Most people say they want success, but when you ask them what success means you get wildly different responses. We recently asked some of the best and brightest in our community to tell us about how they define success and have shared their responses below.

Aimee Vant: Singer-Songwriter

I think my ability to inspire others defines my success. The best gift I’ve ever received is inspiration from my favorite artists through the years. At times when I was feeling alone or lost that influence gave me a much needed sense of purpose. Read more>>

Eric Lumiere: Singer/Songwriter/Coach/Facilitator

I used to base my own success on what the world thought of success, which is mostly on accomplishment and tangible achievement. As I’ve gotten older, however, and also done more introspection, reflection and meditation, I’ve realized success, like many things, is really up to our own definition. There is no definition of success that is the True definition. We make it up. Read more>>

Lyn Sisson-Talbert: Film/TV/Theatre Producer and Author

The ability to say “No” is a true marker of success and it’s something that I have worked towards in my career. “No” is a powerful word and can also be freeing. I can choose to pursue projects, tell stories, or collaborate with others entirely on my own accord. Read more>>

Zianna Richardson: Business Owner, Dance Instructor, Entrepreneur

Success. So many people associate success with money or wealth. How much you have or made by a certain age or time. For me, success is defined by how many people I impact, how many lives I’ve changed, and the legacy I leave. Read more>>

Jasmine Ahnie: Actor | Filmmaker | Business Owner

The first thing most people think about when asked to define success is a dollar amount. But in my opinion, success is about so much more than that. Success to me is being healthy physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, while being able to support myself doing what makes me happy. Read more>>

Sally Sachs: Pole studio owner & clinical massage therapist

As a pole studio owner, I understand that I have an incredible opportunity to create opportunities for others. I can hire people who may be overlooked by other employers, and create a platform for them to grow. I can cultivate a teaching culture which is inclusive and avoids teaching techniques which are only effective for certain body types. Read more>>

Azmera Hammouri-Davis: Poet, Spiritual Practitioner, Educator, Organizer, Entrepreneur

I come from public schooling and free and reduced lunch programs. According to the U.S. census that means I grew up in poverty, but it’s all relative. The poverty I saw in Puna County, Hawaii doesn’t compare to what I saw in Salvador Bahia, Brazil. And what I saw in Brazil is starkly distinct from what I saw in Pompano Beach, Florida or Palestine. Read more>>

Alex Matthews: Actor, Filmmaker, and Writer

Success can take many forms, but from what I’ve found, success is more than a good grade, finished product, or trophy. Whenever I would start on a creative project when I was in high school, whether that was making a film, writing a story, or putting on a stage performance, I would get so focused on the end product that I would forget to enjoy the process. Read more>>

Doña Oxford: Actress, Musician, Producer, Composer

Success for me is not fame or fortune. Success for me is joy and unconditional happiness regardless of circumstance. Bank accounts will rise and fall, fame will ebb and flow, relationships will come and go, shit will happen… but in the end it’s all perspective. How are you choose to handle life & your circumstance is what success is all about. Read more>>

HANNAH band: Madhav Reddy, Shawn Cross, Chandler Locke, Nathan “Love” Elguea

Taking care of yourself and those around you. Read more>>

Wyn Morgan: Transformational Coach and Corporate Change Agent

“Is life more fun?” That’s it. The traditional measures for success, are in my opinion, often misguided and almost always too narrow. While I do look at my own business numbers, year on year – profit, revenue and so on; they are only a reflection of the impact my work has on my clients. The numbers are the output. The inputs are what matters. Read more>>

Dennis Bredow: Artist

The dictionary defines success as the accomplishment of one’s goals. That’s fairly straightforward. As an artist, my problem is not defining what success means. The problem is defining what my goals are. If my goal is fame, or followers, or brand recognition, or wealth … then success is elusive. Read more>>

Audrey Mathias: Visual Artist & Ballerina

Personally, I feel that success is a state of being. It is a contentment within yourself and an acknowledgment that you hold the power to shape your reality in a way that fulfills you. For me, that is connecting with others through my art, allowing the space for people to feel seen, and appreciating all that is good in my life. Defining success as a state of being rather than an end goal leads to a more gratifying experience on this earth. Read more>>