plan and work that plan. Another thought behind starting my own business was to work for myself. To me, nothing is better than being your own boss. It gives you the freedom to be the creative director for the things you want to do your in life. Read more>>

Tiffany Stephenson | Chef/Mixologist

Starting deydreemz mixed rum, was inspired from the love of travelling, cooking, and the way friends & family react to the outcomes of my creations. Read more>>

Simon Lee | Sculptor & concept artist for films and games. Nickname Spiderzero.

I held a steady job after college for about two years before deciding to go the entrepreneur route. Mainly because I was feeling bored working for someone else. I built web sites for 10 years before deciding to pursue a full time career as an artist at the age of 38. And I just became a dad at that time. I have always loved art since I was a kid, buy it had always been just a hobby. I never went to art school so the idea of pursuing an art career never entered my mind. Parenthood changed that. Looking at my newborn son, I realized how precious and full-of-hope life could be and should be. So I decided not to waste my life any more and started building a career as a professional artist. Read more>>

Amy Ouzoonian | CEO & Founder

I started MoodConnect to help businesses in feeling more connected with each other, to feel happy and healthy, so that they can increase their ROI. I saw that businesses, especially small to mid-level business owners, managers, employees were struggling in understanding what their employees were needing in the transitions for work from home. I wanted to create a wellness solution that was accessible and affordable for all businesses. Read more>>

Jerome Storms | Podcast host, and Mentor

Our thought was simply we wanted to give the same platform to young athletes,that was giving to professional athletes. So that’s basically how the Ike and Rome show podcast was created. It also gave us an avenue to be able to mentor young ppl on the importance of education through sports. Read more>>