Most people say they want success, but when you ask them what success means you get wildly different responses. We recently asked some of the best and brightest in our community to tell us about how they define success and have shared their responses below.

Nikolitsa Boutieros | Rock Musician and photographer

I relate success with being true to myself and feeling peace with what Ive done. Even if I write one line or get one picture that captures the essence of what needs to be expressed or revealed, then its good. There are different levels of success, as well. It doesnt mean you have to hit the “G spot” everyday. Sometimes, we make decisions from a place of “I should..” or compromise and sometimes it looks like your giving up but really your just letting go of what was the excess and unnecessary . Being your authentic self can be very inspiring to yourself and to others. Read more>>

Nina Antinora | Change Expert & Mindful Strategist

Success is when we feel fulfilled by what we are doing; able to sustain (and balance) a lifestyle that is aligned with our authentic heart. In order to elevate success, we must increase our self-awareness, connect with our emotional intelligence, uncover our intrinsic motivation, and realign as needed along our path. When we harness our passion and lead from our truest selves, we create opportunities that can lead to great abundance. Read more>>

Denise Silas | Creative & Fashion Merchandiser

Success for me is a journey not a destination. It is setting realistic goals, achieving those milestones, and celebrating their significance along the way. Read more>>

Nina Pearlman | GYROTONIC® Studio Owner/Trainer & Dancer

Success is the moments that I’m able to effect another human on a physical, mental, and/or emotional level. That can be anywhere from making someones day a little happier, bringing someone to tears, or through having a greater understanding and appreciation of their body and how it works. There are these breakthrough moments with all clients where suddenly someone’s body is able to do something it wasn’t able to do before, suddenly they realize that a part of their body they didn’t even know could move moves, or their mental state shifts in regards to how they perceive their body. Read more>>

Antoinette Spoliansky | Mom & Founder of Project V.

Success is entirely personal. I think what success means to one person is completely different from what it might mean to another person. I used to think success was found in money and notoriety, then had both, and realized that wasn’t the answer. A part of me is still searching for the missing pieces of the answer to this question, and I can’t help but wonder, if we all will always be searching in some way for parts of the answer to this question as we grow older and wiser. Read more>>

Marina Girgis | Brand Strategist, Coach & Avid Traveler

My parents told me, if I wanted to travel the world, I should find a job that can sponsor it… While they weren’t entirely wrong, this kind of thinking is outdated & limiting. I grew up dreaming of traveling the world. All I wanted to do was be in the Fashion industry, get sent on trips sponsored by big companies whiling living in New York or Paris. (Which I did & hated btw!) Read more>>

Jorge Ortiz | Actor & Writer

I personally define success as still being connected to my dreams. As long as I am still connected to my dreams and still pursuing them, that is success. Every step and movement forward I take on my artistic journey is a success because I am further ahead of where I was before. Read more>>

Sad (SadBois) Bois (SadBois) | Musician / Band

When you think of success, you think of fancy cars and massive mansions. That might be the case for some, but for us, we measure success in other ways. One way we measure success is in our ability to produce music that people enjoy. Having a fan base that loves our music and interacts with us is something that we use to define success. From the beginning of our career as SadBois, we have always strived to become musicians who can entertain and touch the hearts of our fans. We aim to do this every time we produce a song. Read more>>

MasoThaRebel | Artist

My definition of success is inspiring others to do better. Read more>>