Funding a business can be challenging and there is no “right” way.  Some people save up and fund it themselves, some borrow, some raise equity and others do a mix of all of the above.  We asked successful entrepreneurs from the community to tell us about their early days and how they funded their businesses.

Terri Henry | Restaurant Marketing & PR Consultant

I launched terri henry marketing LLC after a 20+ year corporate career in the restaurant marketing arena, I left a job I absolutely loved as VP of Marketing for a national restaurant company – Grill Concepts – that I’d held for 12 years. Although I loved the job, I was commuting up to four hours a day, and it was fine while I was single, but when I met my now husband, I decided that life was too short to spend so much of it in bumper to bumper traffic. I also realized that if I was him I wouldn’t want to be married to someone that was spending so much time commuting! My husband was actually my biggest supporter, encouraging me to go out on my own, so I made the leap with my own limited funding. Read more>>

David Murray | Chief Executive Officer

We started Greenspire with our own funds as a partnership. If I could go back, I would have brought on strategic investors and started the company alone. Read more>>

Rosa Costanza | FilmMaker

Beginning a startup company in entertainment is a huge leap of faith. I was completely self-funded/ bootstrapping and banking on my own intellectual property to build equity. But I didn’t wish to take a blind leap as a development strategy for launching my own film & TV projects. So I studied Film Finance through a UCLA Extension course, took seminars, read books, and consulted with other independent filmmakers. This empowered me with the language to speak to potential investors and to understand legal-financial documents for inviting in money. My first short film, XING, was financed partially by me and partially through a Kickstarter campaign. I raised over $15K from family and friends. Read more>>