We had the good fortune of connecting with Anthony Shea and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Anthony, what role has risk played in your life or career?
Risks are an important part of moving forward and without them, I wouldn’t have been able to form new perspectives and career pathways as easily. I think of risk-taking more-so like thinking outside-the-box. This year I made a goal to make more income from music so seeking new avenues of creative income is absolutely necessary for that. One new avenue for me has been live-streaming music performances on this newer phone-app called LIVIT. Last year I would not have really considered consistent streaming as a way to further my career as an artist. I am now finding there are many streaming talent agencies and some streamers are quitting their serving jobs to pursue streaming more heavily. I believe that trying new things always presents some sort of risk, as you are risking your time and possibly money out of what your normal practices are. Without taking the risks of trying new things, you may miss out on more opportunities and also risk subjecting yourself to monotony. Not taking a risk is a risk in and of itself.

Alright, so let’s move onto what keeps you busy professionally?
I am in a band called The Lovepools and we create indie rock for hopeless romantics as well as synthpop for daydreamers. Our music structured with synths, guitars, driving beats and anthemic style choruses similar to Empire of the Sun and Foster The People. We aim to create music you would hear on 98.7 or KROQ. Our single, “White Lies & Palm Trees” is a good example of our indie-rock and synthpop infused sound. The music video for this track is pretty unique as it features us as video game characters fighting our way down Hollywood Blvd. We produce all of our music on Logic and everything is almost always recorded in our bedrooms. Before The Lovepools formed I was in a group called Sonder which didn’t see much success. However, the songs written during that time carried over to The Lovepools. One of the songs written with Sonder was “See You In The Funny Papers” which was released years later and placed on the premiere of Showtime’s “Shameless” Season 9. In 2020 around the start of the pandemic, we signed with Sword Music, an Italian music label in Italy run by Valentina Spada. Our song and music video “White Lies & Palm Trees” caught her attention on Instagram and soon Sword Music released the single and music video. The release was exclusively licensed in Europe with Sony Music Italy. We are very excited about our next single coming up called “Island Of My Own”. The song is a blend of 80’s Pop in the realm of Michael Jackson and George Michael told in a throwback, yet modernized fashion. It features some more advanced style singing than any of our previous singles and it has a really fun, funky vibe to it. Being in The Lovepools has taught me that patience and determination are absolutely essential qualities for success. All we really want the world to know about us is that if you believe in your dream and you pursue it with all of your heart, things will happen in time as they have happened for us. In some ways our music itself reflects that perspective lyrically and sonically. Don’t take my word for it, have a listen!

