Often we don’t have to reinvent the wheel to learn something new – we can just ask experts in the field who can draw on their experience to enlighten us. Below, we’ve shared insights insiders from various industries have shared with us.

petria seymour | Animation Studio Owner

Most 2D animators have sore hands! We still draw at least twelve drawings per second, even when using computers. But we love drawing. Read more>>

Beibei Hu | Production Designer & Art Director

Most people only see the glamorous appearance of the film industry, but they do not realize the hardness for filmmaking. It takes a long time for the whole crew to plan ahead. They need to communicate constantly to make sure everyone is on the same page. As one of the crew in the whole team, you need to have strong time management to balance life and work which is the hardest part. Because you could be out of town shooting for months, sometimes the place we go is in very tough conditions, you will stay outside for a long time in the cold winter. Or sometimes you need to work overnight because there are so many night scenes happening in the script. Read more>>

Andrea Richie | Baker and Cake Artist

I don’t think people understand the amount of time that goes into creating custom cakes and desserts. From the initial client consultation, to brainstorming ideas and designs, sourcing products and ingredients, baking, prepping the design elements and finally putting it all together. It’s a lengthy and intensive process with many sleepless nights. We’re not like a chain bakeries or grocery store bakery departments with a full staff who use industrial size machinery to crank out hundreds cakes in a day that are available for purchase at the last minute. We’re not just the baker, we’re the marketer, the accountant, the photographer, the customer service rep, the tech consultant. Self employed home bakers and cake artists like myself do it all. Read more>>

Kayo Bracey | Artist & Influencer

The music industry costs money. It costs money to promote yourself, to buy beats, to travel, to run ads, etc. And if you think that you can reach your ultimate goals without investing in yourself, you’re not being realistic. Read more>>

Seve Mangrum | Holistic Health Guide/Emodied Movement Specialist

The majority of the fitness and health industry is geared towards unrealistic standards and doesnt take account the importance of a holistic approach to true wellness. Read more>>

Kristal Babich | Animation Industry Storyboard Artist

How much time and effort goes into every piece of animation. When you look at your favorite, or your kid’s favorite, animated shows or movies, every single object, background, character, moment, action, color, emotion on that screen has been designed by someone. Someone has spent hours, days, weeks, going through iterations on the best possible option of all those things to bring these beautiful moments to you on film or tv. A well made piece of animation is extremely purposeful in every choice, and that takes an insane amount of time and thats why they’re so memorable. Read more>>

Precious Perez | singer/songwriter and multiinstrumentalist

One thing about the music industry that outsiders are probably not aware of is the lack of representation as it relates to disability. When people think blind musician, for example, they think Stevie Wunder and Ray Charles. There isn’t a blind latina musician in the mainstream for me to look up to, so I’m striving to create that lane for myself and to expand representation in the industry. Read more>>