We love rebels and people who challenge the status quo, conventional wisdom and mainstream narratives and so we asked some really bright folks to tell us about one piece of conventional advice they disagree with.

Kiavi | Music Producer & Artist

I find I disagree with certain ideas concerning working hard and achievement. I don’t like the notion that the greater the hustle, the higher quality the product or result. Sure, this is true in many cases. But it’s an oversimplification, especially in art. Sometimes good art comes about through waiting—deliberately putting aside the perceived need to do much of anything in order to clear yourself and make yourself available to inspiration. Society tells us to push through obstacles with willpower. But inspiration is a much stronger force than willpower. The energy of inspiration is so powerful that it will do work for you that you would otherwise need to do yourself. So to me, the question shouldn’t be “how can I push through this?” but rather “what can I do to make myself available to inspiration?” Read more>>

Zoë Papini | Artist and Teacher

This notion that you must be, and must have always been, dedicated completely to your practice your whole life in order to reach certain heights in your field has always been troubling for me. I believe this idea is discouraging and raises doubts in people entering into a new field from an unrelated background. I don’t agree with the idea that everything that came before should be looked at as a deviation from your intended path. Instead, they should be seen as assets that can give you unique point of view. Every experience, no matter how trivial, adds to an individual’s character. Read more>>

Sabrina Zohar | Founder, Softwear

That you need to be healed fully in order to find love/happiness, I find that total BS to be honest. I have been on a personal journey of growth and self discovery, making new revelations everyday, but I dont think because I am not ‘fully healed’ that I cant attract a partner or feel fulfilled and happy as a person. Mental health, especially as a solo business owner, is incredibly important and difficult to navigate on a daily basis. I meditate, journal, walk 30,000 steps a day, drink lots of water yada yada all of that, and still struggle everyday to combat severe anxiety and an internal monologue that often isn’t very nice. Were human and I think its ok to normalize that you won’t always feel great, be whole, healed and amazing day after day, what’s important is the awareness and compassion with yourself to keep exploring and show up authentically to continue the growth. Only then will you see success in every area of your life. Read more>>

Seun Dare | DJ & Musician

I disagree with almost all conventional advice. I found it to be more of a hinderance than help for my journey. It’s very easy to get wrapped up in what you feel like you’re supposed to be doing and what other people are doing. Everyone’s path is different and nobody knows what your path is like. Most people’s advice comes from their journey, and even if it is similar it might not be exactly the same so there is no guarantee it would work. I don’t shut out advice completely but I spend more time finding my own truths, paving my own path, and figuring out what works for me best. Read more>>