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Hi Arielle, have there been any changes in how you think about work-life balance?
My balance have changed from super complicated to still complicated but with a little more ease. I know it seem as I am contradicted myself, but work life balance, when actually working a 9-5 and being a parent is super tough. December of 2019, becoming solely my own boss, work life balance is still complicated but way more flexible. Even though I might have busy days in my office, meetings , photo shoots, packing orders or etc, I still have the flexibility to control my days and schedule. For example if I want to work all day Monday and Tuesday but make Wednesday my self care day and Thursday take my kids out of town, it is possible because I have the control of my own work life balance. The reason I still say it’s complicated because sometimes I can overwork myself and forget to really balanced out everything. But work life balance as of right now is the best and give me the chance to spend a lot of quality time with my family and friends.

What should our readers know about your business?
My first business/career is a freelance wardrobe stylist. Which I have been styling for almost 7 years and turned it into a legit business called Ari Styling Company. . In within those 7 years I started many businesses which failed but as of last year I started my own beauty business and it have been going great. I believe a lot have to do with timing, maturity and stability. For both businesses the most exciting part of it all is working with other creatives and expressing your own creativity without having boundaries.

My business journey was not and still not easy. To me, if anything is too easy to get then it’s not going to be as worthy. So I appreciate some of the struggles. They definitely made me stronger and wiser. I can say how I got to where I am today is by being consistent, not giving up no matter what and having a lot of faith. Having your own business your mindset definitely have to be positive. I’m super big on meditation, manifestation and affirmations. Once the mental change then surroundings will change. In the course of 7 years of styling I have rebrand, took long breaks, and almost gave up, but just last year I change my mindset and really wrote out a new business plan for my styling business, and every since I been on a new wave. With my beauty brand, after many fail businesses I learned to take my time and don’t try to keep up with others pace. Everybody have a different pace and a lot of business owners all started from the bottom. Once I took out, I gotta be a millionaire the next day of starting a business out my mind and just took my time, I see a huge difference from when I tried to start my own shoe business 5 years ago til now. Sadé Halo Beauty Brand is doing great and I’m building a dope foundation. Plus , my mentor who have been an entrepreneur for over 10 years told me most businesses don’t see a huge profit until they 3rd year in business so keep pushing and don’t give up. And now he is an multimillionaire.

I want to world to know that I consider myself an everyday woman, I still have everyday struggles, even though I run my own businesses I’m still a regular person figuring out this thing called life. I start styling when my son was 6 months and I was only 20 years old. I begin my styling career in Detroit, Michigan as an intern for this popular fashion show The Fashion Massacre ( big shout out to creator Fance ), during my 2 years of interning I met other stylists, many models , photographers and designers. Also gain knowledge from Fance. After 2 years, I’m step out in faith and started FASHLIFE. It was a fashion blog and styling. At first I was styling gigs for free to understand the career more and blogging about my outfits. After a few years of that of course life happens and a few unexpected financial problems happen. So I took a break from styling. Then Fance creates another fashion show that’s solely about wardrobe stylists only. It was called STYLISTE . The concept was so dope. I went to a couple of the shows. I talked to her like I definitely need to be apart of your next show. She added me the next show. The show was at Cobo Hall, at the the time a very popular building in Detroit. So this was big. Being apart of this show put me back on the map. My set for this show was called Blood On The Leaves. Basically for the Styliste show, you had to style one of your models in front of a crowd of people. For one, Blood On The Leaves is a powerful song that grab a lot of people attention, second of all I styled 5 models in full red looks but they all were different and 3rd of all I was the only stylists who styled a half naked man in front of many people, It was the most proud moment of my life. After that show so many people came up to me complimented me, by the end of that night I booked almost 6 paid styling gigs and met some awesome models, After that day I never looked back or gave up styling. I did rebrand and now I’m Ari Styling Company. I do all types of styling from personal styling , event styling to editorial styling, I even help models build their portfolio. Styling to me is more than just clothes. It’s an expression for me. Fashion is definitely a form of an art. With fashion you can be whoever you want any day or anytime. Many people look at fashion as just clothing and shoes. I actually study fabrics and patterns, I will change an old piece of clothing to make it look brand new, like I really breathe fashion. I know this was gift given to me and I’m going to style til I can’t style anymore.

I already said so much so a little short story of Sadé Halo Beauty. I love love love lip gloss. If you see me you see my lip gloss is always poppin. So I believe 2017 or 2018 I made tweet and said I love lipgloss so much I should start my own lip gloss line. And I was just tweeting for fun , but many ppl comment and said do it. But I’m like nahh. Jan 2019, I found out I was pregnant. May I found out I was having a daughter. July I came up with my daughter name Sadé Halo. Sadé means a woman of many crowns and of course Halo is an Angel crown. So guess what the lipgloss business came back to mind and I said I’m going to start this business and named it after my baby. I brainstorm for months and months . Wrote out a business plan. Started SHB in Jan 2020. The business started off with just lipgloss is now a full beauty and skin business. SHB is not just focus on the outer beauty but also the inner beauty. My motto is beauty comes in all forms. From the inner beauty to the outer beauty. I am feminist and women are queens, with my beauty brand I do put the spotlight on women you won’t see often in the beauty industry. I love I get to have this creative control to bring to the beauty industry and also sell awesome beauty and skin care products.

We now have Sadé Beauty Vending Machine and also our products is now being sold in Broadway , New York at Flying Solo and sold at Detroit location called By Populer Demand The Collective.

Any places to eat or things to do that you can share with our readers? If they have a friend visiting town, what are some spots they could take them to?
So Detroit is changing a lot! It’s changing for the good. And downtown Detroit is super diverse, fun and different parts give you different vibes. We will go to Corktown, which is considered the old tiger stadium area. It’s so many different bars and restaurants now. My favorite restaurant/ bar right now is The Mercury Bar. Best burgers and milkshakes! I love art , we have a great art museum. Detroit Institute of Art, which if you are from the city you will call it DIA. But it is 3 floors of amazing art and a lot of history.
If we want to be a little fancy , dress up and drink cute cocktails Downtown Louie or Candy Bar are dope spots to visit. Downtown Louie is very tuck place, not very known but the food and drinks are outstanding. I am a party girl , so I do club a lot ! Since COVID partying has been limited. My favorite club is Annex and during the summer rooftop parties are so lit at Level 2 and Delmar.
Also Downtown Royal Oak is fun to walk around, go out to eat and shopping.
I’m so outgoing, that I can literally have fun anywhere and find a lot of things interesting. And I am foodie , I love eating and trying out new places.

Shoutout is all about shouting out others who you feel deserve additional recognition and exposure. Who would you like to shoutout?
I definitely want to give the higher power, God a shoutout. Without the higher power I wouldn’t be where I am now. I want to dedicate a shoutout to my first born, my son AJ. It was him that motivated me to begin to pursue my dreams of a wardrobe stylist and my baby boy been with me every step of the way. My daughter Sadé Halo also deserve a shoutout because if I didn’t have her I probably will still be stuck on just saying i want to start my own beauty brand. My little girl is the reason for Sadé Halo Beauty Brand.
For my family, the deserve a shoutout because they pave the way for me to become my own boss and been great examples of educated, hard working and strong people, Since watching them as a child, I knew I wanted the same. Even though we all have different journeys, those traits are embedded in me. And I am thankful.

Website: www.sadehalobeauty.com

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