We had the good fortune of connecting with Cassandra Mary Bauer and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Cassandra Mary, how do you think about risk?

This question was lovely for me to reflect on because my views on ‘risk taking’ have completely changed throughout the years.

When you look up the definition of risk in the dictionary you are met with; ‘a situation involving exposure to danger.’

Before I started NOWLEVELUP I was extremely disconnected from life and detached from myself.

But, having gone through a NDE in 2013 and waking up to the beauty this life has to offer just shifted everything for me.

I used to be extremely scared of change because I enjoyed the feeling of safety. What human doesn’t, right? Also being a child who experienced a lot of abuse I believe I was always seeking something comfortable and familiar externally which kept me in many unhealthy loops.

Once I really awakened, I started looking at life and myself in an entirely new way.

I didn’t just see myself as a human anymore but rather as a spirit. I saw my life as a story to be lived into. I didn’t fear change anymore but rather viewed it as a necessary and healthy process for my spirit to grow.

The comfortable and familiar was what started to feel small and ‘dangerous.’

I started to see ‘risk’ as in Joseph Campbell’s Heroes Journey, ‘A Call to Adventure.’

The call to adventure is the idea that the hero begins in a situation of normality from which some information is received that acts as a call to head off into the unknown.

That is how I view every moment of my life now.

I guess you could say that in itself is a ‘risk?’

But I stay curious about what life has to offer while staying in the present moment and listening to my heart.

I see life as magical – not dangerous. As an exposure to love, not one of fear.

I see life as a fairytale to bravely live into.

I started to realize that the safety I was always seeking was not outside of myself but rather within me.

It was in the development of connection with deeper parts of myself that I found the courage to trust my inner knowing to take the next step and have radical faith that the universe would support me.

I realized that I wasn’t fearing the dangers outside of me but rather the power I possessed in myself to create the life that was meant for me.

Trusting in myself is what I found to be the ultimate risk.

And, it has paid off.

When anyone asks me ‘what brought you out to LA?” I always respond with ‘I heard a voice and I followed it.’

Leaving everything that was familiar to me was a huge moment. So many people questioned my desires to move 3,000 miles away from everything I had always known, to a place where I knew nothing and no one. But, as I said above, there was a deeper knowing in me and I started to really listen.

If I hadn’t listened to myself six years ago and taken an old shirt out of my closet and some crusty old paint and wrote ‘the war is over,’ I would have never started the beginning voyage of NOWLEVELUP.

If I hadn’t created a deeper relationship with myself, I would have never risked starting a private practice and working with thousands of angels to support them in radically changing their lives.

If I hadn’t listened eight years ago to drive across country, I wouldn’t be here for this interview right now.

The point I am trying to make is, personally my biggest risk was trusting myself.

I think that’s the biggest risk for any human.

Trusting that we know what is best for our own life and evolution and choosing to move towards it.

I offer up to anyone reading this today:

When it comes to risk taking, I encourage you to make the shift from fearing it – to loving it.

I empower you to shift from listening to all the external noise and go home to your internal knowing.


Simply because this is your life and I believe the only real risk is not choosing to live fully into the story that is meant for you while you have the opportunity to do so.

Take this from someone who was blessed with another chance at life,

The only risk I see now is NOT giving myself full permission to live into my own Fairytale and seeing what magic can unfold on each page.

There is no more fear around risk for me anymore, only Love and opportunities to grow.

What should our readers know about your business?

What sets NOWLEVELUP apart from others is its willingness to dive deep and it’s courage to mirror back radical truth. Let me explain a bit – As the channeler of this company I struggled for most my life to feel safe in this world. I found it hard to feel safe in my body, my thoughts, my feelings, and I never felt comfortable expressing all of me in this human experience. I realized from a very young age that I would dissociate from my body because the trauma and suffering felt too heavy to bare. On my healing journey and through studying humans, I realized this was a universal program. Meaning, most if not all people have a very difficult time being fully present because of their own individual stories and wounding.

The method, process, arts, and events of NOWLEVELUP hold a space to assist people to come back HOME to their full embodied selves without fearing it or feeling alone in the process of it.

NOWLEVELUP is unique because in a world where many aspects are based on fitting in and trying to be someone or something else, NOWLEVELUP is all about guiding you deeper into your most radical authentic self, it is all about the knowing that we were all indeed born to stand out and to own that individual magic.

I am so proud of NOWLEVELUP for how it encompasses and reflects everything that really matters in this New World that is birthing right in front of all of us.

This past year has been a lot on everyone’s mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health and NOWLEVELUP is becoming a home in all the ways that serve these massive internal and external shifts. Things are changing constantly, and I am starting to realize that NOWLEVELUP is here at the perfect moment in time because the only way to navigate these new waters are by being in the NOW and surrendering to the process.

I am excited because in the midst of all the chaos I feel many new opportunities are coming our way and look forward to seeing what magic is just around the corner.

How I got to where I am today business-wise? Radical Faith. That is my truth.

I remember the first client I ever had. We were sitting in my office, and she asked me what degrees I had. I slowly bent down, untied my shoes, put them on the desk and slid them over towards her and said, “here they are.” Not even a moment went by before she smiled and laughed so loud, her shoulders dropped, her posture shifted – she surrendered, and I instantly could see – She got it.

