Actor Akeem Mair took the time to speak with Shoutout LA about his craft, his inspirations, how his career has been impacted by COVID-19, and more. Movie star Akeem Mair is the entertainment industry’s up-and-coming icon. In his career as an artist, he has appeared in several movie productions including Its on You, 417: Person with a Gun, Gangster City, Jolly Boy Friday, Life of a Villain, Red, Fine Line, Happy Birthday, The Kidnap, etc.

Akeem has signed with two agencies: Commercial Talent Agency (under Sarah Angeli) and Minc Talent (under Mariko Ballentine). At 32, Akeem is in his prime. With his noteworthy work ethic and passion, he is destined for greater heights. In fact, he has over 5 million views for a single video alone – the time when he appeared for The Ellen DeGeneres Show, which Ellen described as “the best episode she’s ever seen.” Also appearing on Iyanla’s Fix My Life on Oprah’s network, Apex Legends commercial with over 1 Million views on YouTube, Let’s Make A Deal with Wayne Brady, and many more.

Besides this feature with Shoutout LA, Akeem appears in many publications such as Voyage LA, 360 Magazine, Cliche Magazine, Occhi Magazine, KB Popculture, Kivo Daily, Naluda Magazine, Tha Wilson Block Magazine, The Hype Magazine, Dark Magazine, Vents Magazine, We Entertainment News, Star Central Magazine, Natfluence, US Reporter, American Reporter, Time Bulletin, Top 15 Entrepreneurs, LA Wire’s Top 20 IG Accounts to Follow in 2020, and many more. Read on to hear Shoutout LA’s interview with Akeem below.

Hi Akeem, what do you attribute your success to?
Having a journal and carrying it around with me everywhere I go is the single most important factor behind my success. Why you ask? Because I write down my daily goals in it and check them off one by one. I bet If I asked a random person off the street about what he accomplished today he would tell me, “I don’t know. I don’t have the time. Writing goals down don’t work for me. I forgot to do them. I don’t have any goals. I can remember all of my daily goals in my head.“ the list goes on and on, and so does your time. It goes and goes while you stay stagnant and show no signs of progress.

I always tell people, “I can tell you what I did the day after New Years, can you?” “I know what I accomplished 2 months ago and what I need to accomplish today, are you that organized?” If your not, you need to buy a journal and start tracking what you’re doing each day. You would be amazed at how far you’ve come along just by checking off 10 daily goals a day. You won’t be able to see your progress in a day but boy ol boy would you see it every 3 months from now. And please don’t let journal out of your sight. Why? Because you would forget to write your goals down or do them.

I tell people my trick to success and they are so scared to carry their journal everywhere they go. They put it in their backpacks or in their car. I ask them, “did you write down your daily goals?” Or “how many goals you’ve completed so far?” They always respond, “oh forgot what’s next to do.” “Dang I forgot to write them down.” You gotta have your journal in your hands or close by through out your day.

Let’s talk shop? Tell us more about your career, what can you share with our community?
What sets me apart is my love for the craft. I love being in front of the camera and entertaining people as an actor. I can’t tell you how many countless actors always talk about the money. “How much did you make off that commercial?” “What did you get paid to do that role?” It’s never about how much did you enjoy doing what you love or Let’s practice together so we both can get extremely better. I’m in it to win it. I want to be the best in my craft. And one day die as a legend in the passion I love.

Was it easy? Hell no! It comes with so much sacrifice and patience. You’re gonna feel like you did an amazing job on an audition you just nailed and guess what? You’re not gonna hear nothing back from casting. No calls or emails and you gotta suck it up knowing you did your best and move on to the next one. You’re gonna have so many sleepless nights, staying up to get things done and practice. You’re gonna be spending so much money in this business just to make it. I dropped over $20,000 last year on classes, wardrobe, online acting services, camera and light equipment etc. The list goes on and you have to pay for it to get ahead or what else are you gonna do? So don’t be cheap or your career is gonna pay you back the same way. You gotta hear your family sometimes trying to talk you out of your dreams or telling you how hard it is in this business so you minus well quit and do something easier. Guess what? You gotta suck it up and stick with it.

You wanna know how I overcame my challenges? By putting my head down and grind, ignoring everything around me. The only thing that’s gonna overcome any challenges is your work ethic. That’s it! I stopped talking about how was gonna be this big Star in Hollywood and just started working extremely hard and knocking out goals I needed to get done. And it got easier and easier. So the lesson I learned is everyone is always watching you! They are watching you when you work hard, their watching you when you quit, they watching you when you fail, they watching you when you succeed, etc. People are always watching you! I don’t to ever hear, “I told you so. I told you that your dreams were too hard and your never going to make it.” I watch people laughed me and they watch how I was grinding. Soon the laughter stopped!

I want the world to know my name, Akeem Mair, and I am here to stay! I wasn’t born into it or had this amazing start in my career. I worked extremely hard in it and I experienced many big pitfalls. I had every reason why I should quit and nobody would fault me for it. I had family doubt me countless of times and had so many opportunities slip through my fingers because my own mistakes. I wasn’t born into money nor had any big name family members who were in the entertainment industry that could pull me up when times got hard. No I put my head down and worked hard! I want the world to know one day I’ll be your favorite legendary actor!

Let’s say your best friend was visiting the area and you wanted to show them the best time ever. Where would you take them? Give us a little itinerary – say it was a week long trip, where would you eat, drink, visit, hang out, etc.
I would take them to the Rusnak Rolls Royce and Bentley shop in Pasadena. I know what your thinking, “why there I don’t have the money?” That’s exactly why it’s the perfect spot! I want you to open your mind up to the possibilities. It’s my favorite spot! I would go and open up the doors to a 2021 Rolls Royce Phantom and have my best friend sit inside. So she can capture the way the seat feels, the smell of the inside, the way her hands feel on the steering wheel and let her dream away. You think I’m crazy but the mind is powerful tool. If you can see it and feel it with your own hands then one day you’ll catch yourself driving something you thought was impossible. At night we’ll visit Rusnak when it’s closed and walk up to the beautiful Royces and Bentley’s behind the glass and picture ourselves one of them. I’m all about motivation. My best friend would leave with a new mind. The next spot I’ll drive her in the richest neighborhoods of Pasadena and Los Angeles. Let her see the beautiful mansions and lifestyle. Let her feel how the difference of environment really change your energy and aspirations. She won’t be same after this weekend.

Who else deserves some credit and recognition?
I want to shoutout my mom, Queen Douglas, for showing me what hard work looks like. When you were working 4 jobs, going to school online, and raising 3 kids by yourself, you taught me the perfect example of dedication and zero excuses. My brother, Wesley Mair, for always having my back. Lending me your car was just the tipping on a ice berg of how much you love and sacrifice for me. My sister, Chelsea Carroll, for always wanting to protect you and giving you a perfect example to follow. I know you look up to me and I refuse to let you down. My grandma, Earlene Dye, for always being in my corner. I can always depend on you and your excitement to see me win. My aunt, Tammi Carroll, for always showing me tough love. When you made me sign my name on that contract you’ve written up to protect me from myself that stated, “I had a year to make things happen with my dreams to be an actor. If I showed no major progress in the right direction I should quit and get a 9 to 5.” You made me focus even stronger and sent my hunger for success through the roof!! I could never repay you for that drive I had. My uncle, Nick Dye, for always telling me, “what’s taking so long, when am I gonna see you on tv so I can retire?” You pushed me in ways you would never understand. All I had was your voice in those dark days that made me never wanting to quit on myself.








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