We had the good fortune of connecting with Amanda Alonzo and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Amanda, how does your business help the community?
I have always wanted to create a space that allows for people to share their story and experiences to help other learn and grow. A lot of my guest speak about situations that others might be naive to, or just never thought about the other side. We all see the world how we have experienced it, but some don’t realize the person right next to you has gone thru different injustices to get to the same place you are. The world can’t change if people keep looking past these issues as if they are not ours a whole society. The stories I share, I want to at least make people question if how they see things and is that the only way to see them or can one start changing. I do multiple things and I am a sociologist at heart, focusing on social change will always be something I continue to do in all my work. The other thing I am huge on is women empowering women. My mission is to create a place for women to be create, build, and network. I want to change the narrative on the competition between women to support of women. Most of my guest are women who have a small business or living their dream. I share their journeys in hope to inspire other women that they too can have their dream.

Alright, so let’s move onto what keeps you busy professionally?
I have always been a creative in many ways. I had a clothing line before, I do custom shoes, social media content, poetry, photos, and I still sew but more for fun. BrunchTalks fits in because it is still my creative outlet but it allows for me to also combine my other half which is that sociologist activist side. I have merged the two together and formed a brand around it. I am big on two things: bringing to light issues that majority of people in society wouldn’t feel comfortable talking about, and highlighting women. In society now a lot of women that get the spotlights are one’s that have made it and are on a high platform. I have always wanted to highlight the women in the community making changes, living their dreams, and let their stories be told. Most of the women I bring on have a story to tell and own a business. I am Mexican American myself so you will see a lot of Latina Empowerment and support with the Black and Brown communities. This also drives the other conversations you will hear on my podcast that often times are about race, sexism, agism, gender norms, social norms, and more.

It does take a lot to put out what I do knowing how social media is these days and knowing what comments you might get back. I know I can’t change the world and the injustices we have with just this podcast. However the goal is to at least spark the thoughts of peoples perspectives and start the conversation of why does one think this way and open the eyes for people who may have not been exposed to things in society. This is real. We live in a place that injustices still exist. Someone has to talk about these issues otherwise nothing will ever change. You have to be ready for it though. You will for sure encounter people that might be family or friends who do not have the same views as you and make comments about the content you are putting out.

When I started BrunchTalks with MandiRose, I thought it would just be a platform for voices and for me to discuss issues I always talk about. It’s funny when you fall into your passion work it will naturally start to take on a life of its own. This has developed into to so much more my website now host a directory of small business owners. I do small business Monday highlights on my insta. I have interviewed women from over seas, and the cast and crew of a movie. I have connected with a few other women and we have formed Elevate Latinas. The best feeling is when I get emails or messages from women saying they found my podcast and thanking me for the work I do and giving women a platform to share their stories. BrunchTalks has grown and is still growing and inspiring me to start my work on the FemPower Den, a women work studio and creative space.

What I would want people to take away from my story and my brand are a few things. I myself have had to rebuild, and society always tells us that at a certain age you should have x, y, and z. Let me tell life does not work that way. Your story and your timeline is yours. Everyone at some point hits a bump in life and some people might take longer than others to get back up. The important thing is to keep growing and keep going. Surround yourself with people that support you and people who will help you grow. I didn’t do the traditional college after high school, I got my degree in my early 30’s and on my cap I had “It’s Never too Late”. Know it’s not too late, if you want to start your company or that passion project don’t let society tell you it’s too late, you can still do it. The other thing I would want people to get from the work I do, is “Your Story and Voice have power”. There is always someone out there who went or is going thru a similar situation, but just doesn’t talk about it. You sharing your story could touch just that one person and help them thru whatever it is they or going thru, or just inspire them to continue on. Use your voice. Even me when I was going thru the process of starting BrunchTalks I wasn’t sure how many people would really listen. Now I am in multiple countries. Never doubt the power you have with your voice, your story matters, and it’s never too late.

Let’s say your best friend was visiting the area and you wanted to show them the best time ever. Where would you take them? Give us a little itinerary – say it was a week long trip, where would you eat, drink, visit, hang out, etc.
One day would for sure be at the beach drinking mimosas and hanging out. There is nothing better than a nice day out, great weather, mimosas and beautiful scenery. Maybe Ballast Point in Long Beach for dinner. I am big on trying vegan places for I would take them to a couple of spots so they can try it out, Plant Power, Donut Friend, Triple Beam Pizza. Also anywhere with good wine, I am a red wine person. I love concerts and and sporting events. So one night we would for sure have to go see a LA Kings game or Dodger game. If there was any good festivals or concerts going on that week, that would be a stop as well. Roof Top bars, great views, and some good whiskey as a fun night. A lot of my favorite spots are more local to my 626 home town. Downtown Monrovia is always good for a mix of good food and music. The Griffith Observatory is a great place for us to hike, and catch some views. Then what would a trip to Socal be without Disneyland.

Who else deserves some credit and recognition?
There is a village I could give credit to for different parts of my story. My Family of course for always being there Parents, Brother, Cousins (Ness, Sarah, Jessica, Paul), and my Aunt Mary. My closest friends who are also some of my hugest supporters. I have some great friends and my two best friends have been pretty much life long friends. Karlee I have known since 1st grade and Glenda since like 8th. They keep it real, provide tough love when needed, and encourage me to believe in myself. Luci, Jasmin, Pamela, Bj, Staci, have all helped me at some point. There is also a huge thanks to Rasheed, he has provided support, encouragement, inspiration, advice, and so much more. Anytime people ask me how BrunchTalks started I always tell them “well he knew I had it in me and would not stop asking me when I was going to start till I did”, and I am glad he never stopped asking. Thanks for bringing out the best in me.

Website: www.brucnhtalks.com

Instagram: @_mandirose

Twitter: @Brunchtalksmr

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