So, how did I get to where I am? I walked.

“Walk by Faith, not by sight.”

Walking through life and being a physical advocate of the non-physical world could sound nutty to many. Walking through life with a commitment to being completely heart open and an advocate of pure unconditional love – is not the easiest of choices at times. Telling people that spirit is guiding me and that i only live in the now moment comes with a lot of skepticism. And teaching a Method that was shown to me by Spirit – based on unwiring the fear programs we hold and being able to fully transform the energy into love so people can live into a world of magic and color? Could sound absolutely insane! So, was getting where I am today easy? Absolutely not.

You know what helped me overcome it? Surrendering.

I came to a point on my journey of building NOWLEVELUP that I had a lot of fear. Fear of what people would think, Fear of how the method would be received. But I also had the deepest knowing that this was all channeling through me for a reason and I had to keep the faith that it would work.

And, it does.

I also came to a point in my own personal journey of fear around how people would receive me being so open and unconditionally loving. But I also had a deep knowing that my purpose here on earth is to be a mirror of a form of love that is still possible to access in our human experience.

So, the biggest key that helped me in business and in life was surrendering to my own purpose, surrendering to my own superpowers, and surrendering to my own personal cape.

Whoever is reading this right now; I hope I can help remind you to hold onto faith in your individual story today because you deserve to see how your own Fairytale plays out. This is your life; and you are the hero of it. I believe in you.

Building NOWLEVELUP has come with countless lessons but the most important one was realizing that for every new level of growth I desired externally, required a new level of meeting myself internally.

A new level of awareness, a new level of surrendering to life’s ebbs and flows, a new level of relating to myself through those challenging moments, a new level of vulnerability, a new level of skill and self-mastery and a new level of self-love for myself through the process.

The thing is, I know lessons are always embedded into building any new job, relationship, body, dream, vision or really any aspect of life. But, giving yourself permission to love the entirety of yourself through those internal shifts that are required of you are what I have found to be the foundation for everything in life.

I.E. Radical Self-love for your human experience and individual path.

That has been the biggest lesson I have come across and finding that to me, is real life magic.

I want the world to understand the core of what NOWLEVELUP represents, which is: RADICAL LOVE.

It does not matter how you define yourself; all NOWLEVELUP see’s is your heart, your soul, and your infinite spirit.

This company is a home for anyone who feels alone or does not have a support system while remembering everything they came into this world to be.

Whether it is through sessions, events, or meeting me out on the road and learning about the Movement – The foundation of NOWLEVELUP is a safe place that teaches the TRANSFORMATIVE POWER of LOVE.

In my experience of meeting and working with hundreds of thousands of people; the truth I have found is that LOVE heals all wounds and LOVE is how we take our power back.

Finding that love for ourselves and then sharing it with others.

And, from seeing how this world is shifting right now,

I believe LOVE will be what saves us all.

What I wish to leave you with today is the way I begin teaching The NOWLEVELUP Method, with a radical shift of perspective and a question.

If each one of us was to understand that this life is an inside out game –and each of us knew that all within us is being mirrored outside of us…

What would you do differently in your now moment?

Would you love yourself, or would you fear yourself?

You may think that’s too simple of a question or answer, but the truth is:

Love is simple.

It takes one choice to change the direction a story goes.

I hope I can support you in remembering that you do have a choice.

Choose love.

We all deserve that now.

This is why NOWLEVELUP is here.

“Let us always meet each other with a smile, for the smile is the beginning of love.” – Mother Teresa

Any places to eat or things to do that you can share with our readers? If they have a friend visiting town, what are some spots they could take them to?
O wow, Great Question! I guess a few a few places I would make a priority to check out would be Cafe Gratitude in Larchmont – or even in Venice. Since I have lived in LA they have been a staple for great healthy food, good vibes and all around a magical atmosphere. Another pit stop I would make would be Erewhon haha – other than me having a deep affinity for healthy grocery stores, I just think it’s a beautiful experience to let people into a hub for such abundant nourishment and the staff is so lovely. I would definitely set aside some driving time to adventure off into nature and do some hikes – LA has some unbelievable spots to watch the sunset or go on a walk on the Venice, Santa Monica, Malibu, Manhattan beach areas. A little hidden gem I always speak of too would be vintage grocers in Malibu haha, sorry another grocery store! But, the area is just an enchanted neighborhood and has great restaurants and shops. For something quiet, I am a huge fan of The Self-Realization Fellowship Lake Shrine, I recommend it to anyone who wants to find peace in a city that’s pretty congested. Just walking in feels like you have stepped into another world. I guess I would also just say let spirit guide you because LA is filled with so much magic that it’s fun to just play and get lost in all of it for a bit.

Who else deserves some credit and recognition?
I guess in my full transparency I would thank every single person I have ever had a connection or interaction with. They have each played a vital role in reaching my next levels physically, mentally, emotionally, and most of all spiritually. I believe you all were written into my fairytale in the exact moment that was necessary for me to learn more about this life and myself, and for that I am forever grateful. I would like to say to anyone who has ever met me or will meet me – whether our encounter was/is brief or long lasting “I love you, I still love you, I will always love you and my purpose I believe in your life is to remind you that real unconditional love is all we have and will ever really have, and you helped me reach this place in myself. Forever and Always, Thank You.’

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