We reached out to some of our favorite entrepreneurs and asked them to think back and tell us about how they decided to start a business. Check out their responses below.

Danielle Blaquera | Owner & Lead Artist of Pure Essence Beauty Collective

I have been in the beauty industry for about 12 years now – working red carpet, weddings and special events, I went on tour with a band for a year as their personal glam artist, I’ve worked on film and photography sets and in the salon. However, earlier this year, I learned that roughly 2.5 million Weddings are projected to take place in 2022 – that’s the most weddings since 1984! Most of these are rescheduled events from the 2 years prior. Read more>>

Alvaro Sanz | Photographer and film director

I am really an impulsive person and I have never made a marketing plan or anything similar. Things came by themselves. I imagined that at some point in my life I wanted to have a production company, but at the age of 22 I was offered to be a professor at several universities and suddenly I was a professor and I was able to found my own production company. Read more>>

Cherise Poole | Hair Stylist

As a new mom I really needed flexibility and a way to maximize my time and earning potential. The only way to do that was to be on my own where I can make my own decisions, get paid the rates that I deserve, be in charge of my schedule, and most of all build a network of amazing people! I went from Salon life into partnering with Beauty apps where people can book a mobile beauty professional at their convenience. The apps created a platform to connect artists like me with people who wanted to have someone go to them for hair. Read more>>

Alexus Mozell | The Mindful Mother

Well, one of the things I have always been passionate about is education. So, when I became a mom that fire reignited and immediately I knew I wanted to create a children’s brand. I wanted to create a brand dedicated to producing mindful products for littles and providing mindful resources for parents. Being that I was a mother it became an easy process for me. Since I consider myself the average millennial mom I knew the products I had in mind other mothers would relate to. What also made my business unique is that I wanted to create products that grow as my son grows. Since my brand is Nurturing Amir, I am literally nurturing amir (my son) while helping other mothers nurture their littles. Read more>>

Anna Zakablukovskaia | Self-employed Nail technician

First of all, I want to say, that I didn’t really plan on starting it that soon and it
happened due to circumstances such as Covid and closure of all the salons.
You would think “Covid ruined all the businesses”. But as we all know
“crisis is the best time to start new one”. As I didn’t have jobs as salon’s nail technician anymore I had no choice but to start working for myself. Read more>>

Emily Harper | Makeup Artist

When I started my business the only thing on my mind was facilitating a life for myself that revolved around what I loved to do. I had to move cross country to begin, and it was worth it. I was dying to escape the monotony of every day life and work. Read more>>

Kenney Fitzpatrick | Advocate, Educator & Creative Engineer

I had started The Q pre-covid originally as “The Qreview” and as a way to discover and connect with the music being created by the global LGBTQ community. I never had out queer musicians to connect with growing up, and I desperately needed that as a music fan and as a young gay kid. And really, I first started because, to be frank, there were no visibly queer artists in music aside from Elton and a few others. And I knew that was a complete falsehood. You couldn’t tell me that there were no gay, lesbian, trans, bi artists out there and that their numbers weren’t massive. So I set out to discover who they were, what their stories were and what their music was all about. And what I found was a literal artistic legion. Read more>>

Rich Williams | Entrepreneur // Health & Wellness Advocate

I basically wanted to provide my Harlem community with access to a healthy, nutritious, organic, but AFFORDABLE food they could add to their diet. Lovers Rock Sea Moss was born during the height of COVID-19, which was impacting Black and Brown communities at an alarmingly disproportionate rate compared to other communities. Read more>>

Veronica Tharmalingam | Daughter/Sister/Wife/Mother/Designer/Founder

I was born in Chennai lived there until I was 12 and moved to France, Toulouse first then Paris. Even though I am and will always be a Chennai girl I wouldn’t say it’s just my Chennai background that shaped my work. It’s much more deeper than that, being of Tamil origin and growing up in that culture and being immersed in all the colorful sarees, gold jewelry and accessories of Chennai, Tamil Nadu and India contributed tremendously of course. Read more>>

Renee Allen | CEO/Founder of Healing Thru Rhythm

In 2012, I became a Zumba instructor after learning how liberating dance fitness was for myself and others. I always had a love for dance; however, I didn’t know it would help people take away whatever stress they were going through while dancing. Throughout the years people would come up to me and thank me for making them feel good, helping them lose weight, and their doctors taking them off diabetic or high blood pressure medication. After realizing I was helping the community with their health and mental well-being, it made me want to start my nonprofit organization, Healing Thru Rhythm. Read more>>

Andrew Mollinedo | Founder of Next Generation Builders

My thought process was to go ALL IN and have a great culture. I believe half the battle is committing to what you started and sticking to it. Most businesses fail within the first 2 years. Having a huge vision and mission to set out what you want do too will help you endlessly. You must believe in yourself, your product, and what you set out to do in the market place. Having company events, empowering people, creating a winning environment within the organization is something we always had planned Read more>>

Farhan Chowdhury | International Supermodel/Producer/Pilot

My total thought process behind starting my own business was to bring change in fashion industry. My Brand of companies supports all races, all heights and all weights in fashion industry. I couldn’t just sit and watch differences in fashion industry . I had to do something. So i started my own companies. When i am the owner, i don’t have to request anyone to do anything for me. I can just simply do it in my way and chose whoever i want. And i chose everyone. I don’t see any differences in anyone. All i want to see is passion of doing something . Read more>>

Ally Hamilton | Author, Yoga Teacher, Mom, Wife, Stepmom, Entrepreneur

I had been practicing yoga for twenty years and teaching yoga for almost fifteen years when I realized it was time to open my own studio. It wasn’t an epiphanous moment of “now is my time” it was more that teaching in other people’s studios had become less and less fulfilling for a variety of reasons. After you’ve devoted your life to something for any significant amount of time of course you’re going to have a perspective about what is essential, Read more>>

Lloyd Leonard Jr | Founder & Designer

My grandfather and father owned their own companies. Read more>>

Faith Lee | Creative & Producer

With starting my own business, it was rooted from thinking less of myself and more about my family. How I could take care of them without depending on my 9-5, but still trying to use my creative talents and following into my Grandfathers artistics skills, but in my own way. Read more>>


My thought process started from the heart in knowing that I wanted to position myself in life to bring about a change within utilizing my talent of art as a fashion art. Going with the nostalgia traditonal varsity jackets which carries a sense of substance and longevity. Read more>>