We had the good fortune of connecting with Aurora Mesot and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Aurora, can you share a quote or affirmation with us?

If I have to share one affirmation, I will share the famous one of Pablo Picasso saying: “Everything you can imagine is real.”. Those words mean so much to me. It is full of hope, and truth. I do believe that it reflects the purpose of my art: opening a door to a new universe. What was once  in my imagination suddenly take part in the reality. What was in my head suddenly is on a canvas. Inside and outside worlds. Everything that is inside you is real: your dreams, your love, your power…

As a painter, you always express a part of who you are through what you create. I am in love with this infinite possibility of creations. When I talk about what I do, I like to talk about creating a bridge between a person and an image. This energy created between them two, brings diverse sensations, questions, admiration… it brings life. That’s what art is all about: life.

So, in the end…I ask myself: is there a difference between my imagination and my reality? I live in both, and it is so beautiful to try to reach that blurry reality called imagination. Funny enough…this was the title of my last art show: a blur of reality.

Can you open up a bit about your work and career? We’re big fans and we’d love for our community to learn more about your work.
My name is Aurora, and I am an autodidact artist from Switzerland. I was passionate about the art world at a young age, I found refuge in it. I like to walk with curiosity through the infinite beauty and the multiple techniques of art. Everything began at the age of eleven, when I fell under the charm of “The Scream”, a painting for which my fascination has remained unchanged. The power of this art piece, and the emotion that it brings out, has opened doors for me. It gave me the affirmation that all I want of this life is to open new ones through the art I create.

Looking at the world, I understood at a very young age that I was different. Looking at the system, I understood that I would not be able to live long if I would not create for a living. I think, I didn’t even think about the process. It was an evidence for me. Art has always been the answer, without a doubt. I just followed my heart and my inner voice, I trusted it, I worked hard, and I just made it happen. It is very similar to my process of creating a new painting on a blank canvas.

The infinity of the Universe makes me live to the fullest. I am not afraid of risks. It is all about taking the right choices, listening to that inner voice and trust it. Of course, people would tell me it is risky to live out of my art. In this choice there is: a lot of instability, some ups and downs, a good mindset to keep… I know all of that. But then, I would just say that life is a risk itself. I just chose a path that is closer to what life really is. It is intense, but beautiful. It is scary, but trustworthy. It is complicated, but meaningful. It is infinite, and that’s exactly where I like to travel.

To me, the most important thing behind my art, is to open new doors to people. I am not here to impress, to show off, or again to show that I can do it. I am here to speak up, to transport a soul, to help people to look at things differently. It is very important to me that my art not only travels but really speaks to people. I want to offer an open door to new dimensions of what we are as humans.

However, it is a very lonely place to live in. I love what I do, I commit my entire life to art, but sharing my whole self isn’t easy all the time. Everything I do reflects who I am and what I feel. Most of the time, people look at my art/me but don’t see or understand it/me.

The most difficult decision I have ever had to make was probably to accept my entire self. It has never been about choosing the right color, choosing the right path, or making a decision that would change everything. I am not really confronted to that kind of decisions. The most difficult one is simply accepting myself every day, my overthinking mind, the way I feel, the way I am and knowing that my life will never be a normal one.

But you know, life is all about balance. Yes, balance is a recipe of peace, communication, needs and love. It changed over time, and it is important to take moments where you look at yourself and be true to yourself. Everything is in constant movement, and we must follow the energy with it. When there is too much work, I sit down and find a new balance. To find that inner peace. And then, when there is less work, it changes again. Life is all about balance!

I just want to wake up every day of my life and feel truly alive. As I find myself into art, it is enough for me to feel successful. Other than deciding to work for myself, the most important decision I made was to trust myself. I knew I had something in my hand for others. To understand that I was worth to trust my creations and to share it, it changed the direction of my success. I don’t like the word success though, I would say: being on the right path.

If you had a friend visiting you, what are some of the local spots you’d want to take them around to?

If you are my friend, you know that Los Angeles is my land of peace. It feels like home, it is home. So, if my best friend was visiting the area, I would take her to where I feel the most creative and inspired.  That’s what this land is known for: inspiration.

I would take her to the Griffith Observatory when the sun goes down and we would look at the beauty of the stars. I love this place! The next morning, we would go for brunch in my favorite place called Republic of Pie situated in North Hollywood. I used to go there every single morning. I love it there, cause you are surrounded by writers, directors, creatives, dancers… Again, what brings you inspiration. I would go to the beach in Malibu. Wherever in Malibu. It is breathtaking. I would eat sushi in this restaurant called Crazy Rock’N Sushi in Glendale. I would take her to a dance class in Millennium Dance Complex Studio. There are so many things to do… Melrose for the art. West Hollywood for the food. Burbank for the creative areas. Hollywood for a drink on a rooftop… This city is everything.

Shoutout is all about shouting out others who you feel deserve additional recognition and exposure. Who would you like to shoutout?

I would shout out my grandparents, Nonno and Nonna, for giving me everything they ever had. I would not be the person I am today if they didn’t love me the way they did. They raised me in a house of peace and love. They taught me to look at the world differently. And they always have been encouraging my little self to do great things. They are my everything, forever.

And of course, I would shout out to my amazing friends who became family to me. They would definitely recognize themselves. I am very grateful to be surrounded by kind and incredible people. Thanks to my soul sister, Edith, for pushing me to be a better person every day.

Thanks to my best friend, Amélie, for loving me the way she does.

Thanks to my special human, Salah who has always believed in me.

Thanks to Mégane, Jasmine, Alison, Eva, Laura, Ivan, Loutch and so many more.

I am blessed.

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