We had the good fortune of connecting with Ayush Soni and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Ayush, what role has risk played in your life or career?
Before we talk about risk taking, I think it’s important to mention that your dreams should never come at the expense of someone else’s health and happiness! We all have read and heard quotes like “Nothing great comes without a risk” or a bit more dramatic one’s like “Life is all about taking risks”, I am sure it rings a bell?! Or maybe a few of our lazy friends have some fancy quotes on their Instagram where they talk about ‘taking risks’ while laying down on the couch on Monday morning.

Everyone has their own definition of risk, ultimately for me it boils down to “How bad do you want something and how far are you willing to go without judging yourself or letting anyone else’s opinion affect your mindset?”.

I come from a small town in India and as I write this, I am in one of the best cities in the world, living my dream and working every waking hour towards my goal. The biggest risk I took was leaving my country and pursue my dream on a foreign land. Most of the people told me “Stick to your lane” their voice never reached my mind. When you have humble beginnings, you don’t have enough choices but to take “risks” and try everything possible to achieve your goals.

Now it’s very important to be kind and compassionate towards those who have contributed to your journey. If you have a dream let it come at your own expense, take risks but not the one’s which hurt others.

I encourage everyone to go all in while they are young, think about it … We have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Let me end this with another generic quote “The biggest risk is to not take a risk”.

Don’t forget, be kind when you take one.

Can you open up a bit about your work and career? We’re big fans and we’d love for our community to learn more about your work.
I am a storyteller! I like to construct analogies and make a compelling story full of metaphors, anecdotes, theories, characters and empathy. It started from my high school when I used to be late in the class and make some story to cover up my attendance. Now sharing this little secret does not give out a great impression but ‘Hey, honesty is the best policy’ and I am punctual now a days (Well, most of the time). I work as a Creative Producer/Storyteller in NYC and Los Angeles. Me and My team focuses on creating compelling, emotional and captivating content for small and medium sized businesses and personal brands. We have a lot of plans but for now this is what we focus on, one step at a time. We are changing the way industry produces media for SMB’s since we treat every project with utmost love and compassion.

I strongly believe that “everyone has a story to tell”, some people are good at it while others could use professional creators to help them advance their agenda and tell their story …. That’s exactly where I come in. The biggest strength I hold is a good understanding of human behavior and empathy to connect with the target audience in the form of modern media. As simple as it might sound but EQ and ability to deliver a specific message is an extremely important trait in this noisy world.

At this point I am extremely excited about growing social media presence for small brands, majority of them are family owned and have a great backstory. If I can do a good job at conveying their narrative to the world it can help a lot of small businesses sustain during these tough times and grow further. People often forget but small businesses are the most important part of our society!

The biggest challenge I faced while doing so was proving myself as a professional creator. When you are a foreigner, often there is a chip on your shoulder. You must go an extra mile to prove your abilities and gain the trust of other creatives and clients, nothing’s easy and it has always been an exciting process to figure that out. In the end your work speaks for itself.

The biggest lesson I have learned in all these years is trust your instincts and believe in yourself. Being a creative is often lonely, you can’t expect to produce your best work everyday … so it’s important to take care of yourself! In our industry people don’t talk a lot about mental health and a healthy lifestyle. You often learn this a hard way, thus I always encourage everyone to figure out what works best for them and foster it without beating yourself down.

While this is a noisy world, we are not going to get a lot of chances to stand out, I would want the world to remember my brand as the one who cared about storytelling, nothing less or more than that. Me and my team is working extremely hard to build the greatest creative team in the world, hopefully our creative contribution will leave a great impact on the world.

To all the creatives out there, you all know it’s the process which keeps us thriving!

Let’s say your best friend was visiting the area and you wanted to show them the best time ever. Where would you take them? Give us a little itinerary – say it was a week long trip, where would you eat, drink, visit, hang out, etc.
We would start with breakfast burrito in Burbank at “Corner Cottage” located at south victory boulevard. I would repeat that one more time if my friend is here for a week, unless they don’t like it and if that’s the case, we won’t be best friends anymore. Porto’s bakery is nearby, and I can almost write a book on them, they are good.

There are a plenty of Taco trucks and you can’t go wrong with those. Now if you are from east coast, you must have “In-n-out” I think it’s underrated. We can always debate that if you think it’s properly rated or overrated! Now what is LA without hikes? Whether that’s a short one to Griffith Park or any other long trails. Sunset at Griffith observatory is closest to living in Beverly Hills, it’s free and you can enjoy the dream of witnessing LA’s golden skies from the hills, which quite frankly is therapeutic but don’t get too emotional and text your ex.

If you are a fan of listening long podcasts while driving and stuck in traffic, Los Angeles is the ultimate heaven for you. Even though people complain a lot about traffic, if you pick the right time you can get across LA pretty swiftly. Another debate, I guess!

LA has the best talent in the world and well-designed theme parks, I would go to Universal studios and Warner Brothers backlot to do some touristy stuff, never hurts. There are plenty of local theaters playing indie films everyday.

Evening at Santa Monica might just be a little overrated but it’s worth spending time there, with a ton of sea facing restaurants you can almost pick any restaurant and they will have something good to serve. I am slacking with the names of restaurants but hey don’t we all love surprises.

Overall, don’t forget to smile, you are in LA and there are cameras everywhere.

The Shoutout series is all about recognizing that our success and where we are in life is at least somewhat thanks to the efforts, support, mentorship, love and encouragement of others. So is there someone that you want to dedicate your shoutout to?
My mother helped me buy my first camera and a laptop for editing videos, she took the money out of her savings and pushed me to follow my dreams. On the other hand, my father helped me develop my core values and work ethics. My grandparents taught me how to be empathetic and confident. I can go on and write a book about them, but a good chunk of credit goes to my family. In addition, I have genuinely learned a lot from the internet, whether that’s a podcast, YouTube channel or a live masterclass. There is a lot of free stuff on the internet and the value is tremendous.

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