Let’s say your best friend was visiting the area and you wanted to show them the best time ever. Where would you take them? Give us a little itinerary – say it was a week long trip, where would you eat, drink, visit, hang out, etc.
The journey begins on Monday around the neighborhood of Los Feliz with a focus on food. Please note this is a 21+ trip and the trip ends Friday night. MONDAY Breakfast at Los Feliz Cafe All you need to order to eat is their “Breakfast Sandwich”. It’s so good. Grab a café au lait or a cappuccino to go with it. Afternoon at Griffith Park Observatory It’s a view that’s hard to beat and also the museum is a lot of fun and quick to navigate through to leave time for the rest of your day. Lunch at Best Fish Tacos in Ensenada They really are the best tacos I’ve had in LA and they have a delicious potato taco as well if you prefer something without meat. Get Lost on HIllhurst Boulevard Just go explore Hillhurst for a bit Dinner at Home Restaurant. Ask for table 25. You get to sit in privacy overlooking the restaurant and get a great view for people-watching. The Filet Mignon Medallion is an excellent choice and their Silverlake Mules are good to sip on before the food arrives. Drinks and Music at The Dresden Have you seen the movie Swingers? The Dresden is known for being the cool lounge they visit in that indie flick. It’s a really nice cocktail lounge that feels like “Classic Hollywood”. You can catch some local music there on Monday nights and their craft cocktails are REALLY good. The bartenders there are very dedicated to the art. TUESDAY Breakfast at Creme de la Crepe This little French crepe cafe on Olympic boulevard has some great (you guessed it) crepes! The owners are from France and it really does feel like you’re in a little cafe in Paris when you sit down. Afternoon at The Getty Just a short drive from breakfast and you’re at The Getty museum which is free entry! It is a must-see experience for anyone who hasn’t been before. In only a few hours you can view priceless works of art like Van Gogh, Rembrandt and a lot of other artists I forgot the name of. You absolutely have to stroll through the gardens there as well. I recommend having a little bite to eat during your visit there at one of the vendors or the cafe. Early Evening Dinner at Sushi Stop Sawtelle I am personally a big fan of finding discount sushi restaurants that are high in quality. Sushi Stop is always the place. Dine in, order a lot, and hopefully wait out the evening traffic. Evening Dinner at Sushi Stop Sawtelle I am personally a big fan of finding discount sushi restaurants that are high in quality. Sushi Stop is always the place. Dine in, order a lot, and hopefully wait out the evening traffic. See where Route 66 ends at The Santa Monica Pier Time to get your kicks on Route 66! Only a few miles away from Sushi Stop is The Santa Monica Pier. If you want to save money, you can find parking on the north part of Ocean Ave. Enjoy a brisk walk down to the pier with a view of the ocean if you are up for more walking. The pier itself has a small aquarium, a roller coaster, a ferris wheel and an arcade. You’ll feel like you’re on a date in a 50’s movie or at least starring in The Lost Boys. WEDNESDAY Breakfast at Sam’s Bagels in Larchmont Village These are the best bagels I’ve honestly ever had. If you an early riser, even better because you get them fresh and their cream cheese is just as good. Larchmont Village is a really nice and quaint “Old town” type of area. A real hidden gem in LA. Hike up to the Wisdom Tree This is a pretty famous hike for a reason. It’s a beautiful drive up to the hiking area and the hike itself is about a mile up to an amazing view of LA and the Valley. It’s interesting how separated from the city you feel doing this little hike. At the end of the hike you reach the Wisdom Tree which I think someone planted up there. Under it is an actual chest full of letters or notes or something like that. Lunch at Boo’s Philly Cheesestakes – Silverlake Sandwiches are a good idea after the amount of calories you’ve just burned hiking. My favorite Philly Cheesestakes are definitely at Boo’s. Rummage your way through Hollywood Blvd. Yes, it needs to be part of the trip. You’ve got to see the chaos of Hollywood, especially at night. The Walk of Fame is simply a fun experience. You’ll witness street entertainment, classic Hollywood monuments and bustling superheroes asking you if you want a picture with them for a nominal price. You don’t really need to know where you are going, just start from La Brea and walk towards the bright lights. Try some of the street hot dogs or grab a slice of pizza somewhere for your dinner. If you drove, make sure you find a parking place that lasts awhile, or even use a parking lot which aren’t always that expensive. Drinks, Dancing and Live Music at Good Times at Davey Wayne’s When you first enter Davey Wayne’s it feels like you’re walking onto the set of That ’70s show. You literally walk through an old beat-up fridge and boom, you’re in Funky Town. Wednesday nights there are local and touring bands which perform at 11:00pm. Grab yourself an old fashioned and sit on the groovy patio or the “living room” inside. THURSDAY Brunch at Mendocino Farms in Pasadena Mendocino Farms is a chain that is growing in popularity pretty quick. I recommend you grab their “Not-So-Fried Chicken Sandwich”. It is like a healthier take on fried chicken and it is a very good blend of sour and sweet. The Huntington Library at Pasadena The Huntington Library is another special museum which has amazing gardens you are able to walk through. You may start to feel like you are in the movies “Barry Lyndon” or “Amadeus”. Apparently there are 42,000 works of art there and you can see “The Blue Boy” in person which is one of the most famous paintings out there. This museum is worth every shilling! Downtown Pasadena Park on Green St. and just walk around Pasadena for a bit and grab a small meal from a place you discover. It’s a beautiful walk full of trees, large sidewalks and slower drivers than usual. Dinner and Stand-Up Comedy at Flappers Comedy Club in Burbank LA has some great stand-up comedy and who doesn’t love to laugh? Take a look at the entertainment for the night and get yourself tickets if they aren’t already sold out. There are a few different stages there so chances are you’ll be able to catch dinner and a show. FRIDAY Brunch at Grand Central Market in Downtown Grand Central Market is an inside and outside food court full of delicious vendors of many various cuisines. It has a sort of “Bladerunner” vibe especially at nighttime, as you can see steam rising into the walkways from some of the food cooking around. I recommend you try “Sticky Rice” there. It’s a Thai spot where you can sit down and eat right at the bar for the full experience. Afternoon Golf or Tennis at Scholl Canyon If you want to see one of the best views of Glendale and LA and play a beautiful yet affordable golf course then Scholl Canyon in Glendale is absolutely worth it. The course itself sits upon a short drive up a mountain and also has tennis courts if you aren’t a golfer. I recommend playing into the sunset as you have to see the back 9 with the sun is starting to go down. The course offers club rentals and is not overly challenging as it’s full of mostly Par 3’s and some Par 4’s. Golf rounds of 18 holes are sometimes only $14. Dinner and Board Games at Spitz Cafe in Eagle Rock Spitz Cafe is a small Mediterranean chain with some delicious wraps and salads. They also have good beer on tap and wine. The fun thing about Spitz is they offer free board games and decks of cards for you to play while you eat. It’s a lot of fun to relax there for a bit. Shopping at Glendale Galleria and The Americana on Brand Why not check out a mall on your visit to LA? The Glendale Galleria is a 3 story mall where Billie Eilish shot her video, ‘Therefore I am’. It’s also right next to The Americana which is a lovely outside mall with a lot of atmosphere and fancy restaurants. The area is a lot of fun to just people watch and walk-through. Who else deserves some credit and recognition?
I would like to thank my Grandpa Frank for always telling me to “dreaaaaaaam big”! My Grandpa passed away a couple years ago and has always been a positive influence throughout my whole life. My Grandpa Frank taught me not to take yourself seriously and be silly however you like. Whenever I would say bye to him and hop in the car to drive off with my Mom, he would start dancing like Bob Hope, always making us laugh and laugh. He was also a fantastic listener. When anyone was talking, he would give them his full attention like they were the center of the universe. It is very rare to find someone like my Grandpa, so enthusiastically engaged with the people around them, never worried about what he is going to say next. He was a very talented conversationalist because of that. I greatly value him as a person and his values were always focused on positivity, and following a plan you have within your heart. My Grandpa Frank’s dream since he was 12 was to move to California and play basketball for USC. He was from Tennessee and when the time came for everyone in his class to announce what they wanted to do in life, all of his classmates laughed at his dream. He made his dream come true years later and also served in World War II, luckily avoiding any combat. My Grandpa Frank will always remain one of my greatest influences in my heart as his kindness, love, patience and determination are qualities I have always admired in him deeply. Grandpa Frank, thank you for everything you have done for me and are still doing!

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