We had the good fortune of connecting with Jamie Benarly and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Jamie, how has your work-life balance changed over time?
Work life balance started off to be a challenge for me… I felt like I needed to get everything done in one day. From braiding hair to going to school, working and still having a social life, so my days usually rolled over to nights. I was working myself sick, literally. But now I have set days and set times for when I choose to give my business my full attention. Balance is so important and yet so hard when you’re doing something your passionate about because it’s your baby, your watching it grow. But at least once a week, I try to make time for me.

What should our readers know about your business?
I’m excited for my future with braidsbybenarly, I feel like I’m growing a brand and that’s exciting. It’s motivating for me, we’re growing together, pushing me to take different business opportunities. I love it. Looking back at from where I started, it wasn’t easy, but every thing was worth it, from days where I didn’t know if I was going to get another client or maybe I feel as if I didn’t do my best. It was just about patience and trusting my craft. I learned to not sell myself short and to know my worth. I want the readers to know that I take what I do serious and it’s something that I enjoy doing , I’ll give you a bomb hair do and a great space to be comfortable in. I want my clients to be able to come back just to talk and vibe with me while getting braided up.

Any great local spots you’d like to shoutout?
I’m honestly a chill in the house type of person of course I go out but it’s very random, i love making time for hiking especially at Runyon canyon. It’s exhausting but worth it. Im all for the food though, roscoes is definitely a go to, I like the one in Long Beach. and of course Tuesday nights at Cabo Cantina in Hollywood. They have some good nachos fries.

Who else deserves some credit and recognition?
My mom has definitely been a huge support in my journey. She would pass out my business cards everywhere she went to whoever was around. My mom use to have me do her hair every week, no matter the style it was or what time it was. She wanted her hair braided and I knew how to braid. Ultimately the many hours I spent doing her hair and getting her critiques made me into a better braider… she would say “you should want to do my hair, I’m walking advertisement “. And that she was. So shout out to my mom

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