We had the good fortune of connecting with Dr. Celeste Hamilton and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Dr. Celeste, have there been any changes in how you think about work-life balance?

For me, balance begins when you can establish boundaries and support systems that allow you to move towards your desires in life, without compromising feeling good throughout your journey. Balance will look different for every single one of us, because we are all on separate paths.

Five years ago I moved countries, changed jobs, got divorced and had a baby all within the span of six months. I was a single mom working 10 to 12 hour days in my corporate biotech career, and I was trying to start up a wellness blog and business on the side. On the outside it looked like I had it all together with a successful career and having moved to the city of my dreams, but in reality nothing was feeling very good. I was disconnected from myself and caught up in what seemed like an endless cycle of doing, which affected both my personal and professional relationships.

Work-life balance during this period of my life was an elusive concept to me. I knew I believed in it. I knew I wanted it. But I had no clue how to achieve it. Work seemed to rule my life, even at the expense of fun and time for myself. I couldn’t seem to ever “turn myself off.” (Maybe you know the feeling!) At the time, my definition of work-life balance was work hard + play hard = balance. It seemed like a good approach then and there, but in retrospect it wasn’t cutting it in terms of bringing true joy and fulfillment to my life. The busyness, the constant need to achieve, to control and to chronically “be on” drained me.

There would be times when I’d convince myself I had nailed down this version of balance, while finally getting a little down time on a quick vacation or day off (where I’d actually allow myself to somewhat relax!), but as soon as work would start up again I’d get sucked back into the rat race.

I was the furthest example of someone with any kind of work-life balance, even though I claimed to have it…essentially I was just surviving! As a single parent and high-achiever aspiring to climb the corporate ladder, this “balance thing” seemed impossible to crack. It seemed like another item on my checklist of things to do. “Go to the grocery store. Answer 700+ emails. Achieve balance.”

Finally, after experiencing some physical symptoms like tightness in my chest, interrupted sleep, persistent psoriasis and a bunch of emotional breakdowns, I realized that something had to change. My body was rejecting my current lifestyle. I clearly didn’t have the balance I wanted, because I was chronically overgiving, over pleasing and overdoing to exhaustion. Mentally I kept pushing, but I felt my body telling me that enough was enough!

I vividly remember looking at myself in the mirror one day and everything finally clicked. I was “doing it all,” but I wasn’t taking care of me. Right then, I knew that I wanted more for my life and for myself. I had experienced how short and precious life could be when my mom passed away in my teenage years, but I was still pushing the envelope on my own health and wellbeing. And for what?

That’s when I made the decision to begin a daily meditation practice and invest in a personal coach to help me find another way to exist. Through meditation I was able to create stillness in my day to day to usher clarity, energy and motivation into my life. I learned to tune in to my own desires, and finally feel confident to take steps in the directions of my dreams. Through coaching I was finally supported in the way I needed. Someone was actively empowering me to express myself in a soul-satisfying way, and this guidance and mentorship kept me on my authentic path of living in total alignment with who I knew I truly was and wanted to be.

Today my new definition of balance is doing all I desire to do, but actually ensuring I feel good while making it happen! Now I’m a pro at finding calm amongst the chaos… I can consistently carve out time for myself… I enjoy guilt-free relaxation… And I’ve created healthy boundaries to protect my time and energy… all while still achieving the personal growth and success I always desired in my career and as a parent.

In my new paradigm this means ensuring I’m tapping into the following on the regular: – Meditating daily – Loving myself unconditionally – Making myself #1 on my priority list – Asking for help (and actually being open to receiving it!) – Allowing life to move me instead of trying to always push or control people and outcomes – Doing what feels good for me as opposed to just doing what I think I “should do” – Allowing myself to express the real me so I can live in full alignment – Carving out time to pause and celebrate where I am instead of always just running to the next “to-do” list item – Ensuring I continue to uphold healthy boundaries that protect my time and energy so I can nourish myself as much as I nourish others.

The key to my new version of balance is all about consistently checking in with myself, rather than creating another checklist. When we pause long enough to tune in to how we’re feeling… To discover what we need at each moment to feel vibrant… And to intentionally question how we want to show up each day in our lives and for others…. That’s when we’ll start to see our balance shift for the better!

Alright, so for those in our community who might not be familiar with your business, can you tell us more?

I was highly successful in my biotech career, but life didn’t feel like I’d hoped. The accolades, the achievements, the praise…everything looked right on paper, but I felt unfulfilled and disconnected. Ultimately I left my biotech career, but for my last 5 years in corporate, I optimized my performance and personal well-being through meditation and coaching support. I learned how to find calm amongst the chaos, consistently carve out time for myself, enjoy guilt-free relaxation, and create healthy boundaries, all while achieving the personal growth and success I desired career-wise. Now I’m focused full time on helping high-achieving professionals thrive personally and professionally. I currently offer group & private meditation instruction, 1:1 wellness coaching and online courses.

What I can do for you: Empower you with a personal meditation practice that will encourage clarity, motivation and energy – Implement systems that invoke your personal power, freedom and sense of fulfillment – Teach you how to create healthy boundaries that protect your time and energy – Help you learn to pause and celebrate where you are – Guide you to express yourself in a soul-satisfying way.

Who I work with: Most of my clients are successful professionals or corporations looking for strategies and support to find more joy, inner calm and fulfillment in their day-to-day work and personal lives. I’ve worked with: – Biotech and other corporate professionals – Physicians, allied health care professionals & their patient networks – Alternative medicine practitioners & their patient networks – Entrepreneurs – Wellness professionals – Community organizations – Elite athletes.

Why my approach works: We create a personalized roadmap of tools and support systems that invite stillness, connection and calm into your life, so you can actually enjoy your achievements and hard-earned success.

Why my approach is different: I will help you live the life you envisioned by building an actionable plan to achieve wellness in all areas of your life. No guilt attached. This is wellness without the preachiness, so you can feel good while pursuing the life you want to live. We will transform your energy, mindset and lifestyle through practiced and perfected methods that will get results you can feel in less than six weeks.

Any great local spots you’d like to shoutout?
I’m not from LA originally, but for me it’s all about healthy vegan eats, the beach and catching a sunset.

Who else deserves some credit and recognition?
I would like to dedicate my shout out to Robyn & Jaclyn the founders of FEM/Me: business coaching for the wild woman ready to rise. These ladies are two high level business coaches with serious soul who have helped me transform my life and biz in ways I never believed I was capable of. Seriously though…if you’re ready to invest in support to fearlessly move your biz in the direction of your heart’s desires and experience limitless growth, then these ladies are the ones you want to have your back! @forthewildfemme

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