Often we don’t have to reinvent the wheel to learn something new – we can just ask experts in the field who can draw on their experience to enlighten us. Below, we’ve shared insights insiders from various industries have shared with us.

Marian Mendez | Actor

I think most people have an idea of how difficult it is to pursue an acting career, maybe because they’ve heard from celebrities’ interviews about how they were competing against other 300 actors for a role and/or stories about how they didn’t get the part, or how they blew an audition, etc. But what I think most people don’t know it’s how hard it is to balance personal life with your professional life and that you kinda loose agency or autonomy of your time in the sense that you never know when you’ll be working. Read more>>

The Brothers Mitchell | Filmmakers

The one thing that many outsiders are unaware of in the film industry is that, how long it takes for you to reach your goal. Many people think once you get out of school you’re granted a job. Well we’re here to inform you that doesn’t happen often. You either have to know someone or intern for years before receiving that job. By us saying that you, should really love what you do before you hop into this industry. Read more>>

Dan Faill | Speaker, Coach & Consultant

The interesting thing about speaking is that people assume they’re paying you only for the time you’re on stage. Part of that is true. What’s often not discussed is the years of trial and error, research, and experience that got us to that point to share our crafted message from the stage. So while a client might only think they’re paying for 60 minutes for a keynote experience, they’re actually paying for the 15+ years of experience that got me to this point. And that experience wasn’t free. Read more>>


The music industry will break your heart…if you allow it. Music is a timeless thing and money hungry people recognize this. I was born an artist and for me that has nothing to do with money. I share my music with the world because I love the process. I love the writing process and the way a song spontaneously unfolds. I love the 10 mins of fame I get when I’m on stage. I love the anxiety and excitement before releasing. My reason for sharing is so that it can bring feeling to someone’s life. So my advice to any one pursuing a career in music, value yourself and your art. Read more>>

Ye Aung | Animator

A lot of outsiders always tend to think Arts and Animation is not sustainable career. Growing up, I have been told by a lot of people that I should pursue something lucrative like Engineering or Medicine. Many of my relatives, acquaintances, and family members believed that pursuing art would not end well for me in the past. It is not just me who went through discouragement. A lot of my colleagues have similar stories as well. Admittedly, Animation is a very tough field to get into. However, it is a very rewarding career and nothing can replace the feeling of people appreciating your work on the big screen. Read more>>

Rosa Diaz | Fine Jewelry Business Owner

One thing about the jewelry industry that people are probably unaware of is that this industry is very closed off. Many people in this industry have been in the jewelry industry for generations. It is typical that grandparents, parents and children are involved in the family business. Additionally, it is very much about the relationships and who you know to be able to work with certain suppliers and manufacturers. Lastly, this is an industry that has been heavily dominated by men. These factors create an environment that makes it difficult to become an established business in this industry. Read more>>

Devin Reed | Sommelier

YES, I drink wine for a living. But it’s way deeper than that. I’m a sommelier, which by definition, is a wine steward. So traditionally, I combine my wine knowledge (3 different wine academies & a decade’s worth of work experience) with customer service and a love of people who want to learn more about wine & enjoy wine more thoroughly. Read more>>

Pat Francis | Host and Creator of the Rock Solid Podcast

That podcasting is hard work. Fun… yes! But the scheduling, interview prep, recording and uploading the episodes takes a lot of time and energy. Read more>>