We had the good fortune of connecting with Jordan Jeppe and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Jordan, we’d love to hear about how you approach risk and risk-taking
Risk taking is fundamentally tied to my role as an entrepreneur, a title I never thought I would wear. See, I passed studying entrepreneurship and I actually avoided it while in Business school. A deep fear of failure lied within me from my personal experiences growing up and witnessing our family business collapse. It wasn’t until I lived in Los Angeles, waitressing full-time and managing social media accounts on the side, that I fully owned being an entrepreneur. My first real risk in this role was recognizing and owning it. This involved departing from the fear by realizing the choices that were made did affect me, but did not define me. In fact, I was attached to a story that wasn’t even mine. Instead of falling into the deep burden of self-doubt, I plunged towards the embodiment of a business owner and opened J.J. & Co Brand Management, my social media agency. I could have never predicted what would come next. An immediate influx of clients came my way, first starting with a Grammy award-winning musician, to an artist whose discography ranged from Kanye West and Jay-Z to Chris Brown. Within a few months, I broadened my management and ventured into the health and wellness industry- one which I never saw myself in, but was presented the opportunity at which I followed. These acquisitions soon unraveled a series of events and positioned me to discover other parts of myself that I never tapped into. I began travelling and immediately fell in love with the laptop lifestyle. This sense of freedom enabled me to work remotely and take J.J. & Co on the road; my next big risk. I was in Paris, my last destination of my 2 month long solo trip around Europe, when I knew I couldn’t go back to living a traditional life. It was the safest option, to return back to Los Angeles where I knew my clients missed our face-to-face meetings and where I had a stable daily routine. However, no amount of logic could defend what I knew felt right to me. While it was a decision of uncertainty, I took the risk and sold almost everything I owned, compiled my life into two suitcases and hit the road full-time as a traveling entrepreneur. It happened in a split second, the decision to risk comfort for freedom, but little by little the reward revealed itself. Selfishly, this specific risk was taken purely in pursuit of self-discovery. In the first year of traveling and working remotely I discovered my purpose. To be of service to others was my calling which just so happened to feed directly back into my work at my company. In fact, the business which I thought I would have an office for one day, slowly transformed into a remote company employing other traveling women. A community of like minded individuals was formed, all sharing the same love for social media, branding and ultimately; freedom. One could say my first risk of owning being an entrepreneur was a catalyst for the journey that later came. This is the logic I would like to follow, but would like to note: risk taking goes beyond your title or job position. Whether you are an entrepreneur or not, life will present us with choices that can have a rippling effect. With one risk we find ourselves in a space of not knowing, but how you see it as a period of great potential, will determine your outcome. By trusting that your one idea has no destination, but can lead to another idea- potentially THE idea, is the difference between allowing uncertainty to either consume you or to fuel you. I think about risk as a space where freedom lies. Resist grasping to the most comfortable outcome and remember, sometimes we have to journey beyond what we think we are capable of to discover who we are meant to be.

Alright, so for those in our community who might not be familiar with your business, can you tell us more?
My company is J.J. & Co Brand Management, a remote social media agency where we lead with the shared value of freedom. We believe the opportunity to take your passion on the road leads to flexibility and unlimited sources of creation. Regardless of geography, an online presence has no boundaries which gives us the ability to collaborate with clients from all across the world. One important lesson I’ve learned along the way is that traveling is a privilege. Infuse making an income while doing so, and you’re living a life many people dream of. With this in mind, my intention with J.J. & Co is to grow a community of like-minded individuals who relate to our ethics and who aim to discover their own meaning of freedom. Traveling enabled me to discover my purpose. My intention personally and professionally is to be of service to others. With this in mind, each destination I inhibit I make an effort to contribute to the local economy by volunteering my expertise of social media and branding to local businesses. These are services we offer with J.J. & Co, but for many businesses the budget for this particular service does not exist. So far my journeys have allowed me to work with many brands, owned and operated by other women entrepreneurs; from a local coffee + art gallery in Marissa, Sri Lanka, to the first Slow Food organic food market in Tulum, MX. This act of service aligns with our culture at J.J. & Co and will be an offering we continue building upon along our journey of expansion.

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I wouldn’t be where I am today without the support from my family, friends and clients. Thank you for always believing and supporting me.

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