We asked some of the brightest folks in the community to open up to us about the most important lesson their business or career has taught them. We’ve highlighted some of those responses below.

Shane Cervantes | Actor & Stunt Performer

As an actor, never give up and never settle. Follow your passion, the money will come to you. With only one life to live, shoot for the stars and follow your heart. Read more>>

Arto Sivonen | Creative Director & Activist

The most important thing in my career has been to understand how important continuous learning is. Search and explore. Get the best and latest information. The world is changing rapidly so the knowledge I need now can’t be found in schools. The latest information can be found from people, activists and researchers. So I need to find them, call them out and interview them. I need to meet the right people. Connect. Too often, information is left alone. Too often we work alone and only proceed our own goal. The world needs facilitators. Connecting people and knowledge. New multi-professional openings. New coalitions. Thereby new brave deeds emerge with powerful channels of influence and mechanisms. Action. Too often, information is not used. The most crucial thing in my career is learning how knowledge can lead to action. How to unfold the latest information so that different people understand it. Read more>>

Celina Guerrero | Business Growth Strategist

My definition of success used to be to get it right all the time and impress people. But being an entrepreneur has given me the freedom to have a more interesting definition of success. Success now, is about taking risks, learning from feedback and making improvements. Running a business lets you live your life in technicolor. It’s a life where you’re not asking for permission, but instead, showing up and expressing what’s on your mind. Read more>>

Elisa Ferrari | Photographer

Being an artist has taught me that life is an ebb and flow and that I should not take things for granted. One of my favorite sayings, which my husband, who is composer, often says is “it isn’t always like this:”. This holds true in many ways, including when running your own business. For instance, in March I had the busiest year of my career planned and then it all vanished just about overnight. But, I know that it won’t always be like this and that things will get better again and I can be grateful for what I do have now. Read more>>

Lisa Donahey | Singer, Actress & Producer

To me, the most important thing in the music business is, ‘Adaptability’. When I say, Adaptability I’m talking about two things. Firstly, I have to keep up with new technology and be aware of new trends in the music industry. Secondly, for me, Adaptability means being able to sing different styles of music and being able to say, ‘Yes’, to a variety of different projects that involve music. It could be a demo recording, voice overs, studio sessions, voice coaching, producing live events, etc. I try and keep an open mind and a curiosity that allows me to learn about different facets of our ever-changing music business. Read more>>

Nancy Scott | Store Owner

The most important lesson starting my own business has taught me is that every person matters, but you can’t please everyone. However, you can send everyone that has an interaction with you away feeling that they matter. Sometimes that means recommending your competition or sending them to another person or business that can better help them meet their needs. Understanding that we are all connected helps us all live better lives. If I send someone out my door and they feel good, they are more mindful, perhaps they drive better or are more polite when getting a coffee or hold a door open for someone, let them go first, etc. Read more>>