By far the most common conversation we have with the folks we interview is about work-life balance.  Starting a business or pursuing a creative career makes finding work life balance really tough because there is no clear start and end to one’s work day.  We’ve shared some of our conversations on the topic below.

Charlotte Martin | Breast Cancer Survivor, Health Advocate & Director of Development, THE Breast Cancer Fundraiser

I’m the Director of Giving for THE Breast Cancer Fundraiser, which is an organization that provides comfort and care to newly diagnosed breast cancer patients through our WeCare Program. When I was first diagnosed with early age breast cancer in 2018, I received a package from THE BCF and was able to experience firsthand the true impact the WeCare Package can have. During such a vulnerable and confusing time, the WeCare package is a symbol of hope and comfort for those ladies at the most important stage, after receiving the news of their diagnosis. From informative reading materials to comforting socks, this package is full of beneficial resources to help breast cancer patients in the utmost tangible, caring way. Read more>>

Daria Rountree | Director/DP

I’ve always been passionate about storytelling but the films I was applying to work on weren’t usually ones I was passionate about. I wanted to make films that had an impact on people, really made them think and also help change peoples negative views of the lgbtq+ community through understanding we are all the same. I wanted to find people just as passionate as me about art, quality and our messages to work with. The universe put an incredibly talented writer, Jordan Campbell, in my life and thus, 90 Degree Films was born. Read more>>

Chanin Victor | Publisher/Editor/Writer & Community Advocate

We all have ambitions, and we’re all looking for fulfillment. Is there a defining moment when it all comes together? When my daughter was born, I realized every day with her would be a gift; I had to learn to balance everything, including being a wife, a daughter, a friend, and a mom. As much as I wanted to parent the sh*t out of life, I came to learn that achieving true contentment couldn’t be realized without personal progression as life really is about finding ways to create a harmonious existence, without compromising who you are or what you want. Having this platform has felicitously given me that balance. What was first a creative outlet proved to have much broader effects on me growing as a person, while creating a much-needed work/life juxtaposition that’s based on accountability, mindfulness and prioritization for my wants and needs. Read more>>

Sue Stemp | Co-founder and Creative Director, St. Roche

For me work balance has always been a challenge. I work with my husband, and I’m passionate about what I do creatively, so it can be hard to stop and relax. However during the last year when we’ve really been stuck at home, unable to travel for work ( which is a big part of my design and production process, working directly with our manufacturing partners and artisans both India and Peru) and having our kids with us remote schooling, one of the only positive things I think to have come out of our lockdown and Covid is it the slowdown. I’ve appreciated the much needed pull back from seasonal fashion calendar demands, and work on a more realistic and manageable time schedule. I’ve loved our endless family evenings cooking, streaming and hiking around the neighborhood and grateful for this unexpected extra family time. Read more>>