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What should our readers know about your business?
About my business: In my early days as a coach working one-on-one with clients, it was all about accountability – where are you now and where do you want to go? I’d help you to get there through ongoing accountability, helping you overcome obstacles to your goals. It was a very cerebral process.

When I had my two wake-up calls in 2014/2015 (early-stage breast cancer and a divorce), not only did my life transform but so did my coaching. It came at a time when I had just restarted my coaching business and I was excited to be more full time with my kids grown up. My initial response was “Am I ever going to get my business really going the way I know is possible?” All those years of putting my big dreams and visions on the back burner seemed like I was, once again, being stopped from doing what I truly wanted.

After a short pity party, I realized it was quite the opposite! These things were happening FOR me and there were some big lessons for me to learn from. My breast cancer diagnosis and my divorce helped me see that I was not living authentically. I was living out of alignment with what my heart and soul were truly calling me to be. My wake-up calls were the bonk on the head to make major changes in my life.

I further went on to learn that not only was I operating in fight or flight mode most of the time, but I also was not loving myself. The biggest realization was that day in and day out I was denying myself what I truly wanted to have, do and be. Eventually, this denial caught up with me. I also learned that I was looking externally for fulfillment through the conditioning of my family, schooling, and society. I was living that cookie-cutter life that I was taught and led to believe was the way to go.

In my healing journey, I shifted to a lot of self-care and building authentic self-love. I let go of deep layers of emotional baggage (with the help of therapists, coaches, mentors, and some great books) which included my old habit of trying to control things. The more I became aware of my old fears and conditioned limits, the more I let go and consciously replaced them with my own new beliefs based on more empowering ideas and mindsets. This didn’t happen overnight but every day, every week, and every month I was able to reflect on how I had grown and how freer and happier I felt! I felt more and more like myself.

One other key shift is that I began to go inward and listen to my body and my intuition. As I learned how to trust and act upon what I was hearing and feeling my new life began to be filled with grace and ease, joy and flow. Out of this grew a deep and powerful commitment in life was to wholeheartedly love myself and to follow the callings of my soul. I remember the day I put that stake in the ground that never again was I going to deny myself or the callings of my soul. This was a pivotal moment in my personal life.

Everything I learned and did in my personal life I applied to my business too. This translated into me shifting my focus from one of simply accountability and problem solving to true transformation. Much like the transformation I went through.

My focus now is to help women turn on and live a Radiant life. What that means is I lead motivated women to uplevel their ways of living, leading, and achieving in life. I help them to break out of their status quo and all that they feel shackled by. I guide them to awaken their innate radiance, which is a key part of loving ourselves and living our purpose. And finally, I support women in achieving their highest levels of fulfillment and success – not what society says but what is truly in their heart and soul. This transformational work is about consciously creating the world you want to live in – a world I call your Radiant Reality.

One of my mantras is “Step out of frenzy and step in to flow.” I teach how we can work from the inside out to live our best life – whatever that looks like for you. I help my clients to gain new elevated perspectives which allow them to navigate toward their goals regardless of what’s going on externally. A year ago, a published my book Radiant Achievement which shares my journey of discovering the inner powers that now support me journeying in life with more joy and ease.

This year I took a big step in my business when I started offering transformational retreats. Partnering with another coach we held our first retreat in May of 2022, and it was transformational for everyone involved, including me! I have always been a believer in taking a pause from the day-to-day routine to step back and reassess life – what’s going well, what’s not going well, and what I desire differently. My retreat co-facilitator and I are hosting another retreat in late October, and I couldn’t be more excited about the changes that will transpire during the retreat. In these retreats, we are helping the participants to ignite an up-leveled life vision and to ignite their manifesting superpowers. What good is a new juicy and amazing life vision that you are not able to manifest so we help them to connect with their innate inner powers for manifesting.

My mission and passion are to lead, teach, and share that not only are we each the co-creators of our lives but that when we accept that responsibility and go inward to authentically listen to our inner wisdom, we will create both a fulfilling and successful life for ourselves. We can wake up each day excited for the day ahead because we are in the driver’s seat of our lives.

The beautiful thing about this is that when we do this for ourselves, we are positively impacting and inspiring someone else to do the same. This ripples out into the world and creates more love and joy in the world – two things we desperately need right now.

I am grateful for the life I lead each day and wish everyone on this planet can experience the same.

Who else deserves some credit and recognition?
I love this question because it is so true – I have definitely had help, support, mentorship, and encouragement from MANY people on my journey!

I’d like to dedicate my shoutout to every one of my coaches as they saw things about me that I could not see and their input and refections always inspired me to continue on. I also want to acknowledge my inner circle of close friends that provided a safe space for me to share my dreams and fears without judgment.

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